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Aug 31, 2010

...the rosette swap partner reveal ~ a kindred gypsy sister and a giveaway winner!

I can't believe that when I signed up for this rosette-swap,

September seemed sooooo

and yet,
here it is knocking at my door!!

I do adore bonfires and a cup of delicious chili...
bring it on!!!!

that's not what todays post is about

is the big
of all the beautiful roses that were floating around in the mail.
Eac one being lovingly made and creatvely shipped to their "secret" partners!

You see, Jill from the fabulous Gypsy Brocante
hosted this rosette swap

each of us were paired up with a secret partner
and now...
 we get to see allllll
the party swapettes rosettes!!!

...want to see my pretty little package?!


Oh my!
What ever could this pretty little package be??!

look at how creatively it has been wrapped ...
I'm sure something wonderfully beautiful awaits me inside!!
do YOU think I should c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y open it up???

crinkle crankle
(pink tissue paper flying everywhere!)

I know I probably need glasses
(haven't given in to that one yet)
could I be seeing beautiful doubles??!

oh my yes!!
here before me are 2
count them
oh-so-lovely rosettes!!!


can you see me doing the
happy-joy-joy jiggidy jig???

my very talented swapette just happened to be
 Cassandra from My Artful Adventures!!

Thank you Cassandra!!!
I am adoring these rosettes!!
they are just so.....me!!

I already have them pinned to a lampshade and a silver candle stick holder!!

This swap was just so much fun to p-art-icipate in!!

Thank you Jill for hosting and putting it all together,
I simply adore your style
and am always swooning over your pretties!
and now,
I've meet some new friends
who also make pretties to swoon over!

which just so happens brings me to the second part of my post!

May I present to you: 

everything about her,
her blog, her etsy shop
speaks to yet another side of me
(we gypsy sisters caravan together!)
I just know you will adore from the very start
 just like I did!

here is a happy little somethin` somethin` she mailed me!

love the lipstick pinkness!

This is what a gypsy nest looks like!

isn't it the just perfectly...gypsy-ish??
feathers, ribbons, vintage paper shreds, tiny blue eggs and bird
and ROSES!!!!
all nested in a brown paper planter cup!
Love it!
Thank you Robin!
I'm soooo happy our caravans crossed!!

and finally,
the winning number from my birthday guess giveaway is...
Laurie from Rose Cottage by the sea
congrats my dear!
Please email me your address so that I may mail out your farmhouse pretties!!
Laurie has the most wonderful pink, rose covered, seaside cottage
and THE most romantic sense of style in her clothing adornments!
Perfect for dancing by the light of the moon !

and to all of you other dear ones,
I just want to say

Thank you so very much for all your happiest birthday wishes!!
It truely was the bestest ever celebated day
and part of that was due to all of YOU!!!!
I'm giving all of you the

so my dears,
I hope you ge a chance to visit all of these very talented, creative women
from this post!
~ and now I bid you adieu!
as I'm off to be inspired by all the other rosettes!!

here's to fascinating, talented women who inspire us all!!



  1. Oh My Rosemary! Your rosettes are the rosiest rosey rose! They really are gorgeous. The pinks are sooooo pinky! Your gypsy nest is so pretty!


  2. Hi Rosemary ( beautiful name) My daughter's middle name is Mary Rose... anyway thanks for your visit it's funny I am here working & just thought about puttting in the movie Under The Tuscan Sun for back ground sound... it is my favorite then I read your comment how funny we are connected!!! I love the roses in the swap. I would love to do one with you one day.... Take care I will be in touch. xoox Laura

  3. It's so funny we have the same name,
    anyway these are so pretty! What a great idea and swap. I do think we like the same sorts of things.
    Have a great day!!

  4. Dear Rosemary,
    Such pretty rosettes ~ and pink too! One of these days I'll have to try my hand at making some...
    I am so thrilled to have won your birthday giveaway! Thank you so much ~ what could be sweeter than all those rosey pretties to use here at Rose Cottage!
    ~Thank you so much!~

  5. Hi dear,
    I adore your packet, so beautifull wrapped with all the tags, and the two gorgeus rosettes inside,-
    and the Lipstick gypsy seems to just know,how a birds nest looks like, in the wonderfull world of bling,bling--wow, you did get lovely things Rosemary, that all suited your own so beautifull soul,sweetie.

    Hugs, Dorthe

  6. soooooooo pretty your posts. Your style is so feminine and these flowers speak true feminity.

  7. Oh, Rosemary! You lucky girl! Such beautiful rosettes Cassandra has blessed you with! So delicate....mmmmmmm....and wrapped so pretty!

    At least you had enough self control to get a picture before you dug in, which is more than I can say for myself! I was a naughty girl & just ripped away! ~sigh~


  8. Wow.. such yummyiness! I ♥ the rosettes! This was such a fun swap!

    Renee ♥

  9. I love Cassandra's work!! She is the one who taught me how to make rosettes!! Yours turned out gorgeous! I received two boxes full! What a fun swap!

  10. I love your rosettes you received, thier just gorgeous, and what a beautifully wrap gift! I also love the birds nest that Robin made, she is one talented lady, the rosette that she made me is just over the top Gorgeous. This is my first swap party and it's been such fun! hugs~~~ Daphne

  11. Just gorgeous!! Love the nest!!

  12. You lucky duck! GORGEOUSNESS ABOUNDING! And Miss Cassandra is just the best! A pure and simple sweetheart.
    Love it all! The nest was something new to me and I loved that!
    HAGD! Karen

  13. Hi Rosemary,
    I could look at that post all day!!!! Just beautiful!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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