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Apr 18, 2014

...a weeping jasmine tree and my Passover table

...hello my dears!
my, but it has been a few weeks since my last post!!

i have been deep in meditation
and practicing yoga

 it has been an amazing first few months
and i find myself asking ~
why haven't i been practicing this physical art form all along?!
 but more on that in a later post! 

as for today ~
i like to share with you,
 my weeping jasmine tree
 Easter/Passover table :)

i have been seeking elements for my mediation room

i simply adore jasmine
and wished for a silk jasmine tree for that space
 but as you may have already guessed

ah, yah no!
NONE to be found!!

as you may also have surmised
that never stops me!
what i can't lay my hands on,
i simply create...

in the above photo,
 you can see i already had the structure for my weeping jasmine
in that weeping cherry tree.

it was as simple as swapping out the cherry blossoms
with these pretty jasmine flower ones,
 replacing hundreds of buds...

slowly, my weeping jasmine began to bloom!!

whew! almost there!!

my finished weeping jasmine tree!

i placed it in a lovely pot
added a sheet of moss,
of course,
scented it with jasmine essential oil... 

i ~ LOVE ~ how it turned out!!
don't you?!?

here is my (almost set) Easter/Passover table...

i say almost set,
as i have yet to place the silverware on :)

i removed the chair covers for a different look
and redesigned my window dressing.
they are made from a satin wedding dress!!

i wanted an elegant tablescape
so i chose to use lilies, crystal and white plates... 

i enjoy the preceding days before Holy Sunday,
taking my time to iron my tablecloth and linen napkins,
lovingly placing each setting
anticipation a day of blessed fellowship with my dear loved ones...

on top on the plates
i placed a little of iridescent shreds
and added a white chocolate cross and lamb
and an iridescent cellophane bag of jordan almonds...  

i made a tray of them for favors...
my kitchen has smelled like willy wonka's chocolate factory all week!!

when the sun is shining,
this room glows...

a few of you may remember my topiary lambie from
this post ~

this year, i adorned her head with a crown of lily of the valley florets
and placed a crystal cross beside her...
simple elegance

oh and look! there is the weeping jasmine tree :)

and a plate of lemon lamb cookies
 with little bells and crosses tied around their necks!
these have been a tradition in our family from when i was a little girl...

would you like one?!?

 wishing all of you a most blessed time
with your loved ones this Holy Sunday!!


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For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, 
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16
New International Version (NIV)

Feb 6, 2014

...love-ly little things...

...hello my sweet friends!

today is all about creating love-ly delights from the heart
mind you, there are just soooo many pretties
a girl can make,
sometimes it is hard to narrow it down!
so be for-warned, this is a long post
 because these all spoke to my heart :)

first up,
is this easy diy flutter heart garland

for this garland you will need a large heart shaped paper punch,
pretty tissue paper, coordinating ribbon and your sewing machine
start by punching out your paper hearts
i found that 4 layers at a time worked perfectly

next, simply start sewing a pair of them together
two by two
(that's the "fluttery" part!)
two hearts beating as one :)
i like my hearts to go in the same direction...

keep sewing your hearts until you are pleased with the length
i made mine about two yards long...
when you are finished,
attach a length of ribbon on each end for ties
and your flutter heart garland is complete!!

now, wasn't that easy, peasy?!

make a few for your friends ~
wrap them around a sheet of card stock and slip it into a cello bag,
add a pretty tag to the front and you are now ready to share the love :)

 speaking of pretty packages,
think outside of the box, so to speak!
instead wrapping with paper, tuck your gift into a pretty floral box ~
(like the kind you can find at Tuesday Mornings)
and whip up a lace sleeve by sewing
 the bottom and two sides of some pretty lace,
then slide your pretty box in,
tie on a wide ribbon
and embellish away!!

for wouldn't YOU love a package that makes your heart sigh?!?

back in college,
i would always seek jobs that taught me something i wanted to learn
i figured, hey, why not try this
and get paid for it too!!
one of those jobs was in a floral shop...
i hardly ever brought home a paycheck ~ lol!!
sooooo many pretty things to be done with flowers

in one of my earlier tutorials,
i showed you how to make this ~ heart shaped floral arrangement ~

below are a few variations of that tutorial, using the same technique...

 this one is in a round vase,
i simply stuck the roses in a heart shape 
and then surrounded them with cream roses...


wouldn't that be a most love-ly bridal bouquet concept?!?

i added a satin ribbon around the vase for two reasons,
one ~ because it looks pretty!
and two, because it hides the green floral foam
 (hint: use a few pieces of carpet tape to secure your ribbon to the glass vase!)


for this next centerpiece, 
i made it the same way as in my original tutorial
only this time, i added the leaves to the outer edge,


and secured a wide satin ribbon around the base.
a pretty touch to my front entrance table


see the flutter heart garland too??

 and at the top of my mirror,
i simply added two strands of my
they look so pretty when lit up on these cold winter nights!


are you ready for more?
am i smothering you with too much love?!

 you can't stop now!
read on to learn how to make
this heart shaped wreath
trust me! 
it will look most fabulous on YOUR front door!!


for this tutorial, you will need to gather a few things
* flowers of your choice - 18 bouquet stems 
* heart shaped wreath form
* any embellishments you desire to add
* tulle ribbon
* glue gun/sticks


your flowers need to have at least 4 roses per stem for this wreath size
if they have more flower on each stem,
you will need less stems
and vise verse for less roses.


where oh where have i seen this before?!


i looked all over for a ready made blank wreath form
in the heart shape
but couldn't find one
i had to improvise!
this form actually had red heart tinsel garland
wrapped around it
which after i purchased it
i took off!
i found this at "Five Below" and later saw them at "Big Lots" stores too.

the heart form is a red plastic
and normally i would have spray painted it white
 to match my white washed home
but it has been below freezing here and i wasn't going to attempt it!
so i painted it with craft paint.
craft paint will scratch off so i recommend that, if you can,
to spray paint it first with a paint made for plastic.



satin and tulle ribbon...

 begin by wrapping your heart with the tulle ribbon


this will make it easier to hot glue your flowers on 
as it gives them something to grab on to...


continue wrapping all the way around
and tie off to your start end.

 then ripe off all of your flower heads
(sounds so wrong, doesn't it??)


and start hot gluing your flowers to the the tulle wrapped heart 


keep going all the way around...


but wait,
your not done yet...


my flowers came with glittery white hearts nestled within a tulle collar
so i incorporated them into my wreath
as it IS for Valentine's!

then, i added all my other embellishments
securing them with hot glue
and tied on a pink satin ribbon to hang it from...

see how pretty??

now aren't you glad you stayed??!!
but wait!! ~ before you flutter away...


i have one more pretty to squeeze in...
come on
you. can. do it!

this is for love-ly tea bags!
when you are finished with all this creating,
you can reward yourself with a pretty cup of tea :)


 for this valentine pretty, you will need:
* white coffee filters
* your favorite tea bags
*sewing machine
* small funnel
* a sheet of love-ly tea labels
* glue

pick up two coffee filters and align them.
begin by folding your coffee filters in half,
then again into quarters,
cut out a heart shape.

 you should end up with four hearts.
you will need two hearts per tea bag.
repeat this step for as many heart shaped tea bags you wish to make.

~ sewing your tea bags ~
with two of those hearts aligned,
carefully begin sewing around  the edge of your heart. 

stopping before you reach the beginning to allow room for the funnel


now the fun part!
cut open your favorite tea bag.

reserving the top where the tag is attached.


if you wish to add any thing
like culinary lavender or rose petals ~
add now.
be creative with your flavors... 

pour into a small, spouted measuring cup
to make it easier to pour into your funnel.
(hint: if you don't have a funnel, roll a piece of printer paper up into a cone,
use a piece of tape to hold your "cone" in place,
 snip a little off of the point side edge and voila! instant funnel) 


now put your funnel into the opening of your tea bag
and pour in your tea leaves...


take the reserved tag edge that you snipped off of your tea bag
and tuck it into the opening.
now sew up the opening...


now all that is left to do is to attach a tea tag!


take two tea tags and glue one on each side of your old tea tag
(hint: place a straight edge ruler down on your tags while they dry to keep them from curling up)

 and that,
my dears
is how you create one mighty fine cup of love-ly tea!!

 wouldn't you agree?


personalized script mugs are super easy to do
and add a special touch to any morning or tea date with a friend.
write your sentiments on your mug
and place in a cold oven on a cookie sheet.
turn oven on to 425 degrees for 50 minutes.
then turn off oven but leave mugs in oven until cool.


 send your beloved friend home with your handmade delights
of these heart shaped tea bags
and perhaps a couture wrapped chocolate bar...
packaged in their lovely wrappings
she is sure to think of your friendship with every last sip!!

and that concludes today's delights
i hope you enjoyed them 
and will perhaps find a little time to create some for your very own!

with open arms
i'm sending out all my love 
to all my fabulous readers!

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...here's to love-ly little things!

ps. my bonus gift to you:
ozma's love-ly little tea tags
for your personal use

 ~ enjoy! ~


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