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Oct 4, 2011

...sheer whimsy

...hello my dears!

how would you fancy a cup of tea with me and a petite tale??


why splendid!

please, come sit right over here

at a special reserve table
most especially for you!!

as you smell this most lovely intoxicating fleur ~
magical things start to appear all around you...

don't be surprised if you should gaze upon
a lace winged butterfly fluttering by
they light to dance upon the lacy napkin edges!

and how absolutely enchanting
it would be 
if you were able
to see a fairy or two!

as these are just a few of the things you may see in the land of odds...

shall i light your candle??
everyone knows there is something magical about candlelight glow

perhaps it is the soft flickering light that entrances us...
i am not sure
have you ever seen a moon glow candle??

the fairies bring me just one
every year, they like to trade for some beautiful silk ribbons...

ah yes,
tea by moon glow is something very special indeed!

aren't you delighted that you stopped by?!

everywhere you turn
magic is present

wings...sparkly bling...

it's all here ~
waiting for you to discover!

and not to worry when your tea is finished

 ~ in the land of odds

you will always have an open seat upon your return:)


and that is the end of my very short tale!


sharing this whimsy post with
Faded Charm's: White Wednesday

here's to a magical cup of tea!


  1. I look forward to your posts--they are always so beautiful! Though I usually don't like music on a blog because it slows my computer down--I love yours! It takes me to another world.

  2. Thank you for the visit. I had a lovely time

  3. I love your tale. There's always so much to please the eye here. That last shot is beautiful.

  4. A very enchanted evening, indeed! Thank you.

  5. Ah, so relaxing and other worldly! I come here to escape and find the place I long to be.
    Gorgeous as always,

  6. Oh I had such a wonderful time.Its lovely here and I did love the fairies,they were glowing with gold halos.Thanks for the enchanting journey with you.It was such a pleasant visit.

  7. So, So beautiful!!! You have the most beautiful spirit Rosemary. Even though I only know you through blogging, it shines through on your blog and the lovely comments you always leave me!
    Beautiful creations!! I love the porcelain figurines in front of the vintage books, truly lovely!!
    Hope you have a fabulous night.

  8. How wonderful! I enjoyed my visit and your photos are so sweet. I especially loved the music. Would you mind sharing the name of the piece? Dianne

  9. Thanks for the lovely visit, your photos are always so gorgeous!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  10. my visits here are always a sweet and enchanting"escape" from all that weighs me down mon amie! I feel as light as a fairy on butterfly wings! ;)

  11. Your things create a magical atmosphere, and the fairy is soooo beautiful...greetings:) Magda

  12. Beautiful post, magical and serene.

  13. Oh, I am always enchanted by your land of odds, Rosemary. I'm envisioning my delightful visit with you now...tea, fairies, candlelight, butterflies. Heavenly!
    - Susan

  14. Thank you for the little trip through the fairyland you always create in your posts! Just gorgeous and magical:)

  15. I always enjoy your tales and dreamy photos:-)

    Hope all is well with you.


  16. Oh dear Rosemary, I think I saw a fairy flit by just as I was sipping my tea! Thanks for the virtual tea party. It was lovely!


  17. Love your butterfly Rosemary, and the petite fairy- well you know I alwayes love your storyes, and gorgeous doings and displayes.

  18. Hello Rosemary my sweet friend, thank you for bringing beauty to our heart over here :)

    I can relax and enjoy the sound of calm and the poetic words you so soulfully write, along with photos to sigh over peacefully.

    Thank you my friend for your visit for I so enjoy when you come, the best part of your visit is the comments you leave me on your way home, I treasure every little word you write. You are the inspiration in inspiration, a place where your magical pieces are created from a vision like non other.

    Hope your journey is a peaceful one.

    I am taking in your music over here, letting the melodies rest on my heart.

  19. You surround us with beauty and inspiration.
    Merci, mon amie.

  20. Cheers to you from my virtual tea cup! I loved this post and especially the moon glow candle. Have a beautiful week, Heidi


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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