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Jan 28, 2014

little pieces of my soul...

...every January
i find myself clearing away
 things in my home and studio

i suppose one could say
that i am re-calibrating...
~ a new beginning ~
so to speak,
and a constructive approach
during these cold, long winter months
while waiting for spring to arrive :)
it is a ritual
that i have grown to look forward to
after all the hustle and bustle of holiday delights

this year,
i feel an urge to not only clear away the clutter in my studio ~
but to also
clear away the clutter in my heart
 for after awhile,
toxic buildup can weigh heavy on you!!

perhaps a few of you feel this way too?!

i believe it is important to listen to the cues
that your heart, mind and soul give you.

so i have begun a quest, 
upping challenges beyond my "comfort zone"
to strengthen my body
by participating in yoga ballet.
(a strong core = sound heart)
to nurture my heart
by taking the time
and immersing my mind into
such books as "The Artist's Way" 
"Positive Energy" 
(sound heart = creative energy)
and allowing my creative core
 the freedom to dance outside the lines that i've drawn for myself
(creative energy = soul print expressions)
and i must say
i am excited with the conscious effort
to dwell in the possibilities!!


as of late, i have been noticing a slide in my blog postings.

when i began this blog,
i made a promise to myself that "blogging"
would always be from my best, authentic self
and not be tainted by frustration,
negativity, comparisons or unwanted outside voices/influences
but to instead,
always be a place of inspiration and beauty.

the nurturing feedback
 and friendships formed within this blogging community
have blessed me beyond what i could have possibly imagined.
i enjoy sharing with all of my dear readers
the things from my heart and soul...

of course there have been moments of despair
and heart bruises!
enlightenment to a better you is not supposed to be easy ~
i take comfort in this constant truth
that it IS
 a unique journey that only you can write
and we can all choose to be a positive heart!
i am sharing what my creative soul print has been up to!

a silk nuno felted poetry piece

...complex and interwoven,
spun from the finest silks and fibers ~

with ethereal touches of gossamer beauty.
ours, are hearts of wonder

and crave other worldly delights
as we flit and flutter
to and fro ~

in search of those intangible moments
 that simply take our breath away...

this nuno felted fiber poetry piece comprises of layer upon delicate layer of details:
 infused bits of lace, threads of iridescent fibers and fine silk, 
that radiate from within and can be seen clearly when held up in the light 
 handwoven over with mohair yarn, gossamer linen threads
and embellished with a diaphanous silk fairy and tiny glass pearl beads.

this is the first creative soul print of the year...

it is also my desire in this post,
to send out love and encourage you dear hearts out there
that also have a deeper creative yearning, 
to keep stretching your wings
and to keep honing that which makes you happy inside
for you will never know the opportunities that await,
until you try!!

believe in YOU
and just DO IT!

here's to a new year full of possibilities!


  1. Beautifully said, beautifully created. Here is to a fabulous new year! xo Rhonda

  2. Your words are a lift to my soul...I honor you for your truth

  3. nourishment for my own soul....just being here....taking in your beauty....and the inspiration your enlightening words always bring. flutter....sigh....

  4. Hello Rosemary,
    My heart takes a little leap whenever I see that you've posted something new. Your blog has always been one of my most favorites.
    I had blogged for fours years, stopped completely, and then started a new blog recently because I missed the creativity and friendships so very much.
    You, your blog, and your beautiful creations inspire and encourage us to trust in our hearts and reach for more.


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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