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Apr 9, 2010

...just hanging out!!

...hello dear ones!

oh-so-lovely vintage slips
just hanging out to dry!

I miss all of you!
~ and I will be back to visiting all of you soon
but please forgive me,
if I just sit awhile
enjoying a cup of tea with my mom,
creating pretties in the studio :)
I've soooo been enjoying having her here...
I'm thinking of how to keep her here permanently!!

we found these lovely vintage slips
that will soon be hand dyed
will be decorated with paper dolls
sort of...

as the paper dolls will actually be fabric!!

They looked so lovely drying in the sunshine ~


dear readers...
I'm soooooo excited to share this with you...

These are the paper dolls we have been working on!!
See the mini paper doll house??
It has tiny little white lights strung on the porch
a chandelier inside!!
~ ooohhhhhh ~

do you like the weathervane?
I bought this adorable little porch from a charming esty shop named: 
and added a few things from behind the curtain!!

and dear, creative Beth has been woking with me
to come up with my very own paper doll series from her fabulous tattered vintage floral wallpaper!
(~ love the chicken under her arm, and she has wellies to put on!!)

These ozma signature dollies will be available soon in my etsy shop
ready made or to assemble yourself! 

I hope you enjoyed your visit
thank you for stopping by  ~
I enjoy reading all of your comments and
soon I will have 100 followers!!

  I'm planning an extra special giveaway to celebrate,
so visit again soon.




  1. I love those vintage slips hanging out on the line! Nothing makes me think of summer more than handing things out on the line. And what sweet things you have hanging!!!

    Your tiny house is adorable! I love fairy houses, and complete with a chandelier and a weathervane??? My that is so charming. I feel like I am very redundant when I leave comments on your blog. I just love it all!!!

    Can't wait to see your signature dolls! I love all the sweet details you are adding!

    Have the most wonderful weekend with your mom! I hope she is enjoying her space!

  2. Oh my, what a beautiful post. You make me smile. I love all your wonderful new goodies, so special and I am so happy you are having such a great visit with your Mother. ENJOY!!!

  3. they are adorable!!!
    oh, I love the slips drying, they are so pretty I would want to keep them there for decoration.

  4. What a lovely dolls you have made! Enjoy life, and enjoy the weekend, hope to see you one day on my blog,
    greetz Madelon

  5. No guilt...tea with mom. Enjoy the moments.
    Sounds like nice things are happening in your paper doll world. The front door portal was a wonderful find.
    Happy Weekend Blessings ;-)

  6. Rosemary, I absolutely love the paper dolls! They are beautiful. Have fun creating with your mother. By the way, Mr. Bunn is residing permanently in my little studio space. He and Lambchop are having a great time!


  7. You did a wonderful job! I love your paper dolls. They are so romantic! The front porch looks great. Looks like you did a house flip! Love the style. It would have probably been easier for you if I had sent you an unfinished piece. Maybe other people would enjoy finishing their houses however they wish! It's my new idea for my shop and I have you to thank for it! Hope to have time to work on it!! Lots of hugs and terrific job!

  8. Rosemary...these are so lovely! I can't wait to see more. I just adore paper dolls.


  9. It's so fun to pop over and visit you, Rosemary! You've been up to many wonderfully creative things!

  10. wow did you get touched twice with the creative wand or what? I am in awe...



  11. So pretty so feminine so you! I love this post and you have tea and create with your Mom. We will always be here waiting to see what gorgeous item you've created next!

    I'm so full of ideas and not enough time.

  12. Rosemary!
    The paper dolls.... I'm in love!
    Beautiful my sweet friend.
    XOXO Deb

  13. Again you've got me speechless......
    Here is speaking a great fan of yours: Real art you made...I love it!
    Nice evening


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