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Apr 5, 2010

...oh the things that you see during Easter fest-ti-veez!!!

...happy Monday dear ones!

I hope your Easter weekend was fabulous :)
Just thought I'd share a view from behind the curtain today!
Jim and I have always tried to find creative ways to entertain our children at our holiday fest-ti-veez's
(I know that's not a word, but it's how we say festivities...it sounds funny when you say it with a mouthfull of sour jellybeans! )

anyway ~

from the time they could walk and carry an easter egg
we have always hosted an egg roll!
(this game has no age limit, and I swear, the adults have more fun than the children!
the video's of these moments now ~ are priceless!)
as my children are now young adults
and our families all live in Ohio
we've had to make this a bit more challenging with just the four of us, to say the least!!
So off we go, with a dozen colored eggs under each of our arms
and we get in the car and drive to an awesome mini mountain somewhere
(okay ~ so it's a mini dirt cliff) 
and then we stand at the top and roll one of our eggs down, 
as you can imagine
this is waaaay too much fun
the side dip has alot of rocks!
As the eggs gain momentum down, and hit a rock
they almost explode!!

rolling eggs




we've now moved on for a game I like to call
~ egg salad ~

I know, you want a sandwich now, don't you?!
go ahead, I'll wait
go make your sandwich...
and don't forget the hot and spicey pickle!

...was it tastey?
aahhhh...where's mine?!

 for this game
 you need an egg and
a tennis racket!!!
Oh yah baby!!

Nathan's ready!!


look at his face!!!
he reeaaalllyyy doesn't like egg salad! HA!

Jim's back handed technique!!


Julie gives it a go ~

I'd say her egg was stickin' around for another swing!!


Oh! hang on,
 it's my turn ~


I don't think lessons are going to help me!!!!

I know you are probably wondering
where's your mom, right?!
she didn't sign a release form for her pics
so you'll just have to wait until she's back in Ohio
many, many, miles away...
before I post her eggy swings!!(tee-hee)

I hope you enjoyed sharing a few silly moment with me!

I''ll be posting some new pretties later this week
if the wind dies down long enough for me to set up for pictures ~

 see you soon!!



  1. ..that dirt looks familiar, you make everything fun

  2. Hello my dear friend......
    I love family moments the most......they make you so rich.........
    I am still so happy with your special gift....
    that makes me happy....
    Love Bonjade

  3. LOL - that's a new twist on "making" egg salad.

  4. LOLOLOLOL Your kids will always remember these fun times with you. What a fun family:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. This is definitely a new take on the "egg roll"! but does look fun and certainly a way to take out some aggressions along with it!!!
    Wanted to say THANK YOU! for the wonderful tags, they are so precious and I'm just ooohhhing and ahhhhing over them. That was a really sweet gesture, dear Rosemary! What a blessing!
    big hugs,


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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