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Aug 9, 2011

...creatively "lost at sea"

hello my dears!
i hope you are enjoying the last of these glorious summer days

there is already a bit of cool breeze in the late afternoons
my how time goes quickly!

i have been creatively "lost at sea" in my studio lately ~
(that's a good thing!)
next week is my birthday,
i shall return to the beautiful sea!!

(you know how much i love that!!)

so my thoughts have been of those ruffled waves
and the fizzy salty air...

sea inspired,
i've dipped some gorgeous new hues of silk ribbons
waiting to be sea washed


have been making these...

~ sea silk ear adornments ~








i envision a lovely mermaid finding favor with these:)

as this is also my white wednesday post,
here are a few white pretties which surround me
that through my eyes,
 are in the jeanne d'arc living style ...

an enchanted birds nest vignette...

glass hurricane candle...

love, Love, LOVE white feathers!!
they are so ethereal to me

an embellished french spritzer bottle...

an eyelet lace wire heart...

a graceful ceramic statue... 

and wire wings i've been designing.

i just never know where my muse will lead me...
there are so many wonderful things to discover in blog land!

wouldn't you agree??

i'd also like to share that one of my creations has made it to print!!
which just so happens to be my lacy ship!!
(what better way to be lost at sea??)

i * am * beyond * thrilled!!

you can see it *HERE*
she is also having a giveaway:) 

thank you Sonia:)

sharing this with
Faded Charm's: White Wednesday

here's to sea ruffles and being lost at sea ~ creatively!


  1. Beautiful post.I so love coming here.Its such an inspiration and its so feminine.Congrats on your lacy ship it is pretty.

    Do have a lovely day!

  2. Here I am for my WW weekly fix. I think we tend to blog at the same time, Rosemary. :)
    I'm lost in these photos...dreamy earrings, mesmerizing JDL vignettes, and the feature of the lace ship - yippee! I will go over and take a look. Congrats to you my talented friend and enjoy an enchanted sea-side birthday!!!
    - Susan

  3. Hi Rosemary,
    Congratulations on your beautiful creations being published, that is so wonderful!!
    And I love your new earrings, they are just beautiful.
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  4. I was just on Sea's hem...my beloved Sonoma Coast where I let the ruffles wash over my feet. If I still had pierced ears I would want a pair of these sea ruffled earrings. Beautiful. Enjoy your time away. Happy Birthday. ox

  5. I love the pretty earrings! I'm a mermaid so they would be my favorites! Beautiful post...lovely colors! ♥

  6. Your Sea Dreams are soooooooooo enchanting!!! Love all your creations Rosemary!!! And Happy early Birthday! I too am longing to be at the coast & can't wait until I fly out at the end of the month. Are you going to that same wonderful place that you sent me the info on???? LUCKY YOU! I'll be going back to the Pismo Beach & Morrow Bay area. ANYTHING BEATS THE HEAT HERE IN TEXAS! 43 consecutive days OVER 100 degrees!!!!! OUCH! And NO RAIN! Love all your white images too! HUGS!

  7. So happy for you Rosemary! I am not surprised that you are in print. ALL your creations should be because they are breathtaking!! Happy Tuesday/Wednesday!! :)

  8. first of all..i am so happy for you that you will be celebrating your birthday at your beloved seaside with your mers! oh happy day! secondly, your sea silk ear adornments are simply the loveliest of earrings i've beheld in a very long time. true beauty!! and, lastly, CONGRATULATIONS on having your beautiful lace ship in print! it sooooo deserves to be viewed and adored by many! I am over the moon for you mon amie!

  9. Congratulations on having your beautiful lacy ship published!


  10. Your lacy ship deserves the be published my friend, I will make one of them one of these days. I use to make them in the late 80's yearly 90's when country was still the thing, then I moved on to vintage looking birdhouses, you so inspire that sailboat of lace, In fact my aunt loves your site and she does not blog, she has some wood sail boats that she wants to give your treatment to them :)

    Keep inspiring us Birthday Girl!!
    It so what you do best :)
    Oh!! and a pinch to grow an inch!

  11. Oh, I love the sea too. Your post is so lovely today. I hope your coming birthday is a happy one.

  12. Love visiting your blog. Your photos are so beautiful and dreamy.

  13. Congrats on the publication! Woo! Hoo! And how tickled I am to find your are a fellow sea loving Leo. My birthday is the 22nd. LOVE IT!

    I am envious of your sea visit. Take lots of pictures and let me live vicariously through you, OK?


  14. Congratulations Rosemary!!! That is fabulous news... and so well deserved!
    You are right about the waves looking like white ruffles, how have I never seen that before? (thanks)
    I love your new shooting sea star earrings... gorgeous! What a beautiful post.
    t. xoxooxox

  15. I love your blog and i love it even more now that it has music added in the background!

  16. I can't even tell you how beautiful these earings are Rosemary. I have never seen anything so lovely for the ears.

    I love all your beautiful whites today. You live with such beautiful things my friend.

  17. Oooh, love your post, the earrings, your beautiful beach and ocean theme. I'm just in love with the beach as you are it appears and it so happens we have something else in common. My birthday is next week as well; the 17th. Which day is yours? Enjoy the beach and have the best birthday ever!!!

  18. Hi Rosemary!
    I love your sea silk ear adornments!
    And I'm glad that I found YOU in blog land!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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