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Sep 1, 2011

..."seascape" away with me!

...can you feel it?
the seasons changing??

soon it will be time for a delicious bowl of soup


oh dear!
how shall we serve that delicious bowl of soup??

come for a moment and "seascape" with me!
((seascape=escape to the sea!))

imagine a seaside inspired table,
that any bowl of soup worth eating,
could appreciate being served on....

romantic candles, enchanting dishes in the shape of shells, memaids and sea horses

lots of iridescent sparkle ~
just like the sun looks on the beautiful sea
like water diamonds...

i love to wear beautiful crochet beach sandals when i visit the beach
i had a set i hadn't worn yet
so i wrapped them around my candles that i gave a brush of metallic champagne wash too.
i rather like how they look paired together!
who knew?!

i know this is hard to see clearly,
but no bubble glass would be complete
 without a few extra large silver candy dragees floating in the bottom...


a mermaid matchbox to light those candles...

found shells, driftwood, and a mermaids lost gray pearl necklace
make a lovely table adornment

seahorse linen napkins, complete with lovely pearl shell napkin rings.

i found the seahorse download on etsy
and simply used iron on transfers to place them on my napkins...

and here i took a thrift store find ~
a sweet mermaid candle holder that was once brass
and spray painted it a champagne color

to which i then added a baking sea shell
attaching the two with "liquid nails" glue
 for a unique pedestal dish

for my table cloth
i used a most gorgeous skirt!

you read that right!

one day thrifting
i spied this 100% silk beauty
and just knew right away how fabulous it would be as a "table skirt"

i laid an Ikea find, a bed coverlet,
over top,
then draped a capiz shell garland around the entire table for seaside whimsy

i made new chair slipcovers for my chairs
after i gave them a fresh coat of paint.
i chose linen because it wears like iron
this linen piece was made in Holland!!

i adore their flirty ruffles,
and most especially...

..their ballerina like leg ties!

and i ask you
what seaside table would be complete without a "bubbly" side table??

life is to be celebrated!
so i say


a gorgeous little girls dress
can become the most enchanting "table skirt" too :)

lovely little details to delight your eye!!!

and one must have a seaside muse


i don't think i need to tell you how i adore mermaids...

so naturally

she is this sea tables muse! 

i made her crown out of real seaweed
that i painted a gray-blue and then a soft silver overwash...

i enjoy a little table side music
so my mer holds a harp...

"sea" her starfish bracelet??

(i know, that was bad!!)

i knew she would be spinning around,
so the back needed to be beautiful too...

i really like how her paper vellum tail looks like the capiz shells

i so enjoyed creating this sea side table!!

now ~
 for the rest of the menu
to go alongside that delicious bowl of lobster bisque,


i'm thinking surf and turf!!

thanks for "seascaping" with me today!

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here's to lovely settings!


  1. Oh so lovely. Sparkles, frill,Feminine,dainty.What more could a girl ask for?Im loving the table cloth oh my how lovely,that was the first thing that I noticed lol.

    Happy September to you!

  2. Oooo... you make me miss the ocean even more!.. I love your mermaid! She is absolutely gorgeous!.. Thank you for sharing! xo! if you are looking for a good fall seafood chowda recipe pop over for a visit!

  3. What a beautiful chair and setting. I always think that it is like looking at a water fairy land when I come to visit you.

  4. This is the very reason I love to visit you Rosemary! You transport me to the most wonderful places. Your table setting is magical!
    sending hugs...

  5. This is so pretty, Rosemary. I don't know how you think of such wonderful things :)

  6. Hi Rosemary,
    Your seascape is BEYOND delightful, a feminine, frilly, magical wonder fit for the queen of the sea....
    Those ballerina legs, be still my heart!!
    I too have that scrunchy Ikea throw blanket:-) I love it, unfortunately right now so do my puppies:-)
    Thanks for the sea escape...

  7. Rosemary, how very beautiful and delightful- a most lovely world of french chicness-and elegance compared with your whimsy mermaid, and wonderful tellings.
    Love the posts below, also sweet friend- nothing like visiting your beautiful world.

  8. Stunningly beautiful,so romantic and sea dreamy,i adore the little girls skirt as a table cover what a pretty idea,

  9. Your post is delightful and beautiful. I love all the frilly, feminine ruffles, cloths and skirts!

    I would be so delighted if you would like to my first Potpourri Friday party! Your participations would certainly help make it a success!

  10. You made my day so special, sweet lady by linking this gorgeous post to my party. I am so pleased.

    Thank you for linking to Potpourri Friday and helping to make it a success! I appreciate you and hope you will link up again next week! I'll be looking forward to seeing you!

  11. How festive and creative!! And I adore the seahorse iron on -very neat idea!!

  12. Oh, my word! This is the prettiest post I have seen all day!!! *AND* it is so refreshing not to see a post about fall because I am not ready to let go of summer yet. Nope. Not me, uh-uh, no way! *le sigh* SO where have you been hiding and why have I not seen your blog before, hmmmm????? I am linking from 2805, and I will b e following your blog in a few seconds.

  13. Such beautiful photographs and lovely things--I adore the chair!

  14. After a rough day of running errands and having a mamogram, sitting here this evening I just found myself relaxing as I was reading your blog. As I kept scrolling along, I could feel myself getting more warm and relaxing. This blog post was such a pleasure to read.

  15. Wherever did you find that Mermaid? Or did you make her? I love her, I want her! But of course this mermaid would :) I just found your site and its stunning.........and I love the sea theme you did. Im not ready to give up summer yet either so this is so nice to see. Especially since I live by the ocean. :)

  16. Hope you will link another of your wonderful posts of Potpourri Friday. I featured you today! You're so deserving!

  17. This is such a gorgeous setting!! Everything is just perfection!! Beach Sandals- I have never heard of them!

    I love the IKEA throw you mentioned and am wondering if you would know the name of the design or if it might still be available. I would love to try and find one-

    This is a table setting that will stay in my memory for a long time! I just love it.

    bee blessed

  18. You amaze me with your creativity!! Everything you do is so pretty, love your precious mermaid
    and the lovely setting, it's just divine!!
    xoxo D


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