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Nov 15, 2011

...a pair of wings

...hello my dears!

i hope this post finds you all joyful
and dreaming of
the happiest holiday's ever!

i have been like a ping pong ball this week ~
all over the place

in my studio creating a few pretties...
packing up boxes for our impending move??
strategically planning the next few months
you know...just living life!

one of the things on my ~
"if i do nothing else, i just have to do this list"
 this year,
were ethereal angel wings...

i have literally been trying to get to these for years
ever since i first laid eyes on them in my first jeanne d'arc christmas book
i have desired a vintage pair
but they are few and far between

so to create a few pairs this year,
has been my top priority!

i set out to make 8 pairs...
out of which
2 have already been spoken for

this pair however,
 is the next pair that is will be available
 in my etsy shop

i will list each one as i finish them.
hopefully finishing all remaining pairs
no two will be alike but they will all be beautiful...

when i started,
i envisioned how the french nun's
would have perhaps designed them for the Christmas pageants every year

and wondered if they were giddy with excitement
to create such things as a pair of angel wings!

gathering precious bits of beautiful lace and gossamer gauze...

bending and twisting the wire into wing shapes
and then, very lovingly,
hand sewing all these beautiful materials into
 a pair of wings

i pondered if they quietly sang hymns of holiness,
infusing more into these wings than just what meets the eye... 

perhaps ~
a sprinkle of enlightenment and joy went into them too?!

i know that i have enjoyed making them,
taking my time as i too,
lovingly stitch on the most beautiful lace bits i could get my hands on,
smiling to myself, as i whispered the words of  "silent night, holy night"

more than that,
 they have somehow inspired me to keep my heart real this season
and to float above all the entrapment's of the "holiday's"
and all the hustle and bustle...

don't get me wrong
i know i will still be hustlin' and bustlin'
my Christmas wish came early this year
for my heart is already filled with such joy and peace!

i guess you could say
that i have been touched by an angel!

i wonder if one of these pairs of wings will fit me??!


i think our church's "Christmas pageants angel" position
has already been filled!!

no worries though,
if you hear any carolers outside your window this year
i'll be the one with a pair of wings on :)

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here's to angel wings!


  1. O my...they are wonderful !!!! do you sell them?????...love from me....♥.. ♥... ♥....

  2. Oh, I love the angel wings. They are just beautiful.

    Have a nice week

    Hugs Bente

  3. The french nun's would be proud. Absolutely stunning Rosemary.
    Keeping it real with you.

  4. so very pretty! off to peek at your etsy store! xoxo, tracie

  5. Rosemary those wings are just devine. I also love the picture of the silent night, holy night. Would you allow me to copy the picture to use for one of my advent tags, it is for me and not for resale? If not, I understand.

  6. Your wings are ever so Lovely!

  7. Oh Rosemary, these are so beautiful! I can't imagine owning a pair of these. I would have to look at them everyday in wonder.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely creations.


  8. Your blog is always so beautiful...inspiring and lovely! ♥

  9. Your Blog is like it was kissed by an Angel!
    So beautiful and romantic. Thanks for sharing a little bit of heaven.
    xxx Liz

  10. they are serenely gorgeous mon amie! i always leave here feeling like I've been "touched by an angel." :)

  11. Oh my! These are totally gorgeous Rosemary! You have such beautiful ideas! love them.


  12. Rosemary - you are such a dear! An angel in disguise, I believe. :) Your posts are always such a breath of fresh air and instantly calm my heart. ♥ Your angel wings are just beautiful. Seriously. Just incredibly ethereal. Did you ever watch "Touched by an Angel" on TV? That used to be my fav. Never missed an episode. Ohhhh.....so that was YOU....!!? lol! Hugs to you, sweetie - and I'll be looking for you outside my windows singing in your angelic voice...!

    xoxo laurie

  13. Oh Rosemary, these are so beautiful!!! I had wanted to try and make some of these this year, but I'm afraid my "to make list" is sooo long this year. I'm running out of evergy and time. There is always next year, right?

    Gorgeous photos:-)


  14. they are realy realy beautiful.... i love them..great idea.... hugs viana

  15. Dear Rosemary!
    They are wonderful!

  16. Rosemary, this is such a lovely post! I am very inspired by it. I have a couple of creative items on my To-Do WIsh List that I want to accomplish for 2012.

    I am so happy you are experiencing peace and joy during this holiday season. I need to let go of the unnecessary stuff (and worry and stress) and celebrate!

    Thanks again for the lovely post and sharing your amazing wings with us.

    Ricki Jill

    PS I have heard so much about Jeanne D'Arc magazine, but I can't find it around here.

  17. These are the most beautiful wings I have ever seen Rosemary!! You really should have a huge store close to me so I could visit and shop there!!!
    Sandi@Wayside Treasures

  18. Dear Rosemary, you have made those nuns proud! JDL magazine needs to call you up and hire you as its' top designer.
    LOVE these wings and how they take us back in time to those vintage Christmas pageants.
    (so glad you found that time to make them!)
    Love Susan

  19. beautiful. just beautiful!

    barbara jean


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