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Nov 29, 2011

...scents of christmas...or...dear Martha...

...ah yes

the wondrous scents of Christmas time!!

fresh pine...
warm cookies...

or gingerbread to be more exact!

every year,
i am bound and determined to make a gingerbread house

and every year,
guess what
not a ginger house to be found in my home

not this year...

i did not bake these from scratch...
 as all of you,
 i have many,
MANY things on my Christmas "to do" list

i took a little help from "those" kits that are out there.
you know the ones!

these are the results...

i bought 2 kits from Target
* the gingerbread mini village
* the pre-built gingerbread house kit

i tossed ALL of the candies inside
and keep only the white icing and coconut shreds
i did pull out a few of my pretty baking supplies
(yes! i LOVE baking pretty too!!)

silver dragees
sparkling white sanding sugar where all that was required

then i assembled my town
very simply...

pure, clean and white!

it couldn't be any easier than coloring in the lines
everything is pre-stamped where to lay your icing.

i wanted a ginger church so bad
and look for one HIGH and lo
but ~
yah no!

so i consoled myself
with making a steeple out of one of the tiny village houses

i sawed my ginger walls with a serrated edge knife
to be able to etch a V shape out to fit on my roof...
what's a little ginger dust??!

once complete, i piped out an icing cross.
sure, you can still see where a window was supposed to be
from across the room
none the wiser!

as i was making these
i got to thinking of writing a letter to Martha

it would sound something like this:

dear Martha,

please, Please, PLEASE
design a gingerbread house kit
as only YOU could!
Filled with elegant shaped lines and clear candy windows.
~ and if you please,
a few, little tiny cellophane bags filled with silver dragees,
wisps of cotton candy for smoke stacks,
and iridescent sugar for the rooftops.

I'd be ever so grateful
and HAPPILY pay the price of such a kit!
For there are no others
 who bring us lovely, quality creating items
to embellish our worlds with.
I thank you for that, 
and hope that next year, 
I am putting together a ginger house
designed by you!


what do you think??
would she read it?

i know,
i won't hold my breath...

but a girl can dream
and even ask Santa!

they do smell wonderful,
would you like to smell them??

come close
closer my dear!

you want a cookie now, don't you??
or maybe you were thinking about Hansel and Gretal?!


no worries my dears,
no wicked witch lives in my ginger houses!!

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here's to the scents of Christmas and Martha!


  1. Wonderful! They are so cute!

  2. So totally beautiful you! Love the letter to Martha and yes, she would listen.

  3. Such a sweet post Rosemary.....This year I bought a little kit to assemble with my grandson..It will be MY FIRST ever Gingerbread house....I've waited a long time to make one....65 years to be exact. LOL LOL



  4. Are these sweet or what??!! I would not want to eat them. Is there ANYTHING that you can't do Rosemary? hee hee

  5. these are so pretty. I like the way your photos have sparkly white in them. Must be a photoshop or piknik trick. dreamy.

  6. Your little village is just darling! Love that one closeup. Dreamy!

  7. I LOVE gingerbread houses, but i'm with you, i want mine magical and pretty with whites and a wisp of pink and silver and sparkles... Write Martha, and add me to the list of ladies who would buy a kit like that!


  8. Sweet Gingerbread houses and church! :) They look very pretty decorated in frosty white!

    So nice stopping by to visit with you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  9. Hi Rosemary. Your little gingerbread houses and church are beautiful. I have never made a real gingerbread house before and I have always wanted to. I think I am afraid that I will eat all the trim before my house even gets built. LOL.


  10. OMG. They are too cute. I saw some gingerbread candles on Living's site but of course that's Sweden and I didn't want to bother with shipping from so far, but your houses are so sweeeeeet!

    Can't seem to muster the time to make one rotten star anise heart this year....


  11. Hi Rosemary, I love your little gingerbread town and church! They are just precious and beautiful!
    Yes, I can smell them too :)!
    ~ Julie

  12. Hi Rosemary,
    Once again your creativity has given you what your heart desired,i don't think you need Martha i think she needs you!!!! ;)
    you are so very creative and the pictures are beautiful as always.

  13. Dear Rosemary, this is the sweetest little town, I love all the icing dripping from the roofs :)

  14. It is all great !!! lovely day !!....xxx...

  15. Rosemary, your village is lovely. If you start a petition to Martha, I would definitely sign it!!!


  16. Astonishing to think Martha has this void in her repetoire! I'm sure, someone from her vast empire has heard and schematics are being drawn as we speak.
    As always your creativity is breathtaking.
    No gingerbread house in our house this year...our tradition is mouthwateringly, butter-filled vanile krunsl instead. Yeah for traditions!

  17. I love your little gingerbread houses and nothing in the world smells better than gingerbread. You did a great job with the little kits from target...they look so elegant the way you've photographed them. I think I must give it a try myself. Thank you for inspiring ... I think Martha would even be impressed. ":o)

  18. Even your "out of the box" is wonderfully "out of the box"! So gorgeous. ~Lili

  19. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these Rosemary! I was toying with the idea of tackling one of these houses after seeing the November issue of Romantic Homes where the loveliest (totally JDL) home is featured. She has little houses like these in her kitchen.
    I'm glad to know the kits are sold in stores and of course I would also toss out any gaudy colorful candy, too. You have inspired me as always Rosemary! Yours turned out wonderfully and how clever to add the steeple for the people. Hee hee.
    And Martha would LOVE a letter such as that from you. :)

  20. Ok.....here I am trying to stick to my diet and you're out there tempting me with fresh gingerbread that I can smell right through the monitor, Rosemary! lol! But I must admit, your little Ozma houses are just darling! :)

    xoxo laurie

  21. I love your beautiful gingerbread church. I also love that you wanted to make a gingerbread church.

    I think you letter is great and that you should definitely send it.

  22. Your little village of gingerbread just makes me happy Rosemary! I love it and your letter to Martha. I love how you created your own little church too.
    Just when I think you can't amaze me anymore than you already do I see the post of your gorgeous thrifted coat covered in glorious roses~~~SIGH~~~
    sending hugs from me...

  23. I recently wrote Martha a letter about our MS cabinet pulls that were discoloring with less than three months' use. We put them in our entire place. Anyway, she didn't answer, but Home Depot replaced them. So, maybe someone who makes the decisions for her company will see your letter. I was sent here by one of my readers to check out how you aged a French market basket. I posted about the one I did. So, I'm going to snoop around a little. Your blog is beautiful.


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