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Jul 10, 2012

~ message in a bottle ~

...hello my dears

do you find that sometimes in life,
you feel shipwrecked?

 by that i mean ~
you have lost your footing
and things appear so upside down,
you feel as though you have awakened
on some deserted island somewhere...
which wouldn't be bad if J.D. were stranded there too
((and WHO may J.D. be? you are wondering?!))

of course!!

(((i know, i know)))
yah, right!

back on that desert island thought...

here you are,
making the best of it,
gathering your sticks to build your beach shack,
and a sand storm blows outta nowhere and

and those were pretty sticks too:)

no problem you say
as you brush the sand off
and dig your heels in deeper.
 i'll look for a cave of shells instead...
not quite what you had envisioned
but you can make this work!!

after a long spell of shell cave hunting,
you close one eye for a bit of rest

(you know those starfish are carnivores ~ RIGHT?!?)

as you gaze up to those vultures circling above
 your thinking to yourself,
"self ~ how in the h-e-double-toothpicks did this all happen??)  

self doesn't say nothin'!

~ are you listing?!


~ but listen closely my dears ~

HE is!!
 one random day
you catch a glimpse of a bottle floating towards you
~ glee ~
perhaps a friend sent a "message in a bottle" to your floating island...

(them "c.i.a.gulls" know too much!!)


and there is no mistaking it.

a gift from a dear friend
has a message
L-O-U-D and clear...



your singed eyebrows furrow with disbelief
as a salty tear rolls down your sand stained face
you watch the clouds roll away
 as the SON shines down upon your greasy hair
(who knew travel size shampoos really ARE useful!!)

...grant it
you are still on that island ...
but you know that HE loves you
and He's got your back...


thank you my sweet friend,
for a most lovely mermaid's purse!
the fairies embellished it a wee bit :)

sharing this fairytale with
faded charm's: white wednesday

here's to those messages in a bottle!


  1. No words other than BEAUTIFUL!

  2. So beautiful! I too received a "message in a bottle" today from a friend (for my shipwrecked life.) I arrived home from work to find a bouquet of fresh hydrangeas, a journal, tissues for crying, and a sweet note. God knows exactly what we need when we need it, Amen?
    Blessings & hugs,

  3. maybe this is the message, when I myself am feeling so hopeless, to hear one of hope. thank you

  4. Oh Rosemary....my heart is sad for you....but happy that you know that the only hope comes from Him. Allow yourself to lay back into that hope - knowing that He's got you in the palm of His hand. He won't let you down, sweetie. Hang on. I just know He's preparing to set your feet on a special path. One that's even better than before! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  5. О Розмари, толкова e красиво и снимките и написаното! Тъжно, но красиво...
    Поздрави и прегръдки от мен. Успех и слънчев ден.

  6. While I don't know you Rosemary, or what is happening in your life. Thank you for sharing. As usual your blog is beautiful. I will pray for you my dear.

  7. That was the most amazing fairy tale, that came to me in the most timely way... oh my gosh... I wonder how many of us felt this message was sent straight from the heavens directly to us?
    You completely get it, being shipwrecked, pushing beyond endurance, with wave after wave pushing you down again and again... This was my message in a bottle...


  8. We all need those little reminders, don't we? And I didn't even have to click on the link to know who sent that little message in a bottle-you two are so awesome to each other and to everyone around you. Keep the faith my friend, things will indeed turn around and perhaps exceed your greatest expectations to boot!


  9. You send me those "messages in a bottle" with each new post. As a pastor's wife, I deal with many sorrowful situations daily with a break every now and then. I take to heart and empathize with the people my husband and I minister to. Of course my hope and strength are in HIM but as a female I have a need for some beauty and inspiration to lift my spirits. I peruse your archived posts each and every time I find myself in a place of feeling like I may "sink". God's grace sustains me but your posts have that little something that I call the "dessert of life"! Thank you for sharing in your blog posts. I so look forward to each new one! I believe we are "kindred spirits"!

  10. Your words are beautiful and your tale is fascinating!

  11. I am so hoping that things will be looking up for you soon. I can relate a little bit about losing my footing lately and am just very overwhelmed with things right now, but I know life has it's ups and downs and you just have to keep having faith that good times are just around the corner:-)

    You have such a gift for writing and I love reading your posts my friend.

    Take care,


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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