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Jul 24, 2012

...the spell of the sea

the salty sea

and all that she offers,
may call to you ~


with all her might
to come sit at her ruffly hem's edge
and just be...

she has cast her spell on me
and this week i found myself creating pretties
inspired by her intoxicating allure...

i very often find that i create ensembles
like this...

a crochet thrift store find,
can become an elegant beach dress in less than an afternoon
with a few snips there and a tuck here
and let's add some tie straps and a high lo hem there
and voila!

a sea side dress
just perfect for walking on the shore, no?!!

(i bet you'll never pass up a cotton tablecloth again ~ will you?!?)

and i don't know about you,
but my curly locks always end up looking
 w-a-y past windswept on the beach!
so to tame my locks and still feel pretty ~ 
 i created these simple little bobbies
with nothing more
 than a handful of freshwater pearls
and some sterling silver wire

something "washed over" me
when i was designing this tiny, wire wrapped shell rosary

it took me two strait days to wire wrap all those shells
but i simply ADORE how it turned out!!

and least we not forget the lobes...

...as in ear lobe adornments

freshwater pearls in two different shapes,
can become most lovely paired together
and will dangle beautifully

silver, pearls, lace and shells just seem so natural for the sea...

i can't wait to hit the beach in my new beach ensemble:)

now ~
 if i only knew when...

not to worry
i will simply leave it on my mannequin until the day i return
to the sea,
the sea,
the beautiful sea...

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here's to creating pretties, inpsired by the sea!


  1. Hello Rosemary

    The entire ensemble is spectacular. I love the dress and the rosary beads. Wow and Wow. One would never forget you if they meet you on the beach.

    Thanks for sharing

    Helen xx

  2. I love that Jacques Cousteau quote and I couldn't agree more...now when oh when shall I return to the sea? Sigh...someday.

    Hugs from one landlocked sea lover to another,

  3. A crocheted tablecloth never looked so alluring! My goodness, I am enchanted by all that your sea-inspired creations have to offer. I can hear the waves as I ogle your pretties.
    The prayers whispered with that exquisite Rosary you crafted will be sent right to heaven, my dear Rosemary.

  4. It's the perfect ensemble to wear to greet the wonderful ocean, and be at sea level, bedecked in pearls and silver and lace that looks like it was made of seaspray...


  5. Absolutely charming - what an amazing transformation!!

  6. So glorious again! I hope you can return to the sea soon my dear!

  7. Absolutely stunning!!! You have such a ceative mind, these are treasures.

  8. Found your beautiful blog today and wanted to say hi! hope you having a lovely day :)

    Bee happy x

  9. Hi Rosemary,
    Love your gorgeous sea side creations! Amazing what we can do when our creativity is allowed to flourish.Just beautiful! Imagine, a complete ensemble, except for the shoes.
    Ahhh, but mermaids don't need them do they?

  10. OH MY GOSH, Rosemary! That dress is absolutely gorgeous, girl!!! It's just stunning! If it was in a shop, I'd buy it! :) And that rosary and jewelry is incredible. I can't believe the beauty and creativity that flows from your fingertips, my friend. You are truly amazing! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Ozma of the sea, such beauty Rosemary.
    A dress of white, soulful, calm, and one of fisherman's netting twined with the hook of a sea captain's capturing a fair sea maidens heart.

    Sea kisses

  12. What a beautiful post on the romance of the sea. Captivating!

  13. Such a beautiful dress you made! Your freshwater pearlies are FAB too! So perfect together.

  14. Everything is so pretty. No - I don't think I shall ever look at a crochet table cloth the same way again.

  15. I am so impressed with this dress! I have never seen anyone do such a thing! It is I who am enchanted to meet you!

  16. So romantic your blog.... thanks for shearing and have a nice w-end! Big hug from Switzerland, LISA LIBELLE from the white cloud ;-)


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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