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Aug 15, 2012

...just humour me ~ please!

...hello my dears!

i am here

now i realise ~
that you may be at the end of your rope with me

for you have stopped by for a sweet visit
only to find
my well is dry...

to which i would kindly respond ~
hang on...
i'm re-ruffling my fairy wings

to reach further distances of my imagination
so that i may continue to,
 inspire and delight you...

it won't be long...

until then,
please know that i simply adore you all!!

biggest fairy kisses!!

(and just so my wings don't rust off)
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here's to magic wands!

p.s. does anyone know of an awesome wand shop??
my wand is weary and needs a recharge!!


...but seriously
do you???



  1. I like your line about your want needing a re-charge. Perhaps that is what I need too.

    Have a glorious weekend


  2. NEVER at the "end of my rope" for you, dear enchanting rosemary. I just miss you is all...so VERY much! i hope you're settling in well to your new nest? I think of you often and pray for you even more! "merci" for stopping in for a visit....made my night! ;)(P.S. Wish I had another of those ex-votos..will be on the lookout for you...ok?)

  3. It's always great to see a post from you Rosemary. It always inspires me to stop by.

  4. Rosemary, dear, we all know how this feels. You've been through a lot this year with the move, so you are entitled to some down time. rest with no pressure on yourself, that's the best way to recharge. We're all always happy to see you, just your photos alone are inspiration! xo

  5. We'll wait, cause your inspiration is simply amazing!!!!

    Best wishes my friend,

  6. I do know of a wand shop, it is on Etsy, look up Harry Potter Wands, they run around 10-12. You could ask them to paint it white or repaint it yourself. Better yet why not take a dowel rod and make it yourself, painted white, with lace dangling down and a big pearl at the end. :) just an idea

  7. No problem, we will wait for your amazing posts.

  8. I have a special friend who is carving wands as we speak, let me know if you are interested.

  9. Oh yes our dear friend we are there and await your recharged wisdom! Di@Cottage-Wisdom

  10. I meant Cottage-Wishes, I wish I had the Wisdom...heehee

  11. I will patiently await the explosion of beauty and creativity you will send our way when you are ready!


  12. Where oh where have you been? Looking forward to see what you've been up to.


  13. I am loving your Blog, it's so different and lovely fluffy and white!!

  14. We always look forward to anything you have to say, sweet Rosemary! Unfortunately I don't know any local wand shops, but I hope that you can recharge yours someplace and start waving it again! :)

    xoox laurie

  15. I know how you feel... Sometimes "LIFE" just gets a little CRAZY! Speaking of fairies... Hope you'll check out my post about Trisha Fontaine. She does the most amazing fairy things, weddings, wings... I did part one last week & plan to do part two (her home) this week. I bought the most beautiful fairy dress while visiting her in California. She is looking for the wings. Hop over for a visit & then click the link to Tricia. Have a great week.

  16. May your Wand soon be recharged... I too have been in a Creative Slump so I can totally relate to those dry spells where Creativity and the Desire to Create simply aren't at their peak for one reason or another. We'll hang on and keep visiting and encouraging you... and humour you when you need it most.

    Blessings and Creative Energies and Vibes being sent your way from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. Rosemary, I am sending you magical inspiration dust, it's on it's way via cyber space, so when you read this stand in the way so you are covered in it.
    Your beauty in all you do inspires leaving us short winded under our wings.
    Not to worry yours won't rust, they are rust proof!

    see you soon my dear friend.
    Fairy kisses

  18. I HAVE MISSED YOU. Please come to visit when you can. Anita

  19. Hey, Rosemary! Just checking in with you and hoping that everything is well in your world, girlie! Miss you!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  20. Hi Rosemary, I hope you found a recharge for your wand. I need one too! I love the jewelry you made in the previous post. My heart is always at sea even if I am not. Sending you big hugs ~ Heidi

  21. Tie a knot in the rope Rosemary and hang on. It will get better and this will pass. You will be ok, just changed a little BIT!... Growing different, even more beautiful wings this time. They will be what you need, so you can soar again dear. There is a bird wand or two if you need one in my Etsy shoppe. Big Hugs. Robin

  22. Missing you, Rosemary - and praying that all is well with you, sweetie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  23. Enjoy you time recharging and fluffing.
    Its good for you and everyone.
    This is a very, very nice blog.
    Cheers! merci~


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