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Oct 11, 2012

...missing you terribly my dears!
i'm trying to find my way back
truly i am
~ but ~
fluffin' this nest has been taking everything i've got!!
my wand has touched it all...
i started with the worst room in the house:
the kitchen
my mom suggested i take before photo's
i. did. not.
i was too mortified,
as you can not
~i repeat~
even imagine how hideous it was!!
the walls and cupboards were SHINY brown
and the counter tops were,
are you ready for this?
the previous tenants did their worst,
so to speak,
on maintaining this home.
hence my long absence
yes my loves,
it has been a challenge!
the walls were washed with a "silver lining" blue
and the counter tops were painted
with krylon's counter top paint in dove grey
serenity is bliss!!
what you are seeing here is my kitchen window
the lighting is terrible.
we are on a wooded lot and sunlight is scarce:(
so sparkle and shine was absolutely necessary in my makeover...
i started with the sheerest cotton organdy fabric
i could get my hands on,
and spun them into these "cupcake" window ruffles
(don't you love the sound of that??!) 
i wanted light dancing off of the walls
and in order to do that
you need crystal!
i searched hi and lo for a small crystal pedant light to no avail
i whipped one up!
this WAS a crystal candlestick votive
(wink, wink)
and with my handy dandy dremel tool,
and a polished silver pendant kit,
it became this!
i love the dancing light sparkles that it produces!!
this is by far
the smallest kitchen i have lived with
and cupboards are scarce here too
i need beauty!!
so off came a door
and faux bead board wallpaper went up
along with a light on a dimmer switch,
added two glass shelves
and crystal prisms to a piece of metal stamping
and voila!!
somewhere to put my beautiful bubble glasses!!
and this fabo "silver lining" inspiration holder from a kindred soul
is showcased oh-so-lovely now,
between two silk ribbon wrapped candles...
i have a slight obsession for iridescent bubble glasses
they make anything fizzy simply magical!!
the center room light throws delightful shadows on the ceiling
casting away any residual "eewness" from what it once was...
as i find the time,
i will be back to share the other magical things going on
in the land of odds...
and hopefully you will be inspired
to wave YOUR magic wand
wherever you are
as you can make it beautiful too
even if it's temporary!!
be good to yourselves my dears...
next time,
i'll show you just what IS
a "looking glass" chalkboard!!
until then
kiss, kiss!!
here's to silver linings and all things sparkly!


  1. LOVE your little handmade chandelier!! Ingenious!! Your kitchen looks darling.


  2. Rosemary, I love your little shiny pendant light! You have been working hard! I look forward to seeing more of the makeover because what you've shown so far is adorable!


  3. How wonderful to see a post from you Rosemary!! Now, are you still in Ohio - new house? I absolutely adore what you've done in this kitchen. Transformed it with your magic wand for sure. I am in love with that crystal pendant at the window - pure bliss here.
    Can't wait to hear more from you...
    xo, Susan

  4. Hi Rosemary,
    There is so much magic going on in your lovely kitchen. When you wave your magic wand all seems to take flight and fancy and come alive. I love, love, the little crystal pendant. How lovely and perfect for the window.


  5. Good to see you posting again! I have no doubt the beauty your wand will create:)

  6. you do amazing wonders! that kitchen looks so much like something I'd love to be in....I've started on doing my bedroom....I'm going for my favorite feeling..."Ethereal"....lots of sparkle and lightness and prisms...

  7. Здравей Розмари, радвам се ,че отново си тук и споделяш с нас. Кухнята ти и е станала прекрасна, сякаш наистина си минала с вълшебна пръчица. Ти си много талантлива и съм сигурна, че новият ти дом ще стане приказно красив.
    Поздрави и прегръдки от мен.

  8. So good to see you back. I love the magic you created it's beautiful.
    It makes me want to create some magic for myself. Can't wait to see the next room....

  9. Rosemary love that beautiful light fixture you created......GORGEOUS!!! Your kitchen is looking amazing!

  10. I look EVERYDAY in hopes of a new post! Why? The beauty of your blog is therapy for me! It motivates, inspires, brings joy and even a little hope for my day. Thank you for sharing the beauty and creativity in all that you do! I "wish" for a friend like the lady who is the author of this blog! Blessings, beauty, and magical days to you!

    Sincerely, Tanjalee

  11. There you are! And it appears that you DID wave your magic wand on your kitchen, and your hammer and paint and a screwdriver too! How clever of you to use the crystal and lights to brighten up your space... even the small glimpses show how pretty it is now. And... oh my gosh, your pumpkins looks like a fairy pumpkin, it's is sooooooooo pretty!


  12. Hi Rosemary! I was so glad to finally see a post from you, sweetie!! You've been on my mind during the summer, and I'm glad to hear that you are creating another beautiful home - which you seem to so effortlessly do. :) It's looking sooo pretty! Looking forward to seeing the final reveal! Would you also consider doing a tut on making that awesome pendant light? I love it!!!!

    Hugs! xoxo laurie

  13. Wow! What a beautiful makeover in your kitchen! You are creating a beautiful home for you and your family. Enjoy the fall!

  14. Your kitchen is looking so lovely! Don't work to hard...sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses(like the ones in your first photo..beautiful).


  15. So glad to see your post! Really have missed you and your beautiful creations. Thanks so much for your magic touch.

  16. So beautiful... a visit to your blog is uplifting!!!

  17. You amaze me by your gorgeous makeovers Rosemary! I love everything you have done so far. This must keep you very busy! :)

  18. Always nice to see you, I need alittle of your magic my way. Our entire new house is painted brown...It does take a lot of paint to go over brown but one room at at time...right! Miss you and can't wait for that chalkboard redo!! I have a frame waiting. Di

  19. I came looking for some lace inspiration - I was googling around - and found myself in here. Got lost among so much Magic and Whimsy. What a Lovely Blog you have.
    After reading this last post I wanted to leave a note saying I've been here and leave you alone with your New-Home-Fairies.
    To silver linings and all things sparkly, so be it! Have Fun! Enjoy! Cheers,

  20. oh Rosemary, wherefore art thou? no bleakness is ever too deep for such a one as yourself who possesses such magic in her wand? come out come out wherever you are...... <3 <3 <3

  21. Just stopping by to tell you how much you are missed, my friend ~ and to wish you a blessed Thanksgiving!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  22. Hi Rosemary,
    We can all forgive you if you keep sharing all the gorgeous spaces as you continue to wave your magic wand. That pendant light is fabulous and such an ingenious creation. Miss you lots!

  23. Hi Rosemary! I so miss all your beautiful pictures. Hope all is going well with you. Denise

  24. Rosemary dear, I've been thinking about you, and came to visit! I hope you're well and having a wonderful Christmas, miss seeing all your magic!!! xoxo

  25. Love your pendant light - just what I've been looking for to replace my ugly green ones!



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