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Jan 15, 2013

...looking glass chalkboard tutorial

...hello again dear ones!
i hope all is well with all of you ~
goodness gracious!!
 much has changed on blogger in my short absence... 
it will take me a few post to get back into the swing of of things
hopefully maybe!! 
but today,
 i will be showing you how i made my
"looking glass chalkboard"!

the property we are living in right now,
does not
i repeat!
have the beautiful light, streaming through as i am used too
i have to introduce reflective ways to capture the light
wherever i can
and one of those ways can be done with paint! 
i am always experimenting with my paints:)
i am sure like some of you,
when looking at those beautiful framed chalkboards that you see everywhere
you may have been thinking to yourself ~
i really like that concept
in my small space,
 that blackboard color is a little too strong for my "whitewashed" home
and yes, i do know that there are different shades of "chalkboard paint"
but alas ~
those shades simply didn't rock my world
as they were just a little to ewwww for me!!
no, dear ones 
i envisioned something....
more wonderland like!!!!
i came up with this sparkly goodness chalkboard
with a touch of vintage glam
that DOES delight my world:)
here is what you will need
1 can of the following Krylon spray paints:
*sterling silver
*glitter blast
*looking glass
and you will also need 1 can of chalkboard paint
(mine was by Rust-oleum)
and of course,
the frame you have chosen to transform into your chalkboard!

*step 1: remove the glass insert and backing on your frame selection
like i have done so here with this iron frame.
 spray your frame with the sterling silver spray paint
if it is a larger frame like my ornate wooden one above,
 paint it Annie Sloan paint like i did,
  with the color of your choice.
(i used french linen as my base coat)
*step 2: very lightly,
white wash over the sterling spray paint
 the A.S. painted frame, to soften the silver down a bit
and to romance up the A.S. frame
rubbing off some of the whitewash
 to reveal a glimpse of silver sparkle here and there
now we will move on to the "chalkboard" part
*step 1: spray the side of glass you will be using as your chalkboard, with a nice coat of
 Rust-oleum's "chalkboard paint"
let dry
now here's where the sparkly goodness comes in!
*step 2: spray a nice coating of Krylon's "glitterblast" spray paint
i know it is hard to see it
OH! the sparkles!
let that dry
you can see here that there is an area of
shall we say ~ glitter blast?!?
no matter how steady your hand
or how smooth you spray,
it.  will.  blast out!!
but not to worry my dears,
i can tell you that after the first time you erase your first message
 on your new wonderland board
the "blasted" area will disappear!! 
so spray with confidence!
*step 3: spray a light coating of Krylon's "looking glass" spray paint
it fills in the sparkle texture a tad
and gives it a more "reflective" quality
exactlylike what i was after!
after your glass "sparkly chalkboard" is finished drying
insert it back into your painted frame ~
and voila!!
you now have a glammed up, whimsical "looking glass" chalkboard
i have been using mine for 3 months and it is just as fabulous as day one
so if you are worried about the gritty texture
worry no more!!
go ahead
try making one yourself!
you are going to LOVE IT!!!
tune in next time,
as i will be sharing my starlit room chair makeover
it is sooooooo beautiful!!!
you really DON'T want to miss this transformation!!
until then ~
...here's to everyday sparkle!
if anyone out there could PLEASE help me!
i can't get blogger to upload my photo's without using the "html" mode
i have turned off my pop up and cleaned my cache
but i still can't see the loading button!
thanks for any pointers:)


  1. Hi Rosemary,
    I was so glad to see your post, it's always nice to visit your dreamy world, and I love your spin on the framed chalkboard... sooo much softer and dreamy:-))
    Uploading photos. I have been uploaded photos using Chrome then going back and writing in Internet Explorer. Hope this helps:-)

  2. I had the same problem myself. Now I have down loaded mozilla and in this programm I now make my blog. After this I use internet explorer again. Love your frame so much, such nice idea.....as you always have ;)
    Love your new lay out as well.

    Fine evening

  3. Wow Rosemary, that is clever! I LOVE your blog by the way, it's beautiful and inspiring. Hugs, Wendy

  4. Hi Rosemary,
    I just love the technique you used on your very glamorous chalkboard.


  5. Rosemary what a pretty transformation! LOVE this idea thank you so much for sharing!

  6. That sounds like fun--I have it all, will have to try it!

  7. Hi Rosemary,

    I believe there is a post at the link below which explains the technical problems you are having with your blog. Hope it helps and nice to see you are back.


  8. such a clever and beautiful way to soften a chalkboard, rosemary! thanks for sharing:) (i use chrome and don't have any problems...yet)

  9. I just love your project. Creative as always!! I have a blogspot acct. Click on icon for photos, select a file will come up, then choose files (Pics.) the pictures must be highlighted, cllck on them to highlight, then hit add selected. Your blog post pics should pull up fairly quickly.

  10. Thanks for asking the question on the pictures posting I could not figure it out either. Love your ideas. Have a wonderful day

  11. enchanting...delightful....and that chalkboard ain't bad either! lol!!! i have soooooooo missed you mon amie! sigh.....

  12. Hi Rosemary, I love how you came up with this! And I'm trying to figure out how to make a "blackboard" that was not black but white so I can use black chalk to write...I wonder if some version of this would work? maybe time to try it. Thanks for this.

  13. This is an interesting process and look. Thanks for sharing.

  14. So good to see you back in blogland again, Rosemary.....as confusing and frustrating as it is right now. lol! You're not alone, girlie. I can't upload pics unless I'm in the html mode. Sooooo frustrating! And I'm using Firefox, too! Don't know what to do next. I'm not savvy enough to know what I'm doing with uploading Chrome...or whether or not it'll be different to use....? If you hear anything more, will you let me know? :)

    Love your fairytale chalkboard, sweetie! It's so different, unique, and beautiful!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  15. Very clever idea...love it! Hope all is well for you and looks like you've been busy. Can't wait to see you chair makeover:-)


  16. Leave it to you to make a chalkboard into a magical, dreamy work of art and whimsy! It's wonderful! I love this idea!


  17. That is just absolutely beautiful! I definitely need to take on a similar project!


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