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Jan 31, 2013

...my starlit linen chair

...hello loves!

i have returned again
to share my chair makeover

here it is in all it's lovely splendor

i call it the starlit chair...

now ~
a few of you may recall  
from a  
while back ~
this chair below:

i picked this baby up from a secondhand shop one day
with every intention to give it a makeover
and have been "sitting" on that project ever since
tell me you didn't see that coming?!?!
as i have been doing quite a few makeover projects
 one day
i ripped into this one
mind you
i had never recovered a chair in my life
but thought,
i can do it, easy peasy




ripping off the fabric was a no brainer.
and removing 1001 staples
yah, ok,
 it's all part of the experience
and even retying the springs wasn't so bad.

i already knew that i would be "Annie Sloan-ing" 
the frame in the french linen color with a white wash
but once i got to the place of re-stapling the fabric
well now
that's a whole other story!
i chose a beautiful white linen
and i wanted some glamour too
(you know i have to have me some sparkle!!)
so i added rhinestone buttons
 in the few tufts i put on the front-back of the chair

 and i whispered my name all over this beautiful throw blanket 
as soon as i saw the tiniest threads of silver woven throughout it!
the gray/blue shade was divine and
oh-so-perfect for my starlit chair
as it matched the paint i put on the walls!

now some of you know how i feel about the backs of my chairs
if you remember my "rose-mary rocking chair"
and this chair was no different
i envisioned something feminine
so naturally i thought of a corset style
just look at the shape of this chair
doesn't it just scream "corset"?!

once i had the design worked up in my mind, 
i simply sewed a panel incorporating the corset
i used silk dupioni  to make the corset ties out of
as i adore the luminous quality it has...

i love, Love, LOVE how it turned out!
after the back was finished,
i decided that i also wanted the wood parts of my starlit chair 
to also display that luminous quality...

ah, hello

so, i went back over the waxed wood with a silver pearl polish 
to which some of you may be thinking to yourself ~
i've never seen silver pearl polish.
to which i would then say
leather shoe polish!!
you should know that i am always experimenting with my supplies!!

close up of corset detail...

i desired something below my feet that would be an extension of my chair
so when i'd looked down while sitting in it,
i'd see something lovely underfoot.
i searched
and saw 
with "the halo" around it!

so i challenged myself 
as i had been admiring those crochet doily rugs for a while,
i decided to give it a try
and crochet one myself!
after all,
how hard could it be??
armed with my crochet book
 and having gathering the materials that i envisioned,
beautiful wool tape yarn in the perfect shade of *milk*
i set out to crochet...
mind you,
i had also never crocheted before this project.

i just knew it was destiny!
i desired a little glamour within this too
so i also incorporated sequin yarn as i was crocheted.
when you see it in person, 
it has just enough glimpses of,
well ~

i have been enjoying creating little nooks and crannies
 within my current home

~ infusing bits and pieces of who i am.
i would encourage all of you who are timid about decorating,
 to wave your magic wands 
and give it a try too!

my starlit chair sits in the family room.
it is long and narrow
a most challenging and not very well lite space indeed.
so i pearled the focal wall in this room
and LOVE the results!
this is the tv component cabinet area...

i have been looking for just the right art piece to hang there...
i'm not worried,
as i know it will find me:)

these mercury candle sticks were just the right shape for me...
all curvy with a tough of glam...
they have an ombre effect to them adding interest
the tops start off a soft blue, fading down into the silver
and when a candle is lit within them, the distressed finish casts a glow
like stars in the sky!!

the open weave linen i chose
 for the component cabinet and the french doors to the deck
have a shimmer to them too...

and of course,
the cabinet hardware needed to be glamorous as well!

details! details!!

the kitchen and family room 
are the only rooms in the house that i painted a whisper blue/gray color
everywhere else has been given a coat of white...

i find that it reflects my white washed pieces of furniture in such a lovely light...

here is a whimsical seahorse image
from Kerrie of Seawashed
it hangs in my entry way

~ i simply adore it~
as my home is kissed with treasures from the sea
a reminder of a place i long to be
 and have found that as i surround myself with these treasures
it's almost like i am there...


thank you for visiting today!
i enjoy your company:)

sharing this post with:
french country cottage's: feathered nest friday
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next time
i will be sharing about this:

*cashmere cupcake rose scarfs*
i have a few that will be available for purchase...

until then,
...here's to starlit rooms!!


  1. Your chair is just gorgeous Rosemary! Hugs, Penny

  2. Love it!!!! Gorgeous and more gorgeous!!!!

  3. Your chair is fantastic. LOVE it. You did a great, great job. A chair like that is on my wishinglist.


  4. Oh I LOVE your chair! Simply gorgeous!

  5. It's all just so charming! I know you will find the right art for your wall, but it already looks perfect!

  6. sooooo beeeeyoutiful... i adore it. as the song goes. love grows where rosemary goes..

  7. Hello, how beautiful the transformation and change! Mirandoel original color of the seat definitely looks like a swan! Every detail in its changes is definitely favorable! warm greetings, Rose Marie

  8. Your chair is GORGEOUS!!! I love how you incorporated the corset into the back - brilliant!

  9. Oh my, that chair turned out so beautiful!!! Your blog is truly inspiring, I admire all you do... visiting again soon.

  10. gorgeous, rosemary!

    popping over via frenchcountrycottage and hope you'll stop by when you have a moment.

    smiles to you and happy weekend.


  11. Rosemary would you believe that I do remember that chair! You did a fabulous makeover on that chair. What a beauty. Just lovely and so you.

    xo Danielle

  12. Visiting from "French Country Cottage" Your chair is delightful...definitely has your signature all over it. Beautiful post and beautifully photographed.

  13. I am alwys refreshed coming to you blog
    your stories are so thought filled and serene
    love the chair...

  14. I am simply swooning over your beautiful starlit chair. The corset ties and buttons adorn it so perfectly! A most gorgeous transformation! ~ Heidi

  15. what can I say...Rosemary, you are an artist! Absolutely breathtaking! I'll be featuring your post tomorrow on Be Inspired. I'm so glad you're "back", I missed all your magic!

  16. Rosemary, this chair is so YOU!! Stunning, glorious and sparkly. I love how you've transformed it, especially that corset detailing. Swoon.....and more swoon...
    Your family room looks lovely and peaceful. I can't get over your crocheted rug, too! Never thought to try that before. Thank you for sharing this beauty. It's good to see posts from you again.
    xo, Susan

  17. I love your attention to detail. You did an amazing job on the chair. I'm completely self-taught in the reupholster department too, so I have a good idea what you went through with the staples. LOL You've given everything else a magical touch as well.

  18. Rosemary! How Beautiful! Your chair is such a work of art, you are truly an artist. What a brilliant idea having a corset on the back of the chair. Such an original design! Love it!


  19. Just found your blog and I love, love that corseted chair! Your home is so serene and lovely.


  20. Just gorgeous, Rosemary. The chair is fabulous, I just love the corseted back.
    Genius! So glad to see your creative talents back in blogland, we've missed you!

  21. I just found your blog via Common Ground. Everything I've looked at on your blog is beautiful and that chair is gorgeous! You are so talented, I also like the floor lamp you have behind the chair. Looks like its been painted, what colors did you use to paint it? I have a floor lamp I've been wanting to paint and I think those colors would look great on it.

  22. Hello,

    This is a lovely chair creation, but everything becomes magical in your hands. I adore the treatment on the walls and the linen curtains in the cabinet are perfect. So glad you visited. I adore the little arrows you made. They are a joy to have out. Thank you!


  23. Hi, Your chair is so beautiful, Your whole blog is amazing.

    I am your new follower.

    Pearl 13.1


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