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May 22, 2013

...fairytale ballerinas...

...once upon a time...
there was a girl,
who delighted in the thought of
everyday fairytales ~
and set off on a creative journey
to leave a trail of fairy dust
for those that also seek a little sparkly enchantment
and wish to come along...
hello dear hearts!
today, in the land of odds
is the premiere of my new collection of
  fairytale ballerinas.
i have had such a lovely response to my petite theatres and fairies
that i have finally created a few more.
these are the first few to arrive...
created from paper clay,
each petite fairy
 has been dressed in the most lovely
embellished netting lace that i could find!
thy make such "ethereal tutu's"
wouldn't you agree?!
this fairy ballerina is ~ sweet Jasmine ~
see her tiny crystal crown upon her most petite head?
here, she gracefully dances with her sea swan...
(you know i have to sneak in the sea somewhere ~LOL!!)
and this next little darling is ~ ethereal Oona ~
each dear dollie is posed differently
and each are one of a kind...
i adore how their little faces turned out...
they look so whimsical as the twirl
in their petite fairytale theatres.
(soon to be released in my shop, along with a few other theatre whimsies!)
i created their tiny wings similar to my life sized lace wings
they are spun out of sheer fairy tales!!
WHO wouldn't secretly wish for a pair of her very own?!?!
can you imagine gliding along in their sparkly little worlds??
this fairy ballerina is ~ enchanting Clairette ~
i have so enjoyed every aspect
 of creating these little fairy ballerinas,
and hope that they bring a happy smile to your heart's today!
 a little fairytale wonderment for everyday...
next time,
 ~ Mary's May crown ~
and i'll be sharing this post with: 
common ground's: be inspired friday
french country cottage's: feathered nest friday
my romantic home's: show and tell friday
here's to everyday fairytales!


  1. Oh my, the balerinas are gorgeous. There is no limits what beautiful things comes out of your hands.

    Have a great and creative day


  2. Stunning! Your balerines are so lovely. Ever the creative soul

  3. pure enchantment dear rosemary. you really have fairy dust in those fingertips of yours.....these are exquisite! sigh....

  4. How beautiful and enchanting!

  5. Rosemary, Love your new ballerinas! I love the details on each one, very precious!


  6. I am absolutely enchanted by your beautiful fairies! I am so drawn to fairies and visited your Etsy shop which is beautiful also! Found you on Be Inspired at Common Ground. Following you via Pinterest and GFC.

  7. Ahhhh, you have woven your magic and created the most enchanting charming little faeries. Each one clearly has her own personality. I think I am fondest of Oona... Please let me know when she is in your shop!


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