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May 8, 2013

...my driftwood ladder

...hello again my dears!
my how time flies!!
has it nearly been 3 weeks for reals?!?!
whew ~
obviously, when i'm in my studio creating whimsical things
i loose track of time :)
would you like to see what has emerged?!
here ~
 is my driftwood ladder...
i have been missing the sea,
so i have been adorning my home with creations from her treasures!
gathered pieces of driftwood make up the rungs
to which i have tied with a natural hemp string onto 2 awesomely gnarly branches
i then white washed the whole ladder
and began adorning it!
i wrapped bits of lace and sea silk ribbons...
some vintage crochet lace and linen pieces...
a strand of my fairy lights

and a sparkling silver glass glitter seahorse ...
i tucked it into a corner in my family room
to bring a little sea delight to that space...
i rather like how it turned out...
it is not meant to bear any great weight
but merely for a pretty decoration.
and it reminds me to keep climbing up,
and to cherish the moments i have had at the sea,

and to seek beauty
that sometimes is already locked away within your heart
just waiting for the moment to sparkle and shine...

blogging has seem to have changed somehow,
maybe due to the new format
perhaps pinterest has taken it's place
(that's like instant gratification if you are a visual artist!)

i do so enjoy sharing with you
and reading your lovely comments
so for now,
i will continue to try and inspire you all
with the words in my heart and the things from my hands...
next time,
i'll show you the little fairies that i have been working on
designed to twirl and dance within a fairytale theatre! 

until then
biggest hugs and kisses!
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...here's to gifts from the sea!


  1. Your driftwood ladder is divine. Very ethereal and lovely. This is such a wonderful way to enjoy what you love and feel close to. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  2. This is truly a work of art and you can see has been created with such loving hands. The details of the fairy lights and glittered seahorse are so original. Who would have thought a piece of driftwood, could be so stunning. Thank you so much for sharing your new creation.


  3. you blow me away, dearest Ozma of Odds, always fascinating, always, magical, always unique and always beautiful beyond belief! I want to be like you when I grow up, any minute now! hugs, lady

  4. when you're away, Rosemary, we know you are creating the most beautiful things! Thank you for sharing these lovelies with us!

  5. FANTASTIC...your blog is FANTASTIC!!!! Really nice!!! Compliments! NI

  6. Wow, your ladder looks so beautifu. Love how you decoratet it.

    Have a great day


  7. It's exquisite, i love it! It almost has a look like an altar, just takes my breath away...


  8. So Tranquil and inspiring. I found an old olive picking ladder on the street here in Umbria. It rests in my studio and I decorate from time to time, it brings good energy.


  9. I am visiting you via Feathered Nest Friday. These images are stunning. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  10. ooooooh, so beautiful, as is everything you create. Dianne

  11. So beautiful! I would love for you to share this at my linky party. http://hickorytrailblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/efforts-and-assets-linky-party-1.html


  12. Oh Rosemary! This is absolutely stunning!! Just pure loveliness. And so very creative! Thanks for always sharing such beauty with us!!

  13. A lovely post Rosemary, I can always count on your posts to relax me, and help me think about what is important on this wacky planet. I have you on my desk top, for easy access, and check in on you each week. I am always delighted at what I find here. Your ladder is wonderful, I love the seahorse! Are you going to sell them?

    Perhaps Pinterest is a fad, I think people will tire of it, eventually something better will be created. I have mixed emotions about it,,, the speed of it makes me wonder if one misses something that a blog provides, communication... but then again, I get in the mood to just recieve images...and procrastinate/escape, from doing something on my list of chores.

    I suppose we all need an escape from life and I am glad you are here, and you do make a difference.
    Thank you for your special style of magic Rosemary!

    Blessing in your day!

  14. Hello Rosemary - I love your driftwood ladder, especially the glittery seahorse with the curly tail. Can't wait to see your theatre. Happy Mother's Day to you! Patty/BC

  15. Wow, so pretty. Lovely inspiration for my TGIF ;)
    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com

  16. How fun, creative and original. I love it. I host a party called Inspire Me Tuesday and it goes live every Monday evening. I would love for you to link up any of your projects. www.astrollthrulife.net Hugs, Marty

  17. Oh Rosemary ~ you never cease to inspire me and woo me with your sweet words! :) I adore your sea-loving soul and the way you capture it in your projects. :) You are amazing! My eye caught the tiny little prism encased mini-lantern. Is that something you made?? I would love to know how you did it. :)

    Love and hugs to you, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

    1. I love your driftwood ladder, especially the glittery seahorse with the curly tail. Can't wait to see your theatre. Happy Mother's Day to you!
      ...............storage beds

  18. Hello Rosemary,

    Your driftwood ladder and decorations are delightful!
    I am also crazy about your romantic sailing ship of dreams!
    Thank you for sharing the fun and all the lacy inspiration.


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