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Nov 14, 2013

...the light within...

...this little light of mine...

each of us ~

carries a unique light within.

and whether you are near,

or far ~

you light shines on...

with each new day,
we are given the gift of sharing this light...

with those around us
and those we share with in our worlds.

hopefully ~ shedding a beautiful, positive glow

even on those dimly lit days...

 the holidays will soon be here,
 in this quiet moment ~

i'd like to send out all of my love
and wish all you dear readers
a peace filled season
of love and joy

and simply say
~ shine on ~
beautiful "lights" of the world,

share your wonderfully lit hearts!

as you just never know,
who your light may inspire :)


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here's to lovely little lights!


  1. your light, enchanting rosemary, is a bright, bright star....it bathes all those, lucky enough to be near you, in its' glowing warmth. my life is made brighter by your friendship. "merci" mon amie...shine on....;)

  2. I adore that little song! Shine you do so well, Rosemary. What beauty you bring to us and light our way. xo Rhonda

  3. Georgeous!
    Like a dream.

    Fine day

  4. Beautiful heartwarming post Rosemary. Loved reading it and seeing the gorgeous photography in between. Wishing you a sweet weekend. Hugs, Wendy

  5. and you, my beautiful friend, shines so bright that I feel the warmth from here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When I come here, I find the serenity that I crave. Thank you for being in this world!
    sending hugs...

  6. you always shine in your beautiful dreamy light, I love stopping by to dream a little too...

  7. Rosemary,

    Your sentiments are beautiful as are your photographs. Your beautiful spirit radiates through every post.


  8. A wonderful reminder for all of us as the Holiday season begins. Thank you for your lovely words and pictures.

  9. Rosemary, so happy to have stumbled upon your site! I have recently left my 40 hr a week job due to my ongoing battle with depression. It is so much worse in these dark months, but looking at the beautiful pictures and words on these pages has helped to bring much needed light to my life! Thank you for sharing your beautiful light through your words and pictures! My husband, family and friends have a hard time understanding how debilitating depression can be and how it dims the light within, I only find solace in creating, art, beautiful music and being with my 23-month old grandson these days. I am so excited to have found this beautiful blog!

  10. That was so inspiring and beautiful... What a perfect message to send out to us all...


  11. so beautiful, Rosemary. Everything you touch is magical!

  12. I am sitting here in awe of the beautiful photos I am looking at...absolutely so beautiful! Also, I am thrilled that I happened upon your blog! You've captured the tiniest of details, like those beautiful crystals and the little strands of pearls. I am on a hunt now for some to add to my chandy over my dining table. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Loved your tutorial on the tissue box as well...so many neat ideas!

  13. Beautiful sentiments, Rosemary. These soft pretty pictures remind me to keep still, breathe and look at all the light and wonder around us. Thank YOU for being one of those lights that shines brilliantly!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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