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Oct 31, 2013


you may have heard the phrase

"a picture is worth a thousand words"

i agree.

i also believe

that two people could be looking at the same photo

and if they were to write their thousand words,

each, would have something a little different to say.

for that photograph 
would be as a mirror to the contents of their heart
and a reflection of how it touches them...

being a part of this blogging world
is unique.
in that, you may or may not ever meet me face to face.

but by visiting
you  read bits and pieces
of a bloggers world
and by their photos
you visualize the contents therein ~ 
such as these photographs of my dinning room.

and over time,
a story of their life appears.

i have always shared with an authentic heart
to all of my dear readers,
and tried to convey my
ie. the way i see things

nothing more.

i seek to inspire
have enjoyed connecting with other kindred hearts 
along the way

(sea-side pretties from a treasured friend ~ merci!) 

each of us sharing what we have ~
from our hearts

and from our hands...

what you read and surmise is totally up to you

in turn,





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may love and beauty always find you,


  1. Hello dear Rosemary
    So beautifully said - thank you.
    We each have our own story to tell.
    How we see and what we love is a window to our soul.
    I'm following you now.
    Shane x

  2. Your story inspires me! Dianne

  3. gorgeous calming grays and whites....what a relaxing post! Love your pieces, thank for sharing!

  4. beautiful thoughts and words from a beautiful soul. calming pictures...always soothes my soul. you always inspire me to create more beauty in my own heart & home and to share it with others. enchanting rosemary....j'adore! ;)

  5. PS I love the bracelet in your header! wherever did you find it?? (of course I KNOW the "straps" were spun from your own magical hands)

  6. Such true words, Rosemary. I can see that your dining room exudes the beauty from your soul....soft, light-filled, romantic. It is a wonderful perspective on how to see the world! And congratulations on winning Michelle's bracelets I see there. They're perfect for you!

  7. Oh this is fabulous! The images and the words! Very nice Rosemary!

  8. Lovely to meet you Rosemary through Grey Dey. What other perspective is there apart from grace, beauty within
    and sharing inspiration. It is all here and I am glad to follow!
    Thank you for your kind words on my Grey Dey post!
    Wishing you a beautiful week!

  9. Znalazłam cudowne miejsce!!
    Mój dom i wszystko jest w innym stylu, ale bardzo lubię oglądać inne miejsca.
    Twoje mnie urzekło.
    Świetne, niespotykane pomysły.
    Piękne zdjęcia i wystrój !
    Z przyjemnością będę tu zaglądać:)
    Czy możesz zdradzić skąd bierzesz te koronkowe ramki png na zdjęcia?

  10. My perspective is that you are amazing and delightful, your home is absolutely beautiful, and your creations are pure magic...


  11. Thank you for seeing the beauty in sharing ...it puts a spark of creativity in me, every time I read or see another beautiful pose

  12. It is really a beautiful atmosphere here, filled with charm!

  13. Your inspiring blog is dreamy every time I visit! You see beauty and light with your eyes and bring it to us to see.

  14. I've never thought of blogging that way, Rosemary - but you're so right. Each visitor to our blogs brings something different to it, reads something in it, and takes something away from it. They can be blessed, intrigued, comforted...all by the words that pour from our heart. My visits with you are a blessing, my friend. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  15. You are really shabby chic person, all of your pictures are just stunning.
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    Have a Lovely Very Merry Shabby Chic Christmas.


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