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Oct 25, 2013

~ elegant tissue box cover tutorial ~


*bless you*

as you reach for a tissue
in a pretty cardboard box...



~ i ask you ~

has no one 
started printing pretty cardboard tissue boxes?!

perhaps a neutral french script or a fluer-de-lis design would be nice
( i bet a pair of fairy wings
that THOSE tissue box sales would increase!! )

and i am certain that there are a few out there
that this really won't matter to
if the ugly tissue box quandary has stymied you ~
be stymied no more!!

for here is a tutorial
to make a FULL SIZE tissue box cover
in whatever color/pattern you choose!

cause the holidays are comin'
and details matter!!

shall we begin?!?


supply list: 
* a blank wooden tissue box 
 can be found at your craft store
* a can of your favorite color spray paint
mine choice was Krylon's Sterling Silver
* pretty paper napkins
you will need 4 small cocktail napkins for this project
* mod podge matte 
* a small paint/sponge brush
* rhinestone blingage
or other embellishment that you desire
or, none at all!

step one: lightly spray your wooden box.
i have chosen to spray paint my box
 rather than to paint it
i desired a slightly luminous quality
that would appear from under the paper napkin.
that could only be achieved with the spray paint
and if sprayed lightly, is translucent.

step two: open your paper napkin 
and lay it over your box
 until you are pleased with the design placement.
( don't cut anything yet, you will do that later )
 i have chosen to use a paper napkin
 as opposed to a piece of paper
because it is easier to apply
 it attaches itself in a way that melds with the actual box
 as opposed to laying on top of the box.
and hello!
as in, a tissue box!!

step three: separate the napkin layers,
for you want to see the slight color underneath silly!!

if your napkin was not double ply, simply skip this step!

step four: start on one side,
and brush on a nice, smooth coat of mod podge matte medium

~ smooth coat ~

then lay your tissue layer
 on the mod podge coated side.

very CAREFULLY smooth the tissue layer
almost patting it lightly with the pads of your fingers
to adhere it to the mod podge.
fold excess underneath the box for now.

now, simply flip the box over and repeat the previous steps.

when you get to the box ends,
and BEFORE you coat with it mod podge,
 lay out the placement of your tissue layer
and trim the sides a little larger than what meets to the edge.
this will allow for a clean edge.
don't trim the tops.
you will find that all the paper napkin points will meet at the top
and should line up and touch when folded over.
mod podge the tissue points at the top of the box first
 folding them towards the center "tissue opening"
fold excess underneath to the inside of the box
and attach with the mod podge.

then mod podge the short sides.

when you get to the bottom of your box,
trim the excess tissue paper to about a 1/2 inch all the way around.
mod podge the bottom lip and about 1/2 inch inside
then gently smooth the tissue over.

step five: when all the sides are covered in the tissue paper,
lightly brush the entire box with a coat of the mod podge.
this will give the paper a protective layer.

step six: add your embellishments, if any.
i used two rows of sticky back rhinestones 
around the top of my tissue box
for a little sparkly bling!

add an actual box of tissues
 and voila!!
you will have yourself one lovely tissue box cover

and the next time you reach for that tissue
you'll be thinking
"aahhh~pretty tissues"
as you sneeze!!


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here's to pretty little details!


  1. Rosemary, this is so gorgeous! thanks so much for sharing the how-to of this, I agree, why can't they make a pretty box?!! love that wonderful damask design!

  2. I love it!!!!!!

    nice greetings


  3. so lovely dear rosemary. yes...why INDEED have they not come up with a gorgeous design for these tissue boxes? i'd be wiping tears of joy pulling tissues out of a box as pretty as yours! ;)

  4. You are SO clever, Rosemary dear. I wholeheartedly agree that the store bought tissue boxes make one feel even more ill than they started. Yuck! Your tutorial is a gorgeous way to make it pretty and make it your own style. Love it!

  5. Rosemary, Ozma of Odds, I'm so happy to have found your inspirational Blog once again. You inspired me to build a teeny-tiny romantic cottage in the woods of our Connecticut property for myself and like-minded friends to visit. Such a success on both counts. I have an old bicycle which I intend to transform into my own white "chariot" to reside in front of my cottage in sunny weather, but protected when clouds form. You, my dear, are more than an inspiration. So happy to have found you again. I also miss "Hollow Wood." Patricia Wilson aka Jacqueline Chardon

  6. So pretty Rosemary! You always have such inspirational posts. Each time I buy tissue, I hope for something shabby-like on the shelf. It is, and always has been, a disappointment. I remember making some from fabric back in the 80's, but they were sorta,, tacky, and didn't wash well, or fit different brands of tissue. Your choice of napkin color is perfect for your decor. Thank you for sharing this.


  7. Bless you :) Lol, ya why don't they understand that when we're sneezy and feeling bluh we totally wish for pretty things to cheer us up, like your beautiful box. It's bad enough having to sneeze, isn't it.
    Thank you for your tutorial, that will come in handy for the winter time, so you're just in time. Hugs and healthy days wishes, Wendy

  8. LOVE it - you make it look effortless. I adore those napkins you chose, they are grey delicious!

  9. So pretty. Of course you would make a tissue box a little work of art... and what a fun idea for a project!



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