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Oct 17, 2013

...sea bag...

...i willingly admit
i. am. a. seeker.
of  unique,
one of a kind, artisan items...

pieces that speak to my soul
and that are created with much love...
i have been searching for a bag that i felt was "me"
for quite some time.
i looked
i looked...
until i figured out,
what i searching for, just wasn't out there.

go figure.
so this is the tale of a most beauteous leather and lace bag
and how
it came to be.
 this lovely bag
is the creative work by the hands of
her shop is one of the very first shops
i stumbled across years ago,
when i first opened my etsy shop.

i bought a whimsical slip dress from her vintage shop
that i have worn for my birthday,
every year when i visit Carmel-by-the-sea at sunset!
(but that's another story!)

her ooak leather bags are highly sought after
and don't linger long in her etsy shop!
so i contacted Stacy, to inquire if she perhaps,
 had something just for me....
she sent me a few leather swatches to choose from,
i knew right away which one would be mine!
i fell in love with it instantly
it was one of the most lovely, pieces of variegated leather
that i had ever seen ~
besides having all the shades of my fall/winter closet ~
it reminded me of the sea!
imagine my dears ~ a sea bag!!
i asked if she could also incorporate a grey lace embellishment
i sent to her
and if she could give it an organic, whimsy feel...
she agreed, 
it wasn't long before my beauteous bag arrived!
i knew it would be fabulous
it absolutely was!

to christen my bag ~
i added a sprinkle of bead embellishments
a few moonstones, crystals, sequins and grey freshwater pearls.
i also dusted the leather with a sparkle leather wash...

it's like a little fizz :)
subtle, but there!
everywhere i carry my sea bag,
other kindred hearts
stop and tell me how lovely it is
and to that,
i wonderfully agree:)
thank you dear Stacy,
i ADORE my sea bag! 
next up ~
i'll be sharing a tutorial
on making this elegant tissue box cover
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here's to beautiful lace sea bags!


  1. Dear Rosemary,
    What a beautiful story :) I am so happy to be part of it. I love how you added the beads and bits of treasures and sparkle. It really looks so lovely and enchanting. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to work with you :) You are such an amazing artist! :) Stacy Leigh

  2. What a wonderful story about a beautiful bag and how it came to life! Thank you for sharing it with the world, Rosemary!

  3. What a beautiful work of art. You surround yourself with beautiful things and I love that, too. I just put your blog on my list of favs! Sweet hugs!

  4. Your Treasure of the Sea bag is Fifty Shades of Grey delicious. How lovely to custom create just what you want. Grey Bliss...

  5. Hello Rosemary
    This is the most beautiful bag - I love everything about it.
    Visiting from Michelle's Grey Dey Thursdey.

  6. That is just about the most exquisite bag I have ever come across. It is breathtakingly beautiful.

  7. Oh Rosemary, this bag is so YOU! It really does speak to the beauty of the sea - fluffy sea foam and all. I'm sure you will cherish this bag always. What wonderful work Stacy does, and you've embellished it brilliantly!

  8. it is an ozma of odds one-of-a-kind delight! SO lovely...sigh (why do i always "sigh" when i visit here?) So much beauty. happy grey dey mon amie! so happy you joined in! ;)

  9. Oh my, what a beautiful bag. I know in person it must radiate and shine like sparkles in the sea.

  10. I saw you won the bracelets on Petite Michele's blog so came over to say hi, and now I see this artistic bag. Wow.

  11. Oh Rosemary! It's just beautiful! So YOU!!! I love the embellishments you added to make it your own. You are such a creative creature, my sweets! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  12. Oh my goodness gracious... It's WONDERFUL! I have been looking for someone to make me a bag. A woman (or man's) bag is a very important tool to have, why not have it as beautiful as it can be! I can't get over to her shop fast enough...



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