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Nov 16, 2010

...what do you get when you mix: ex-voto's, sea silks and jeanne d'arc???

...why ~ enchantment of course!!

Hello my sweets!!

I have been in the studio
and miss you all!

I've stolen away for a wee bit o` earl grey tea break
 to show you

is an ex-voto paper locket!
I love how the vintage glitter replicates the rhinestones on the front of my original rhinestone ex-voto!
and ~
It will tarnish over time leaving a beautiful patina look!!

when you turn it over
it is gold leafed
and it has a tiny heart box on the back...

that opens up for you to place a token of love into!
Just as my inspiration one does!
This paper one is also the same size as the original.

These and a few other pretties
including my luscious sea silks
have arrived!

and are available in my etsy shop
won't you come see??
I also wish to share a mini tutorial today!

Now, it is no secret that I simply adore the Jeanne d`arc Living magazine!!
~ and I have found myself mesmerized by this simplistic elegant lifestyle
I am always looking for ways to "romance" our home
and while there are soooo many pretty things to be had,
they often cost a pretty penny!!!
((what?? ~ aren't all YOUR pennies pretty and shiny new??! ~ and your paper bills crispy clean??!!))

Here is my dime store creation!!
((does anyone even say ~dime store~  anymore??!!))
Here is my Wal-mart/Jeanne d'arc style creation!! 


Do you love it??

Want to make one of your very own??

I am assuming that your answer was~  

So here are a few things that you will need:

 * a tall white holy candle
(is this what they are called??)
Wal-mart has them with no "loud color" pictures on the front
which saves me having to goo-be-gone them off!! 

* a vintage doily
I always have my eye out for these and pick them up whenever I find them.
lets say you don't have any at the moment,
just put these on your good `ole Wal-mart list!
Bring them home and when you have a cup of tea,
make one for your doilies too!
it gives them an aged look...
unless you like them white-white,
in which case, skip this step!! 

* a flower that calls to you...
preferably creamy white, but again ~ your choice!
Remove the plastic center stamen so you are left with just the petals...

* a Vintage Inspired French Scapular
These will
 be at Wal-mart
but you can find them here:
order 1 per candle
((think hostess gifts~teacher gifts~great to have on hand/you like me, you really like me gift!!))
you would think that 5 would be enough

yah~ NO!!!

((ohhhhhh Micheeeeellleeee!!!)

to assemble:
step one: cut ribbon on scapular in the center
step two: pull these ribbons through the center of your chosen flower petals
like so,

step three: thread through your doily top
like shown:

pulling them through to the back,
now go in and out,

weaving back and forth through the holes similar to this:

step four: pull ribbons to tighten all the layers together
step five: tie on to you holy candle jar


now turn it back around to the front
and adjust the height to your liking
and fluff your flower just so...

step six: tie on a piece of sea silk and vintage lace ribbon,
add a few pretty long matches...

and you have one lovely
Jeanne d'arc looking candle!!!

and trust me when I tell you
One is NOT enough!!


...sharing this over at Kathleen's
White Wednesday!

back to glittering:)

here's to happy, creative days in the studio!


  1. Hi Rosemary,
    I love, love, love! I will make a candle when I get a moment. I have a shelf full of holy candles, small and large. Don't you just love them to pieces? Thank you for the notes on how to make.

    I love your beautiful sacred heart as well, I'll have to look at your store for certain. I posted one on my blog too for WW that I brought home a while back.

    Love it here, you are full of inspiration!

  2. Oh Rosemary, this is just beautiful. Thank you so much for showing us the "how-to".

  3. dear sweet ozma....i can't tell you how thrilled i was to see how you used my vintage-inspired scapulars in your holy candles. you showcased them to perfection and really created one-of-a-kind Jeanne D'Arc worthy creations! Merci..merci..merci!

  4. Oh my I love the new look here.Gorgeous banner.Your things are way to cute,lol.Such pretty things.Thanks for the tutorial for making that gorgous candle.LOL@ scapular @ walmart heheh.I had to laugh at that.I own one and that just made me think of going to walmart to get one LOL.I think two or more is just fine with me.I will have to try this out.

    Happy Wednesday ahead!

  5. Hi Rosemary,
    So pretty! You are amazing and create so much beauty in your world! :)

  6. Sweet Rosemary, your Ex votoes are so very beautifull, I just still love them, and have send you a little ETSY letter !
    And your Jeanne d`arc candle is the most pretty thing, to give away for a sweet present,and for my own home- -so gorgeus made,dear,--I will have to try my hand of a pair of thise.
    Hugs ans happy creating, Dorthe

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! That is really beautiful Rosemary, truly. I ordered a pinkeep from Michelle andit really is gorgeous and soulfull, like your candle, Theresa xoxo

  8. p.s. LOVE your header too! xoxo

  9. It's definitely candle time and yours has been a great inspiration! Thanks!!

  10. Love this idea and can't wait to try it. Your header is just beautiful, too. I'm a newbee blogger with a lot to learn. You have certainly caught my attention & I'm about to become your latest follower.

  11. Gorgeous! I have some of those tall candles! What a great idea! ♥

  12. oh so lovely!!


    barbara jean

  13. It's all beyond gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial!

  14. Delighted to discover your beautiful creations and your inspirational site. Went right to your Etsy and scooped up some loveliness.


  15. You are so clever....looks amazing!!! Just like the JDL ones!!!
    I love the ruffles behind the candle!
    Margaret B

  16. You are so talented, Rosemary and so generous in sharing your talents. Thanks for the tutorial!


  17. Rosemary, you and Michelle are too much! Thrifty is my middle name and yet you two have made these gorgeous creations from inexpensive finds. I will just have to drag myself to a WalMart, I'm a Target girl.

    Lovely idea and post!

  18. Really fantastical,,,love everything I am absorbing, like the feeling of whipped cream, again..more whipped cream on my mind..it started yesterday and may last till January. Your studio is a place of wonder. The whole blog is a fairy feast!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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