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Feb 24, 2011

...short and sweet

...hello dear ones

another week FLEW by!

This will be a short and sweet little post
as I am still buried in my studio...
it's ok,
when it's lots of sparkly, pretty materials!!

I did manage to finish a few things,

~ pretty french cross tags ~

set on paper lace,
embellished with glass glitter,
an Austrian crystal center,
and a vintage lace ruffle...

I think the "urban grunge" necklace from last week,
 heavily influenced these!!

and I am putting the finishing touches
 on the lace fairy light,
mainly figuring out
just how to wire a light bulb into it!!

it is hard to see the patterned shadows,
but it is sooooo lovely!

and, it is challenging to try to photograph this in the dark!

but isn't lit up lace pretty??

so many ideas
just waiting to evolve!

yes, this is a ship
a prop for my new line of mermaid paper dolls
I'm thinking sea toile sails...

and this vintage spritzer bottle ~

although pretty as is,
it needs a little Ozma magic!!

so I better get back to it
so I have fascinatin' things to share with you for next week!

sharing this with Common Ground's Vintage Inspiration Friday

here's to Ozma's wand ~
May it never run out of sparkly magic!!


  1. Stopping by to say hi! :)

    Your creations are so lovely!! Still enjoying my sacred hearts from your shop! :)


  2. Hi Rosemary!! I can't believe you are posting about that lace ball with a light.that is totally the exact idea I had for the May sale!! soooo cool you did it! Would love advice :) actually, I have been wanting to ask you something: could you email me??

    I can't find your contact info here.....sorry....

    hope you are doing well :)

    Anne Marie

  3. Oh Rosemary!! You are truly inspiring...I am so in ~Love~ with your beautiful Fairy Lace Chandelier and the Ship is just lovely...it took my mind to a movie I loved about viking ships! Can't wait to see those Mermaids...
    Wishes for a magical weekend!

  4. Oh that bottle....and those lovely tags....
    Seeing forward to your next post.
    Fine weekend

  5. Like the lace light. Very cool! judy

  6. j'adore the french cross tags and i anxiously await the debut of your papier "mers." :)

  7. Hello Rosemary,
    Your lacy light is so pretty! I bet the shadows are just as pretty. Hope you have a lovely day playing in your studio.


  8. Oh gorgeous creations! The lace ball light looks enchanting, and I just love those cross tags.
    Have a great weekend dear Rosemary!
    - Susan

  9. so so pretty, the tag, the light is oh my gosh pretty, the seltzer bottle... I love it all! xoxo

  10. Rosemary, you never run out of beautiful ideas. The light with the lace doilies is just wonderful. Your photos really are exceptional. Can't wait to see your mermaid dollies!
    Thank you for always being such a sweet friend and supporter of VIF!!
    big hugs,

  11. Rosemary darling, you just keep a workin' in your studio.....your creations are to die for.

    I'm lovin' your lace fairy light.....gorgeous!

    xoxoxo Rhonda

  12. Your creations are so beautiful!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  13. gorgeous gorgeous things!
    happy night

  14. these are magical!
    thanks for sharing!


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