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Feb 16, 2011

...urban decay & damsel wings

...Happy White Wednesday everyone!!

my fairy fingers have been moving so fast this week,
I 'm at a point where I don't even look down until they're finished ~ LOL!!
I've been envisioning some lovely new neck adornments...

here is my first attempt

 I wanted something...

~ romantic ~
~ dramatic ~ 

something like
urban decay!

I am pleased with how this first piece turned out!
What are your thoughts??

I've also been busy designing some new
paper doll muses

she is my first in this series:
"french damsel fairies"
see her dragonfly wings?
Did you know that dragon flies are also know as damsels?!

it is hard to capture the beauty of her wings
but they have an iridescent sheen to them
just like a real wing!!

love, Love, LOVE it!!

now I'm off to put a few more together:)

and share these few pretties over at
Faded Charm's White Wednesday!

I hope your days are filled with joy this week:)

On Friday,
 I will be announcing the 3 winners of the OWOH event giveaway,
so it you were playing along, be sure to visit then:)

here's to fairy fingers!!


  1. Rosemary, my friend,

    The neckpiece is gorgeous and decadent (in a good way!) Your French Damsel Fairies are making me swoon. Truly, they have stolen my heart! I'd love to sit in your studio and watch you create!


  2. WOW gorgeous ~ I am in love with your talent! I will be visiting here often ~ Lovely sweet paper dolls, how fun! Your Etsy shop is to die for, I just love it all. Have a good day!

  3. That piece is absolutely gorgeous! It is so romantic.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. The necklace is beautiful. The fairies are incredible. You are so very talented and it is such a joy to see your creations. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. ~~Sherry~~

  5. That is some serious over the top beautiful necklace. I can just see it on me!!! LOL!
    Very lovely, just like you.

    The fairies are so pretty and I love their wings.


  6. OH that necklace, Perfection, Rosemary! You do have the touch for romantic.

    Love your little fairy, I need some for my studio.

  7. Fresh, classy and feminine....so romantic....like living in a perpetual dream :)

  8. Love your little paper fairyes, Rosemary,- so wonderfull with those wings added!
    and your necklace,wow- fantastic, dear.
    Happy week-end and hugs-Dorthe

  9. Love the jewelry.....it's just perfect!!!!

  10. I do indeed love that necklace. It is so..well, ME! Your paper fairy is beautiful as well.

    Happy WW,

  11. That is THE prettiest necklace I've seen in a long time...you are SO talented!

  12. Fabulous!!!!! I would love to create something like this with my soldered charms.

  13. Oh my your necklace is just lovely! It has such an old world, romantic look to it!

    You are so, so talented!!


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