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Mar 8, 2011

...hello! Won't you come in??!

...yes YOU, dear ones!

for this white wednesday post,
 I will be sharing my front hall entry table vignette

the first thing that greets you when you walk through the door...
you will first see my smiling face,
 and then this vignette ~ lol!!

I have been collecting some pretties
from a few lovely shops at etsy,
just for this display :)
There are so many hand made, beautiful things available here...

The first pretty I have to show you ~
 is the paper butterfly garland
that you can find "here"
I liked this
because butterflies represent a continual reemergence of new hope
 and encourage us to spread our wings and fly beautifully
~ for we are only here a short time...

a creamy white rose wreath
it is the center of this swag,
I have added a vintage multi strand of decadent pearls
in the most loveliest champagne shade
and a small enamel cross.
perhaps you recognize it from last weeks "beautiful roots" post??

just in case you haven't noticed,
I seem to seek items with roses

ahhhhh ~ the beautiful rose
" a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"
a quote by William Shakespeare
 from his play Romeo and Juliet

~ Romance ~

and are these not romantic??
I found these beauties "here"
I needed two,
one on each end of my swag garland...

Easter will be here soon...
so I wanted my table to also reflect what that means to me.

I feel in love with these tags the moment I laid eyes on them!!

their soft, muted colors were just what I was after.
perhaps you would desire a set of your own "here"??
I think I should buy stock in sweet Michelle's shop,
as I am always finding such pretty little things there to use
as a visual in and around my home:)

I added a most lovely paper ruff,
a stick on pearl and ribbon ties in the exact same shade as the romantic ruff
and Voila!

~ table top ~
love, Love, LOVE the delicateness of the  lily of the valley flowers...
their meaning is: purity of heart, sweetness, and tears of the Virgin Mary

I found this statue of Mary,
 many years ago at the G.W.
 and often think that she was there just for me that day!
as I have never found one quite so lovely since!!

more pearls around her neck
soooo lovely...

under my glass cloche is a nest
and in this nest are no ordinary eggs


~ in the land of odds,
you will find eggs of spun silk!!

resting upon their natural golden silk cocoons
which you can find " here"

is all I can say!

I am in awe of the infinite detail of God's creative hand...

this is the bottom layer of my entry table...

see the piece of driftwood??
I sewed cotton lace around it and LOVE how it turned out!!

all put together ~

my front entry:)

thank you for stopping by today!

I hope you enjoyed your visit
and found some little pretties along the way that
make your heart sing

sharing this over at Faded Charm's White Wednesday 

here's to artisan pretties on etsy!


  1. Beautiful, absolutley beautiful!!!

  2. Oh, so much to take in and feast my eyes upon Rosemary! I just love every little detail. It does fill the spirit with hope and peace, bringing to mind the joy of Easter. Wish I could enter your entry-way for real, but this is the next best thing. Thank you for sharing these handmade creations, both yours and the lovelies from other talented artisans.
    Happy WW,

  3. Stunning Rosemary! It is all just beautiful.

  4. Rosemary~ I can never say enough how beautiful your creations are... I think your house..if it is like these photos should be in a magazine!
    It is the most dreamy in the world!

  5. I am swooning! Just gorgeous Rosemary!


  6. Eggs of spun silk? Oh, I am SO in love with your beautiful things all in white! So soothing and elegant! ♥♥♥

  7. It is so easy to be completely swept away when visiting your blog. Everything is so beautiful I'm left breathless.

  8. oh rosemary..you DO have that very special way of making everything...i mean EVERYTHING... your hands touch ever more beautiful than before. you elevated my humble tags to a whole new level of beauty and i thank you for that. your entry way is so inviting...enchanting...and magical. one would never want to leave! merci...merci mon amie. you made my heart happy.

  9. Such a pretty White Wed entry!! Love your entry! Thank you for sharing and giving us a hint as to where those darling silk eggs come from!

    bee blessed

  10. Oh sweet Rosemary, I always find pretties that make my heart sing at your place!


  11. Everything looks wonderful!! I just love it all. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful whites.

    Have a wonderful week
    The Gilded Cherub

  12. It is all so BEAUTIFUL! Every. Single. Picture. Is loaded with such beauty. You really have a way of putting it all together and making it sing beautiful songs. Love it!


  13. Ooo I love our white laces, roses and stuff, they simply excude feminine charms!

  14. Oh, it's so beautiful!!! It's just enough without being too much!!! So romantic!!!! Hmmm, where can I do something like this!!

  15. What a privilege to peek inside your lovely home! Thank-you so much for sharing.

  16. What a beautiful post! And such a romantic and welcoming entry way! So many beautiful treasures, my very favorite is your cloche and Mary statue. I can't believe you lucked out finding her at the GW! And I didn't realize the meaning behind lily of the valley, which not only is one of my very favorite spring blooms, but is the flower of my birth month of May! Happy WW! Oh, thanks for being such a great Etsy supporter, too!

  17. Rosemary, I ALWAYS enjoy my visit! You, my dear, ooze romance and inspiration.

  18. What a lovely foyer and vignette!


  19. Love the whites! I've been looking for a cloche now for awhile ;( The bust you have in the picture is gorgeous. I am so jealous.

  20. I have to say this is "white done right"! Very beautiful, Rosemary!

  21. so beautiful rosemary as always!

    thanks for the nice comment on the blog.
    i LOVE the saying spirits don't age, just our "suitcases" , thank you for that ~ I think that needs to be on my mirror ((:
    xoxoxo cindy

  22. Wow! Your entry is gorgeous! I have never seen anything like it. So much time and thought into each piece. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    ~ Julie

  23. This is incredibly gorgeous! thank you so much for all your time and effort!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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