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Mar 24, 2011

...my mossy, moss rock topiary tutorial

...hello my sweets!!

are you in a creative mood??
you were looking for something to do this weekend??

look no further!
have I got an inspiring project for you:)

I was strolling through one of my favorite
 lovely little boutiques recently,
 when I spotted a fabulously mossed topiary tree...

this mossy topiary caught my eye!
now ~
 maybe it had something to do with
 ALL the other FABULOUS things around that topiary display,
but it was to late,
I was a goner!!

I turned it over to check the price out...


no, not $9.50!!!

as this was certainly not a need...
I decided to put that fabulous mossy moss rock topiary right back where I found it!!
I knew I could very easily duplicate it
for around $20!
and now I'm going to show you how I did just that:)

here is your supply list:

* 1 green color 13" styro cone (Michael's)
* 1 bag o' floral moss (Wal-mart)
NOT sphagnum moss!
floral moss is bits of pretty green sheet moss:)
* 5 - 11 piece natural accents moss rocks (Wal-mart)
* glue gun and glue sticks
* your choice of decorative urn or container

* first, dump all your moss rocks out and look at them.
you will put them on your cone like a puzzle.

* then start by gluing a few on the bottom of your cone
----> notice how I started up about 2"?
this will allow you to fit it into a container like a candle fits into a candle holder

* take your time
and fit bits of your moss pieces in between each of your moss rocks...

keep going, adding moss bits then moss rocks

glue on the little sticks and lichen that fall out of your bag too
nature TEXTURE!!!
almost there:)
You did it!!!

now, on the bottom
where you left a couple of inches,

glue on some moss all the way around the base of your cone
like so.

now place in a lovely container of your choice and you are done!
I chose this vintage silver champagne bucket,
it fit perfectly!!
You may adorn it anyway you wish...

now, step back
and delight in your new mossy moss rock topiary!!

next week,
I'll show you how to make these:

Pottery Barn knockoff speckled eggs!!


until then
I'll be sharing this over at:
 Common Ground's Vintage Inspiration Friday
French Country Cottage's Feather Your Nest Friday

here's to springtime moss pretties ~ that WE can make!!!


  1. Rosemary, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this topiary!! LOVE IT!! What a perfect little silver bucket you put it in- So charming! I am so going to have to make some of those!!! Thanks in advance for sharing this at my party tonight!! :)

  2. This is great. I have some of those moss rocks and couldn't find a use for then that I liked. This gives me a great idea Thanks a bunch for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous green feast for the eyes! You are so talented, Rosemary. I will be perusing Walmart soon with my 'Rosemary' glasses on.
    Thank you for your nice comments, too. Glad I've got you thinking 'blue'!
    Off to get the pizza for dinner...
    - Susan

  4. Oh no Rosemary, I had my list of things to pick up tomorrow on my errand run all finished. Now I have to stop and buy moss and stuff for your fabulous piece so I can make one. And I love how you put it in the champagne bucket. FABULOUS!

  5. Oh Rosemary,
    I LOVE IT!! You are just amazing in your creations! And I love the eggs, so beautiful!!
    Hope your well sweet girl!
    Have a lovely afternoon. By the way, I adore the music!

  6. Wow, even my craft impaired self could do this. It is beautiful! Thanks bunches.

  7. How pretty!!! I am soooo going to make one!!! I even had most of the items here....now where did I put them???? Great project!! (really $95.00 what were they thinking????)

  8. I love it! Yours is even better than the original. That champagne bucket is so right for it. Thank you for sharing. How I wish we had a Walmart here, in fact the town I live in has no art or craft shops at all.

  9. Your topiary is probably even more beautiful than the $95 one...I am sure of it, because everything you make is over the top gorgeous. Thank you for such a great tutorial Rosemary!

    I have missed being here, and have enjoyed catching up tonight. I needed to get my beauty fix...and this is the place to do it for sure!
    sending hugs

  10. That is just so beautiful...and perfect for spring! Thanks so much!!!

  11. Rosemary, you little genius!! How cute is this?!! I've never seen one of these, and good for you to not spend 95 buckeroos on it, but to make your own. It turned out beautifully! And PB speckled eggs? can't wait!

  12. How I love your workshop....love this one.
    Oh if you read my post....see under the soap...
    I placed there one of your lovely tags.
    And now it is in a popular magazine overhere.
    I thought you like to know this....
    Fine weekend

  13. Oh I adore your topiary~ swoon!

    I am currently hosting an auction of vintage and antique linen treasures. Stop by and take a peek.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Lovely topiary, I have the supplies on hand but the moss rocks, off to walmart now. Thank your for this amazing tutorial!

  15. You alwayes amazes me, with all your beautifull creations, Rosemary- dosen`t matter which materials you gets in your hands,-you make little wonders with them.
    How beautifull is your Topiary in is silver bucket.
    I am so exited to see about the eggs, next time- sweet.

  16. That is so pretty Rosemary, I love it when you just know that you can make the same fabulousness for much less. That is a gift in itself! I can't wait to see how you make the eggs... xoxo

  17. OMG - You truly could have you own television program. I'm serious! This is a wonderful tutorial and I am going to make one after I return from Le Paris Trip.

    I've been sneezing my head off - packing - making to do lists - I haven't forgotten our swap!!!!

  18. Don't you just love being creative for cheaper than if you bought it. Then you also get the added pleasure of knowing you created it. It looks wonderful and very spring like. Have a wonderful week.

  19. Hi Rosemary,
    This is gorgeous, thanks so much, can't wait to try this, sorry haven't visited in a while, good to see you again,
    Celeste, www.victoriantailor.com


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