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Mar 31, 2011

...beautiful eggs! ~ a Pottery Barn inspired speckled egg tutorial

...hello dear, creative ones!

thank you for visiting the land of odds today!!

where ~

a very special goose resides.
This is her favorite time of year,
as she will lay a few, very special eggs!!

can you guess which kind??

I also wished to share my front gate decoration with you :)

I was seeking something different this year for my Easter display.
~ I am always open to beautiful flowers that cross my path,
and one day thrifting,
I found three glorious,
white rose and lily floral decorations.
(the symbolism of these couldn't be more perfect!)
(white rose: purity, spirituality)
(lily: purity, majesty)

I wasn't sure how I was going to use them,
I just knew they were beautiful and they were going home with me!!
When I brought home,
 I laid them on the floor and started playing around with how I could shape them...  

 placing them every which way.
I had one of them in my hand
when I happened on their original pretty paper hang tags...
each of these were $25!!
I paid $2.99 for each of them!
I dropped the one in my hand to the floor in disbelief
and when I looked down...
this is the shape they were in!!

NO LIE!!!!!!

I LOVE how it turned out!
~ and now I had my color scheme for Easter too...
white and periwinkle!!
I chose periwinkle because purple represents royalty
and Christ is my King!
(in a few weeks, I will show you my lamb cookies in this color scheme)

love, Love, LOVE it!!

and now it's time for my P.B. inspired knock off
~ speckled egg tutorial  ~
((NO silly, not peanut butter ~ Pottery Barn!!)

Now I ask you, who among us doesn't love P.B.'s speckled eggs vase filler??
(if this is you, then this tutorial will be of no interest to you!)
I'm sorry,
a. I needed more than 8 eggs for my egg tree decorating and Easter gifts
b. theirs were the look I wanted, but not the color I needed
c. their price tag was not for me,
 as I'd rather buy a REALLY good chocolate bunny instead!
 I set off to duplicate this lovely speckled egg look for less!!
today, I am sharing my method and secret tips with all of you
cause I love ya'
and want to help you save a dollar bill or two for your chocolate bunny savings fund too!

here is a list of supplies you will need for your very own speckled eggs:
* a bag or two of plastic hide-an-eggs
(you know, the ones that open so you can put candy inside?)
(I made 48 eggs)
(you can also buy different sized plastic eggs)
---> my tip: be sure and seek out the ones with a small hole in the top of the egg,
as it will make it soooo much easier to feed your string through! 

* a can o'spray paint
(your choice in color, mine was periwinkle)
* a ball of natural THIN hemp
---> my tip: this is a little stiffer than string and won't twist all around in the wind,
but feel free to use string, ribbon or white hemp)
* a long needle with an eye your hemp string will fit through
(much easier than trying to push it through yourself, trust me on this!!)
* a bottle of walnut stain gel
(I found mine at Ben Franklin's)
it is translucent and will tint your eggs
with a similar effect as tea dyeing
* a sea sponge 
* a "high tech paint spatter brush"
(I found mine in the cleaning supply aisle at Wal-mart)
* 2 color choices of acrylic paints for your egg spatters
one light, one dark
my choices were Folk Art's #450 parchment
and #476 asphaltum (beautiful brown!!)

okay sweets!!
Are you ready to begin??
* step 1: open all your plastic eggs and place on a large piece of cardboard (ripped open box) ~ OUTSIDE!
---> my tip: using cardboard allows you to drag the sheet back inside easier because they stick to the box but are easily removed off of the cardboard UNLIKE newspaper.
* step 2: shake your can o' paint and spray your eggs giving them light coats so as to not have any runs.
have you ever seen a run on an egg??
I may have seen a runny egg...
but still, eeehhhhhwwwww!!  
be patient,
allow each coat to dry,
spray nicely!!

after eggs are dry,
* step 3: bring your eggs inside and put down sheets of wax paper.
place your open eggs on wax paper.
---> my tip: using wax paper allows you to peel off your eggs easily, no newspaper tails!!
* step 4: pour a little gel stain into a glass bowl, dampen your sea sponge and pick up a little gel from bowl.
hold your fingers inside the open egg half and begin "sponging" your egg
this created another lovely layer and
it completely changes the tone of the egg!!
any base color you pick will be gorgeous, robin egg blue, shell pink, lemon yellow...

repeat this step for all eggs
~ let dry thoroughly ~

ooohhhhh puuuuurrrrrty sponged eggies!!

---> my tip: the next step is unpredictable and if not careful can be messy!!
proceed with caution...and do in an area that is well protected with cardboard
or better yet ~ outside!!
(the day I did this, it was snowing outside, so, yah-no, that was not an option!!) 
* step 5: pour a little of your two acrylic colors into two seperate small glass bowls
thin out a little with a few drops of water,
take your "high tech spatter brush"
---> my tip: this plastic bristle brush gave better results with different sizes spatters
like on a real egg, than using a toothbrush did

begin running your fingers over the plastic bristles,
AIMING at your eggs!!
---> my tip: the faster you run your fingers, the smaller the speckle,
the slower, the larger the speckle
experiment with close to the egg spatters and stand up and spatter:)
* step 6: repeat process with your other color
---> my tip: dip your brush into both paint bowls and make a third color to speckle with!

just look at all those speckled eggs!!!

allow to dry overnight, as the next step you will "string" them.
* step 7:
 cut a piece of hemp about 6" long for each egg.

feed the two ENDS through the needle head
(trust me!!)

and push down through the hole in the top of your egg
(see why you need the hole??)

the two ends will come through to the inside of the egg,

 while the "loop" will remain on the outside of your egg,
 thus giving you a nicer appearance than two ends knotted together on the outside look.
---> my tip: loop the outside loop end over your pinkie when tying the inside knot, so the loop doesn't pull through

now knot the two ends inside your egg together and pull up on your outside loop,
snap your egg shut and repeat for all remaining eggs...


you could place a dozen of your lovely speckled eggs inside a saved paper egg carrier,
nestled in pretty paper doilies and tuck a few spiritual sentiments inside each egg,
 for an eggs-tra special Easter gift!
here are a few sentiments that I have placed in mine:
Christ is risen!
1 cross 2 die, 3 nails...4given!
Jesus loves you so much, He reached out on the cross
white rose, sacrificed, of the Father's heart
Amazing Grace!
Jesus is the Sonshine
Our sins took Christ to the cross. God's love kept Him there!

along with some really good chocolates or jelly bellies or both! and give to someone special:)

as well as hanging them on your favorite spring tree...

which mine just happens to be my new french pussy willow:)

so gracefully beautiful!!

so uniquely my own...

~  this now concludes the speckled egg tutorial!

so what do you think??
Will you try your hand at your very own speckled eggs??

as it is eggs-eptionally gratifying:)
tee, hee
 my bad??!!

next week, I'll be showing you another P.B. inspired knockoff

an eggs-tra special Easter basket!

I'll be sharing this tutorial with:
French Country Cottage's: Feather Your Nest Friday
Stuff and Nonsense's : Friday's Unfolded
the diy club's: 31-days-of-spray-paint

here's to pretty speckled eggs in ANY color we wish!


  1. I just love what you have done, I love the colors you chose and I love the cross


  2. Those are great I didn't know they had high tech splatter brushes though--I've only splattered with old tooth brushes :)

  3. You are so unique! Love those eggs, thank you for the tutorial, I will be making mine pretty soon!
    XXX Ido

  4. This is just a Wonderful idea!...now I know what to do with ALL those plastic eggs I've been saving( from egg hunts).....and I live in the perfect climate to try this out this weekend!...LuV your talents,and ThankYou for sharing this one!...:)virginia~~~

  5. These are stunning. I love the color you chose and like everything else you do, so elegant.

  6. Rosemary, you're always a breath of fresh air!! Your cross is just so beautiful. I saved the one that had flowers on it from my father-in-law's funeral and I want to re-moss and flower it for Easter. Your photo just reminds me to get busy on it.
    love ya bunches,

  7. Rosemary, you are so unbelievably talented! Thank you for sharing with us--it is all so inspiring!

  8. Hi Rosemary,
    Everything you touch or aspire to create always ends up beautiful. I love the girl and goose statue and the golden egg. Love those speckled eggs too. They turned out prettier than PB's!


  9. Thanks for the tutorial....just put up my Easter Decor today! Your sparkly eggs are darling! xoox, Tracie

  10. the cross is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! the eggs are grand and so perfect. Bestest,Denise

  11. Absolutely love how these eggs came out Rosemary~ How sweet they look on your tree! Love the golden one too and your cross is beautiful~ thanks for sharing this loveliness at FNF! :)

  12. Hello Rosemary, This post is beautiful! I just love your cross and the story of how it all
    happened. OMGoodness the eggs are fabulous!
    You are so creative and I'm exhausted...how long did this take??? Thank you for sharing all of your fabulous ideas!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  13. i love your speckled eggs...and needling the twine through the hole like that is an ingenious way to hang them...thanks for the ideas...would love for you to share this on fridays unfolded @ http://www.stuff-and-nonsense.net/2011/03/fridays-unfolded-12.html


    stuff and nonsense

  14. Love it Rosemary DAH-LING! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talented self with us and your great ideas. I may just have to meander over to Wal-Mart and see what I can find "on the cheap" to makeover. Or maybe even the dollar store. I'll bet they would have that high tech spatter tool as well! :-)

    Have a blessed weekend my friend,

    P.S. Thank you for the compliment on my lavender sachet. It means a lot to me!

  15. These are beautiful! What a creative use of them.

  16. Oooooh! oh! Rosemary, I was so worried about Easter inspiration and wher I would find it! Thank you for visiting me, it drug my busy butt over here to see what amazement you have going on with your beautiful creations. I should know better by now that when I am in a slump of inspiration I can always find it over here with you!

    You give a new twist to the goose that laid the Golden Egg!!

    I may cvopy this idea and do some silver ones for a silver occation I have to attend :)

    The wreath cross says it all, remembering the Lord has risen!

    Thank you for the beautiful gypsy like music to read to...Its moving :)

    Oh thank you for your beautiful comment you left on your way home from my place of excitement!

  17. Rosemary I am taking some of your music with me on my way out!! along with some eggs :)


  18. Oh my goodness, I am blown away at these eggs. I can see a bowl of beautiful glittery eggs as a centerpiece. First time visitor, what a lovely blog!

  19. Thanks for sharing Rosemary! I hope I can find the time to do this! They turned out beautifully!!

  20. Rosemary, your cross turned out so beautifully!!! And I love the cones hanging nearby them (I don't miss a detail in your pics). Thank you as always for an informative an entertaining tutorial. The eggs are much better than PB's!!
    - Susan

  21. Oh Rosemary,
    What a beautiful blog and soooo inspiring. I loved it so much I just had to follow :-) Wonderful post and such lovely Easter ideas. Thank you for sharing your egg-cellent egg tutorial. Oooo, and can't wait to see your P.B. inspired Easter basket. Will defintitely be back :-) Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  22. Thank you so much for this tutorial, I am definitely going to be making some of these for Easter.


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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