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Apr 5, 2011

...spring blooms!

sweet spring flowers!!

Hello dear ones!

I just can't seem to resist them ~
Can YOU??!
seems like every time I come home from the market,
a new flower bouquet has found it's way into my bag too!!

and who knew this cut glass candle hurricane,
 lovely white orchid
and some left over moss...

would look this pretty
all put together, on my end table??!

these, nothing special, thrift store finds,

could become this:

I've been gathering organic violet plants
so I may use their lovely flowers for my Easter salad
and sugar a few for some Easter treats!
and thought,
why not put a few in some vintage cups for the table too:)

I white washed the candle stand,

so some of the metal stand would still show through.
After I painted the wooden base of the glass cloche,

I simply added a few pretty vintage handkerchief's
and one of the hand painted cups
that just happen to have violets painted on it,

and "Viola"!!

a pretty display:)

I hope you're having an inspiring week!
come see what other spring pretties are over at
Faded Charm's White Wednesday!

here's to spring blooms!


  1. I love your display, is beautiful. I didn't know that you could eat violets. Can you eat any color/variety? I have had one for a lot of years, she blooms all year long, she is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing those pictures, lovely!
    XXXX Ido

  2. Wow your creativity never ceases to amaze me Rosemary!! BEAUTIFUL!! Hey how do you put the scrolly design on a photo like in your last photo? I suppose I need to know how to use photo shop?? HA!

  3. Dear, I`m alwayes having an inspirational day, when visiting you sweet,-
    you are so full of beautifull ideas, and lovely items to put together, so I never leave your blog, without having beautifull things, in my head.
    Also thankyou so much for your wonderfull egg-tutorial,- they looks gorgeus, Rosemary.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  4. I LOVE white flowers, there is just something special about them. It reminds me of the pureness of Spring and new beginnings!

    Take care, Sue

  5. Rosemary,
    I love Spring flowers... but even more when they are photographed as beautifully as yours are!! I love the little violet in the cloche!

  6. Hi ROsemary,
    I love the candlestick and cloche! Beautiful Spring decor at your house! I love how you put the magic into everything you touch. Your front gate looks gorgeous. And I loved the goose and golden egg.
    sending hugs...

  7. With simple changes you managed to make each one even more specail. I think the special tea cup is my favorite. I hope you have a wonderful White Wednesday.

  8. well if my week wasn't "inspiring"...it is NOW! J'adore what you did with that cloche, teacup and candlestick! sooo sweet! happy ww mon amie!

  9. Everything looks just lovely Rosemary!


  10. Your blog is just beautiful and your creations are amazing! Visiting your blog is a delightful experience! Love, Linda

  11. I love it sweetie!

    Happy White Wednesday,

  12. So, so pretty! You have the magical touch with arrangements, and I LOVE that teacup!!
    Happy WW, dear Rosemary!
    - Susan

  13. Everything is so very pretty. I love all that you have put together.

    So nice to meet you.


  14. Rosemary,
    I just love the touch of spring in a teacup...it is beautiful...and so are you!
    I wanted to let you know that I mentioned you and your generous giveaway that you sent to me...my thanks are way overdue...it was so sweet of you!

  15. Everything is fabulously beautiful! xoox, tracie

  16. drool,envy(not really,well sort of)green. lovely treasures. goood finds. Bestest,Denise

  17. beautiful treasures and pictures

  18. I totally enjoy visiting your blog. Every post is so full of beauty and charm <3 Thank you!

  19. WHERE do your ideas come from? They are all so unique and beautiful.

  20. So beautiful Rosemary!! There is nothing like sweet blooms for the Spring marking a new beginning! Love the new blog look, it's just lovely!
    Have a wonderful day.


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