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Apr 7, 2011

...a tisket, a tasket, a pretty Easter basket!

...hello my sweets!!

continuing on in the Happy Easter, DIY series
today, I will be sharing with you how this pile of stuffs...

can turn into this...

below, was my inspiration basket
so lovely!
It is from Pottery Barn...

I set out to make two baskets ~
one for my dearest Mia (mom)
and one for hubby o'mine

so I started with these supplies:
* a willow basket base
these are from Target's Smith and Hawkins line,
clearanced from Christmas.
they were for paperwhite bulbs...
and they were only $3.24!
Hunt around at Michael's craft store for a similar one,
 or better yet,
the thrift store! :)

next, you will need a handle
While "I spying" around at Micheal's
* I found rolls of these in the grapevine wreath section...

 3" vine ribbon ~ fascinating!
and perfect for constructing ~ handles
as they have a wire support in them.
One roll will do at least 3 basket handles.

* a roll or two of pretty wired ribbon 
and if you like
* a few extra basket adornments!

start by wiring your "handle" to one side.
Decide on the height you wish to make it
and then cut and wire the other side like so


weave your ribbon in and out of the "handle"

repeat if using another color.

Make a pretty bow for the top
and simply add the rest of your basket adornments


be-ribboned egg ruff's!


to make these
take a paper mache egg and paint it the color of your hearts desire
I painted mine my ribbon colors...

next, take a hold of the end of your wired ribbon
and pull out the thin copper wire from just one side of your ribbon and pull

this is what ruffles the ribbon!

when you are happy with the fullness of your egg ruff,
then twist off the copper wire ends
don't cut them off as you will use them
 to dangle your adorned egg from your basket.
now just position your ruff in the center of your painted egg
and hot glue on.

add some grunged crinkle ribbon
ans hand write your happy words on your egg 

and Viola!

I put a lavender plant in my mom's


but for hubby o'mine,

I may have to find a chocolate rabbit


you think I could get away with
dipping the tips of these lavender buds in chocolate
I think I had better stick with the choco bunny instead!!

I'm joining along with:
French Country Cupboard's: Feather your nest Friday
Stuff and Nonsenses: Fridays Unfolded
Romantic Home's: Show and tell Friday

where more inspiring pretties await you:)

here's to pretty baskets!


  1. You never fail to amaze me, Rosemary. The baskets are so pretty... now just wish I was on your gift list, dear friend!

    Lovely here always.

  2. These are just beautiful, Rosemary! What a lovely inspiration!

  3. you are always ever-so-cretive mon amie. these baskets are made from the heart...with lots of love and thoughtfulness. j'adore EVERYTHING your hands create!

  4. wonderful idea...thanks for the great tips!

  5. I love that basket, is beautiful!
    XXX Ido

  6. Oh what wonderful baskets, I love how you used items that we can find and make one for ourselves. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. oh goodness! such a darling sweet basket - loving the how you painted and hung that embelished egg....so so so sweet! xoxo, tracie

  8. Hi Rosemary,
    these little easter baskets are so pretty and very special for your loved ones. I love the ruffled egg.


  9. Yours is prettier by far than Pottery Barn's!
    Lavender and chocolate? Maybe so!

  10. These baskets are lovely...thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  11. Hi Rosemary! Oh, my, how gorgeous. I do believe you're one talented lady.
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Sweet Rosemary, Your inspiration is endless and incredibly beautiful...I'm so in love with the egg and ribbons it's just the perfect personal touch to add to my moms basket! So I'm off to Michaels (again), wish I had seen your post sooner...LOL! Thank you for the best DIY's ever!! Love the baskets too!
    Wishes for a lovely weekend!

  13. Gorgeous! Your blog is so amazing. I just love popping over and looking at it! Thanks for doing such a beautiful job sharing the beauty.


  14. Oh how wonderful is that basket! And the egg adornment is an idea to try. Beautiful post!

  15. Hi Rosemary,
    What a beautiful basket!!! It was so sweet of you to share how you created this pretty! Oh yes, for sure I would have to fill it with lots of chocolate!
    That little egg looks so darn cute. I think I could get carried away making those. It sure beats coloring real eggs and then trying to come up with ways to eat them all.lol!
    sending hugs

  16. Your basket and eggs are EGGSCELLENT Rosemary!! lol. Thanks for the tutorial. SO pretty!!!

  17. What a gorgeous Easter vignette.Spring truly has sprung!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  18. Love this basket and the ruffled egg is so pretty!

  19. Very nice, thank you for sharing!

  20. Rosemary beauty over here!!
    All dressed in Lavender :)
    What a beautiful Easter Basket Rosemary:)

    I need to do one like this for a shop owner friend of mine she would adore it!!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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