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Apr 28, 2011

...a beautiful pink cream puff!

...hello dear readers

i have been in a most reflective mood this week,
 knee deep in weeding out ~ things.

things that no longer have a purpose in my home,
and nothing is escaping my touch

from the closets to the furniture to the garage
(oi, dare i go there?!)!

and let me just say,
i have been weeding

so hard, 
i feel an awesome yard sale coming on
cause these stuffs are pretty things mind you!

but it is necessary.
my style is melding more into the beauteous atmosphere
found in the pages
combined with shabby chic
(gotta have them ruffles baby!!)

it is a "less is more" approach
and i imagine dusting will be a dream now too ~ lol!!

in my spare time

i have also been teaching myself photoshop
a daunting rabbit hole, i know,
as the days go on
i actually feel more confident using it

~ and i never thought i would!!

i have to tell you
your comments spur me on!!
this blogging world is full of creative, supportive women
and i sooo enjoy being a part of it

thank you, thank you!!

these photos are of a doll i pulled down to dust.
she was a birthday gift from my dearest mia years ago.
she made it from a vintage doll head from italy
and contructed a dress of vintage roses and petals
in my most favorite shade of pink,
whisper shell pink
this sweet creation is also a music box
she spins around and around to the tune of

can you guess?

why, happy birthday of course!

as if she were a rotating Italian patisserie

a beautiful pink cream puff!
(in case you were drawn in by my title, this is it!)

 good enough to eat
perhaps not!
but i was inspired to design a tag for my etsy shop!

what do you think?

i've also started linking up with some wonderful texture blog parties
so if this next part sounds like chopsticks to you
that's why!
in a nutshell
i've used 2 of kim klassan's textures
set on soft light/ 100% opacity
~ben's collection2~
set on soft light/ 68% opacity 
i have also tweaked the lighting and my actual photo settings.

and that's it!

i'm sharing this post with:
French Country Cottage's: Feathered Nest Friday
A Rosy Note's: Photo Texture Friday

and now
i'm off to make some yummy cream puffs with PINK icing
care to join me?!

here's to inspiration in blog land!


  1. She is so beautiful Rosemary!! And your photos are always fabulous!
    You can come to my house next and "weed" out things, especially in the boys room!! :)
    Have a lovely night!

  2. Oh she IS beautiful! And so is your blog! *winks* Vanna

  3. She is so lovely and makes a perfect button for your Etsy shop:) I sure do wish I could come to your yard sale!!!

  4. spring cleaning is good...it cleanses the soul. weeding is better...gets rid of the "crabgrass!" LOL! Would LOVE to be at one of YOUR yard sales mon amie. I tell you...i'd would be in heaven to have some of your "cast offs!" have yet to delve into the world of photoshop but your photos are inspiring me to give it a try. i'm LOVING your new design tag! it's so lovely! i've pinned several more of your photos onto some of my Pinterest boards. you must check them out mon amie.


  5. How pretty straight out of a fairy tale. Lovely.

  6. Oh how pretty! I love the textures on your photos too. Isn't photoshop so much fun? I spend way too much time messing with it.

    I need to do some weeding out at my house too...get things more to my liking!

    Thanks for sharing your post at Photo Feature Friday :)


  7. I want creme puffs! Your photos are beautiful Rosemary, I can't wait to see more! Your new tag is gorgeous... t.xoxo

  8. I did the same thing a few months ago...such an awesome feeling once it's completed!!

  9. I am awestruck here, Rosemary. The direction you are moving is wonderful. I'm dreaming listening to your wonderful music.

    Why is it I see you in a flowing dress walking with your shoes in your hand, down a street in Europe....????

  10. You have such a beautiful blog! Love your little Italian lady, too!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  11. Beautiful photos, Rosemary. A very unique gift for your birthday. I also love the music on your blog.


  12. Lovely post Rosemary and I love the tag!! I love everything you make! Lol Guess what?? I made a basket. Didn't find any at the store, but found one I already had. Crazy I know! Will post soon.

  13. Rosemary,

    I am so glad to have found your blog site. Your photo is lovely and so interesting. Keep up with your photoshop...you learn something new every day! All the best,


  14. Hi Rosemary, Oh, your posts are just so lovely and poetic. Spring cleaning . . . haven't even gone there yet . . . but it does feel good to weed out the stuff you no longer want. Love your new etsy button. Thanks again for shopping at my shop.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    ~ Julie

  15. She is beautiful and your photos are equally as beautiful. I just started using Photoshop in January and have been having fun attempting to learn it. I'm not sure anyone is ever finished learning it though.

  16. She is such a treasure!! I love your post Rosemary~ They are always so beautiful and inspiring!! This little doll is darling- so sweet. I have a collection of antique dolls- just love them. Your photos are gorgeous~ thanks for sharing at my party :)

  17. She looks delicious!! Beautiful photography, Rosemary. I love having you be a part of VIF!!
    xoxo Debra

  18. I love your font....the doll is divine.....and your blog genius! Bravo! You have a gift! Lyndaoflakeland.blogspot.com

  19. Thought it was time for a visit because you keep popping into my head. And here I've caught you throwing out, oh my! You are going to make some folks happy when you start passing on treasures.
    I know what you mean about evolving and changing direction as we travel around blogland.
    Pink Puffy Blessings ;-)


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