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Jun 7, 2011

...mermaid grotto ~ part 2!

...hello dear hearts!

welcome to mermaid grotto
part 2.

 today i will be sharing the mermaid grotto room with you


as there are A LOT of pictures,
i did not super size them
if you'd like to see any of them closer,
simply click on the picture and it will open in a new screen :)

if you read last week's mermaid grotto ~ part 1 post,
then you are familiar with these:

mermaid paper dolls.
i adore them so much
i decided to make a mobile of them


 in the guest room that i like to call,
"the mermaid grotto room"


to construct my grotto canopy 
i used mombasa sheers from ikea
(LOVE these!!)
they have a pocket to use on a curtain rod,
so i strung a piece of ribbon through 4 panels and hung them
all random like off of a wire fan picture holder
that i had and spray painted white.

i could have used one of those circle nets
those always make me feel suffocated!


then the mer's were tied on
along with the swans and a crystal necklace for some dreamy goodness!


 the "sea urchin" light ball
to which i simply added a small, paper candy cup to each light
to soften the light's glow.
i also added a slider, dimmer switch
at the head of the bed for even more control over the glow
for reading


here is what it looks like all put together,
standing at the door,
looking in.


now for the pull backs,
i envisioned something
and when i spied these candle holders thrifting one day,
i knew they were PERFECT!

they look like sea coral sprigs to me,
so i brought them home and spray painted them a champagne color,
added a wispy ship image to the center...


and a net to which i added swan feathers,
silk ribbons, lace bits and other pretties that may end up in a mer's net :)


in my travels, 
i came across some gorgeous silk panels
and ballooned them up the sides of the window
and used a pair of silk georgette rosette sheers on each side as well,
that i sewed back randomly
~ grotto like!
i only had one panel of a most fabulous green toile de jouy,
cotton sheer that i just loved and wanted to use in the middle.
you just gotta' stretch it!!


at the top of the silk panels,,
i tied them off along with some vintage tulle,
to create a backdrop for these most lovely silk roses...

this guest room is also our computer room...
so to creatively "hide" the UGLY filing cabinet,
i draped a piece of hot water washed white burlap
(this makes it MUCH softer and takes that eewwwww smell out!!)
then i added a linen tie up panel
and a beautiful, vintage lace/linen  runner.

 of course,
a few pretty vignettes on top
help too :)


more treasures from the sea...
even sand from your favorite beach
can look lovely in a crystal salt shaker!

 the top of the computer amoire...

 and when refreshing pink lemonade
isn't filling this pretty glass dispenser
crushed sea shells are!
and this crochet runner,
cleverly hides away more computer center items on top.

a lovely mirror adornment,
so when you gaze into this enchanted mirror,
you will feel lovely too
(even if you just woke up and have bed hair!!)


a clock that i covered in lace,
then painted over in gesso because i wanted a chalky, matte finish
and then added a luminous silk ribbon and a crystal embellished rose...


 here is a "sea shells" banner
all the letters are all pearls...


a mermaid, vintage paper flourish...


this next item
is one of my most favorite pieces in the room!

 a floor chandie!!!
totally portable for
you want some every day romance

because this is a rental home,
i have a few chandies that we put up
and then
will take down when we have to move again.

this was my solution for one of them!
i found a very sturdy base light
and attached the chandie top.
spray painted it all with my champagne color recipe,
added the crystals back on, a natural linen rose...

 tiny candle cups,
a silk ribbon faub...
   and the finishing touch ~
the crystal beaded light bulb cover!!
(someday, i will do a tutorial if you like!)

and there you have it!
a moveable chandie!!

this cabinet piece was an
ABSOLUTE mess when i first spied it!!


it reminded me of a cabinet that my grandmother had and it struck a cord with me


much to hubby o' mines dismay,
i brought it home...

i should have taken before pics
but i didn't

after sanding it
and sanding it...
did i mention i sanded it??!!

i painted it a sea green,
then dry brushed it vintage white,
then dry brushed it again using Ralph Lauren's pearl white glaze.

 hubby added the new bead board back
and voila!!

 here are some pretties on top...

 a butterfly jar
that when you tap it,
a faux butterfly flits about
(LOVE this)
you can find them at lowe's hardware!


a shell nest with silk cocoons...

lace covered driftwood...

an embellished, vintage silver "shell" spoon...


a pretty beaded egded plate...


more vintage silver
adore the shine that it brings...



more added interesting grotto items...


a most lovely soy candle...

 love this Alma Tadema print on stone!


you made it to the end!

i hope you enjoyed your visit to the
mermaid grotto!

let me know when you're coming for a visit
 and i'll fluff up the pillows :)

i will be sharing this post with
Faded Charm's: White Wednesday
Kim Klassen's Cafe: Texture Tuesday
shot with a canon rebel xs
90 mm macro lens
program used: photoshop elements 8
my two "textured" photo's
are processed with kim klassen's texture:
and one of my own texture overlays.

here's to a lovely place to rest!


  1. i'll be there tomorrow! wow...stunningly gorgeous....sooooo enchanting! j'adore mon amie...J'ADORE!!!

  2. Oh goodness Rosemary~ how absolutely beautiful! I adore your sweet mermaid grotto! The floor chandelier is beautiful and I love the way you have dressed the bed!! Just gorgeous! Hugs, Courtney

  3. Hi Rosemary,
    I love visiting your Mermaid Grotto. It's very charming and enchanting.


  4. I am sure that whoever stays in the "Mermaid Grotto" will enjoy it very much. What a pretty room.


  5. What a joy it must be to live and create in such loveliness. How beautiful.

  6. Rosemary ... Oh my goodness ...your post is just positively amazing ..your work is so fabulous and utterly inspiring..I wish I had a little piece of your genious.... But that's what makes us all unique I know.

    What a Beautiful home you have

    blessings ..Sara

  7. I'd love to spend a night in this dreamy mermaid grotto you've created. Simply devine!


  8. Ok...this gypsea mermaid wants it all!]
    Now when is payday again!
    This would be oh so fabulous in my new 'Mermaid Shack" in Florida.. after my BIG D is done in NJ..

    You are brilliant!!

  9. Just astonishing, and dramatically beautiful! Happy WW!

  10. It is always such a pleasure visiting you, dear Rosemary.

    Mermaids and lace - you make it all so dreamy.

  11. Very dreamy! Your guests must never leave. You have put magical touches everywhere. It's absolutely Merfection! While you stay at my beach cottage, I'll stay in your grotto.


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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