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Jun 28, 2011

...sea ruffles

...hello dear ones!

would you like to see a few pictures of my visit to the sea??

i say a "few" as we took 687 shots
do you think i love the sea?

i brought my muse along
to inspire me in the cottage we rented for our visit in Trinidad, CA

oh what a view!

 it was FAB-U-LOUS to stay in a cottage for our days at the salty sea

it had a kitchen, washer/dryer and a wood burning fireplace
i can't convey to you how wonderful this was

let's just say ~
this was the most loveliest trip i have had at the sea thus far!!
and bonus...my mom was there with us this time too :)


isn't it??


can you hear the ruffly sea waves rolling?


and imagine your feet in the warm, soft sand...

the beach was fabulous for splunking!
we could get right up close to the star fish clinging to the rocks!!


even though they are in all shapes, colors and sizes
they feel hard like the ones in shell shops!
and yah no,
you CAN'T peel them off of the rocks
we tried!
(we would not have kept them)


these clicked and slunk back into their tiny "shell caves"
every time you walked by...


and have you ever seen a sand tree??

...an awesome wave!!


a beautiful sunset...


 ...a full moon rise...


and have you ever thrown glitter in the air??

it was wonderful to wake up to the salty sea views every morning!!
i would definitely return for another visit here:)


it is so very peaceful

and wondrous...


i love the salty sea!!

...and so did my muse!

she said she was perfectly fine if i left her at the cottage...

while i was busy photographing my silk "sea truffles"

she was practicing her yoga...


if i could find a little cottage by the sea for our very own
perhaps i'd join her in a session of yoga!!

maybe just look for more sea truffles:)

sharing this with
Faded Charm's: White Wednesday

"sea truffles"

sea washed and most lovely
more on that later :)

here's to the beautiful ruffly sea and all her treasures!


  1. Rosemary, I know how you love the ocean and what beautiful pictures you shared. It makes me miss walking along the beach so very much. How wonderful the little cottage you rented sounds. Have a fab day friend.


  2. I just LOVE your beautiful photos Rosemary!! So dreamy and gorgeous~ Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. Your pictures are just beautiful, I could almost hear the water.

  4. So beautiful!!! I'm always amazed at how calming and peaceful the sea can be. I love all of your pics!!!

  5. Glad to hear you had a lovely time at the sea and those ruffles waves are so beautiful. I think I hear them calling my name.


  6. I had forgotten how beautiful the California coast was. thanks for sharing ..

  7. Hello Rosemary,
    Beautiful!!! I grew up in California and miss lazy days at the beach:-)
    The ruffly sea, a perfect vision, glorious:-)

  8. Your title caught my eye so I clicked over here from White Wednesday and then I could not leave your blog! How beautiful is this...and your Etsy shop...for some reason I think I stumbled upon it when I first opened my Etsy shop a couple of years ago. Now you have my "heart."

    Beautiful photos, work, music, text, lovely!

    I'll be back.


    Oh, yes the California coast is stunning...I miss it, but recently spent time on the Gulf Coast which is gorgeous in its own unique way, just as California is.

  9. I enjoyed your sea photos so much! They're beautiful. It's been far too long since I had a seaside visit like this. I'm sure it was wonderful for you in such a beautiful place.

  10. you panted a beautiful picture of your visit to the sea mon amie! i am sure your mers were happy to see you! welcome home. i look forward to seeing more glorious memories from your visit "home."

  11. Oh, what a happy visit to the sea! I've never heard the word 'ruffly' to describe waves, but that is perfect for them!
    Glad to see your muse enjoyed the trip as much as you and was able to stretch her pretty limbs.
    - Susan

  12. How lovely Rosemary! I absolutely adore the photo you labeled Ruffles...simply sublime.

    Enchanting WW post! This is the first time I have joined in! Lots of fun for sure!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!
    Joy n hugs,

  13. Very beautiful! It looks like it's on our northern coast??? I love it up there but have never heard of Trinidad. Makes me want to take a road trip! Thanks for sharing! karen...

  14. Dear Rosemary, Oh what a wonderful stay you had at the salty sea...I'm hoping we get a peek at the sea cottage! Love your muse...

  15. How nice of you to take her along. Love each and every photo!

  16. What a wonderful vacation! I'm also drawn to the beach and can't wait until I can move there. Your muse looks fantastic dreaming over the ocean!

  17. Rosemary, would you please send me the information on the cottage you rented? My hubby & I want to escape the HEAT here in Texas & would love spending time there. And a personal reccomendation is always best. PLEASE let me know how I can contact them. Your post was stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS!

  18. Thank you for shareing the coast, I miss it so. I can just smell and hear it!


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