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Jun 22, 2011

...lovely little outdoor space

...hello sweet ones!

summertime has arrived

every year,
i look forward to creating a pretty space outside
to sit and enjoy a splash of sparkling lemonade!


i especially appreciate the fact
that in an outdoor room ~
there is NO cleaning required!

oh yah

as what is not to love about fallen rose petals at your feet i ask you??

how do you like my lovely little outdoor space so far?!
perhaps a few of you will recognize the hand painted wooden shelter sign??

an enchanted prize   
from our beloved Dore's giveaway
you can visit her blog that inspires love and peace here: Burlap Luxe
and her soulful etsy shop here: Burlap Luxe

i could hardly believe my fortune
 when she emailed me to tell me that i had won this most coveted sign!!


Dore encouraged me to let her lovely
"Inspiring a soulful place of shelter" sign
speak to my soul
and lead me to just the right spot to adorn my home...

i  am admiring it so
and have a special place in mind!

thank you dear Dore,
i think you know how i feel about this new treasure:)


how fortunate to be surrounded by such pretties,
to feel the warm sunshine ~
smell the lovely flowers,
and taste a delicious refreshment!





would you like to join me for a glass of gratitude,
here in my lovely little outdoor space?!

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here's to the days when fortune smiles down upon you!


  1. Very nice and I love your new blog header pics

  2. Rosemary,
    Thank you beautiful friend, I am sooo! honored to be a part of your SHELTER outdoor room! I was just as excited that you won being you are an artist yourself! then I said oh no!! she is an srtist and she could most likely make one of her own :)

    Thank you for loving it enough to want to share it with your beautiful outdoor space and all in blog land :)

    See you soon my friend!

  3. I would love to join you in your beautiful outdoor space!

  4. What a pretty outdoor space! Your blog is just beautiful.

  5. What an enchanting place to relax, Rosemary! And Dore's Shelter sign is soooo perfect for it! LUV! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Such a beautiful spot you have there, Rosemary. Dore paints the most wonderful signs :)

  7. Hi Rosemary, I just adore Dore's art. I have a "Sanctuary" sign that she did and I just love it. What a blessing to be gifted this! so glad you joined in for the Block Party! xoxo Debra

  8. What beautiful photos. So nice to visit with you.

  9. Popping over to say hello for the "Blog Party"! gorgeous photo's & i love Dore's work! xoox, tracie

  10. Cheers to gratitude Rosemary! There's so much beauty surrounding you, and your sign already looks perfect nestled outside in your restful spot.
    Love your new header - is that your muse enjoying the sea?
    Happy summer!!
    - Susan

  11. I adore Dore & love her art..it's is always so dreamy & original...wishing you a peaceful & beauiful summer. xo Laura

  12. Hi Rosemary! That sign is just perfect for your beautiful space. I would love to join you for a glass of lemonade and an afternoon of inspiration.
    Your outdoor space is lovely, but ofcourse... I'm sure you must have had a wonderful time by the sea. It's so refreshing to get away for a bit and then so wonderful to come home to our shelters isn't it.
    Have a faublous week, t. xoxoxoxoo

  13. Your new header is just breathtaking. As is everything you do.



  14. Gorgeous! As always your style is impeccable. I've taken your advice and I'm turning my house into a more welcoming place. And although I plan to be here for just a short time, turning it into something more my style is making it more palatable. Thanks for your sweet words and advice.
    Big hugs,

  15. Thank you Rosemary for your beautiful comment to my garden wedding birdhouse art! did you see my mini crown fit for a bird tilted on the edge of the cake top as a topper...Your crown would be a perfect marriage to my piece making it a marriage of art made in heaven!

    You are a beautiful soul, I treasure your comments!

  16. You have created a lovely serene outdoor space and I too have the same Shelter Sign from the one and only darling Dore.I soo love mine that I also bought the beautiful Rose art piece.Do enjoy! ~Cheers Kim


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