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Dec 13, 2011

...an angel for annabelle


this morning i thought i was lost


not me personally
per say
(although, to be honest, i am at times...)

but my blog,
and all the contents therein!!

apparently "google"
is now "google plus"
and wants everyone to plus up!!

did this happen to any of you??!!

enough of that!!


back to today's post ~
"an angel for annabelle"

sometimes, some things are just
as in,
they were just meant to be

this dollie
was just that!

i found her in my travels one day
(ie. thrifting)
or should i say,
SHE found me:)

i fell in love with her straight away!
so i brought her home,
and assesed what needed to be done.
well first,
her gauzy gown was in need of a wash
so i carefully removed it,
hand washed it in lavender suds
and hung it up to dry...

then i got to work
giving this dear dollie
a new life:)

i "A.S.ed" her face and hands
(annie sloaned)

oh yes i did!!

and the whole time i was doing it
i kept saying to myself
can i do this??
i think i can...
in fact,
i'm sure i can!!

(i felt like willy wonka, i tell ya')

i added bits of lace to her gown...

i loved how she was beginning to come alive again!!

and i think she did too:)
for i swear i thought i heard her whisper
"may i have a crown please??"

and you know how i love my crowns!
so i waved my magic wand and
a crown!!

a pair of wings!

a pair of lace ballerina slippers...

you don't have to ask me twice for fairytale sprinkles!!

 i was delighted!!

now here is the serendipity part...
the texture i used on these pictures today,
is Kim Klassen's.
but i betcha' can't guess what she calls it??!


get out!! no way!!
it's true
and that is how i know that she was just meant to be...
an angel for annabelle
(yes, that is my mom!)

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here's to NOT having my blog deleted
and to finding an angel!


  1. She is so very lovely! And I'm so glad you are back and didn't lose anything! WHEW is right! Happy holidays! ♥

  2. Love her, you are so inspirational!! I wonder if I can find an Annabelle...I would name her Barbara for my mom. Di

  3. Oh Rosemary , Annabelle is just lovely! I tell you girl you need to go into business. lol Everything your hands touch turns magical!!!

  4. Dear Rosemary, she is precious! I can't imagine how dear Annabelle looked before, but she is just stunning now. The creme de la creme are those ballerina slippers...and oh, her own set of wings - delightful!
    I am impressed you painted her face. I may have to try that, since my dear daughter wrote on my great-grandmother's doll's face in pen. Yes, and magic eraser will not get it out.
    Hmmmm...you have me inspired here.
    I just love her gown, too. Swooning!
    - susan

  5. Oh Rosemary,
    She is beautiful!!! I would love to have a dollie like this! Your art is so amazing, you really brought her back to life.
    Hope your having a beautiful holiday season.

  6. That angel is amazing !!! so beautiful......love you Ria...xxx....did you see my first christmas post ???...xxx...

  7. serendipitous indeed...a God wink too! :) she's so sweetly ethereal and very precious mon amie! Happy WW!

  8. Hello Rosemary

    You have made her into the beauty she always was. I know what you mean when working on a face. One needs and obviously you received divine intervention.
    Stunning work

    Helen xx

  9. She is stunning....I cannot think of appropriate adjectives to describe how gorgeous I think she is....you created a masterpiece....truly!

    New follower and I will be back!

    Lou Cinda

  10. I don't know anyone like you my sweet. You add magic to everything you put your lovely hand to. Oh is your momma going to love her angel!!!
    hugs from here...

  11. You are amazing, those little ballerina slippers almost made me cry. So sweet, so very sweet.

  12. She's beautiful indeed! Your Momma is a lucky one for sure. Did you finish her scarf? I'd love to see it finished. I want to learn to do that technique. I Googled it. How did it all turn out? Had you done it before? HUGS!

  13. Serendipity indeed. You gave her so much character. Adding a white wash was perfection. Love the slippers.

  14. So delicate. Just beautiful. I have heard of others losing their blogs for a day. I do not know what google plus is???? Please let me know what I need to do so I don't lose my blog. thanks. ox

  15. Oh sweetie, you crack me up. I love Annabelle and her little nip and tuck treatment. She's beautiful.


  16. Your dollie is so cute!

    What is this about Google Plus? Never heard of it!


  17. Rosemary dear, you have made her a most beautiful fairy prinsess, oh the slippers are so lovey- and her dress with the lace and little crown- I LOVE her, my doll mother heart compleately love her- sweetie you are fabolous- I mean you Rosemary :)

  18. Oh, Annabelle is so, so charming! It's amazing the talent that you have. I was so inspired by your dream catcher, that I tried my hand at it.
    It's part of my "Victorian Dreams" post this week. I added a link back to your gorgeous post where you showcased yours. Hope you can make it to "What's It Wednesday" again and share your sweet Annabelle.
    Hugs and happiness,

  19. Oh wow, Rosemary....you even breath life into dolls. You.Are.Amazing. Her sweet face looks so soft, worn, and vintage ~ and those sweet little slippers...???? Oh my gosh. LUV. Ok, so tell me more about what happened to your blog? What is Google Plus? How did you get your blog back? I'm wondering if this is what happened to me last month....? Hugs to you, my sweet friend! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  20. All I can say is that I completely ADORE your blog, when in need of inspiration I turn to your blog and all the sudden inspiration comes back. You are such a consummate artist and provider of beauty for us all. Keep sharing your art with the world. Blessings, Marta.

  21. She is BEAUTIFUL!! I love dolls.

  22. Hi Rosemary,
    Annabelle is a beauty, she is perfect in all the perfect little details you have created, whimsical and delightful as always:-)
    so so sweet!!

  23. What magical posts you always bless us with, Annabelle is so smart to have chosen you.
    Merry Christmas!

  24. This post and your entire blog just takes my breath away! OMGosh, all is truly beautiful. I just love it! Thank you for sharing the gift of your talent...

    Happy Christmas,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  25. auguriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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