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Dec 6, 2011

..a touch of christmas magic

...hello girlies!

i've been decorating the land of odds with
magic and Christmas cheer!
today, i am sharing my front entrance table with you

i have been busy painting my world with the Annie Sloan chalk paints
one piece at a time!

 you may remember this table before
it was lovely,
but i had outgrown the buttercream color
and so
i fearlessly painted it!

i have enjoyed every step of it's makeover...

added the little flourishes

here, i have added a wreath flourish to each side,
using the Martha Stewart stencils that i have used in the past

the drawer in the front...

even a tiny side detail to each side towards the back

the bottom shelf detail

LOVE the look of the waxed paint
it has such a satin sheen to it and feels so nice to the touch!

i've finished working on this project
inspired by the lovely nordic candelabra's
that can be found on the pages of the Jeanne d'Arc magazines

i have never come across one
and thought it to be a wishful fancy


dear Sandy showed us all how
it was possible to make one of our very own
check out her fabulous tutorial

i wanted one that was unique to my eye
so i incorporated things that i love,
using her tutorial as a guideline

i used things like lace, silk, vintage smoke gray crystals,
silver glass glitter, and rhinestones

gotta have the sparkly!!

i placed my finished candelabra atop an "angel cloth" table runner
that i made most especially for my newly painted table

and of course wrapped each of my candles,
ballerina style in silk ribbons.
before i placed my candles into the holders,
i tucked a piece of lace,
then a paper candy liner
(to protect my lace from the melting wax)
and then my candlestick


Sandy made lily paper flowers for hers.
but again,
i wanted something unique to me

so i made my paper flowers ~
nothing says Christmas to me  like paperwhites and white tulips
and my home is filled with them around this time of year

what better flower to design for my nordic candelabra??

and you know how much i adore some sparkle
so i glass glittered the centers of my 
paper paperwhites...

and while i had my glitter out,
i added it to my holly berries too!

that's just the kind of thing you can expect to see,
in the land of odds...

to glam up my holly plants,
i first tucked them into a plastic baggie
to allow me to water them and not make a mess.
then i used 3 white coffee filters in a tulip fashion, to cover the ugly green pots.
i then secured a pretty crochet doily around the coffee filters
and tied them off with one of my 
white silk prayer ribbons

i had two fabulous silver cups
that have a crystal embellished stems
that were just the perfect vessels for my
glam-med up holly plants!


an elegant angel hangs on the front drawer knob
keeping watch over the tiny white town below...

i really can't say
what possessed me to buy this little white town at the thrift store one day

i imagined someones dear grandmother
 lovingly making it while she anticipated the delight
on one of her grandchildren faces when they saw them!

there is even a little, tiny bell in the schoolhouse! 

i placed my little town on a mirrored tray...

i bedecked my swan too!
she wears a sparkle crown
and carries a lit pine garland...

above the top of my entrance table,
hang 5 gorgeous ostrich plumes
that flutter about so gracefully when you open the front door

that concludes the front entrance tour:)
i hope you have enjoyed another look inside my home
as i fluff it up for Christmas:)
and perhaps were inspired with a few of these pretties!


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here's to a lovely entrance!


  1. Rosemary Rawks! \m/
    I love what you did. Thanks for the link. Now, just come over and do that at my place....



  2. Hi Rosemary,
    Wow, what a gorgeous vignette you have put together there in the foyer. So very romantic!
    I'd love to have you share this fabulous post at our Wednesday Linky party. Hope you can make it!

  3. You always take my breath away, Rosemary. Just beautiful. Love the new paint color. It does suit you better! xoxo

  4. Hi Rosemary,
    Love the new painted table and the gorgeous stencils details!!
    But... I am IN LOVE with those ballet laced up candles, stunning, I just love the little details. You are always a delight to visit!

  5. Hi Rosemary is it not great what a little white paint can create :) of course a whole lot of sanding added to it. I just love the hall table it makes a world of difference in white, I also did not know Martha S. made stencils.

    Love all the magic of white you are inspiring over here. Love the shelter sign :)

  6. It looks great daring!!....did you see my first christmas decorating in our house??...please come and see my new banner picture.......be continued......love seize the day...xxx...

  7. You have done it again Rosemary! Taken my breath away with your beautiful photos and decor. I haven't purchased any chalk paint yet, but thinking I should in the near future. Now what to paint...hmm! :)

  8. I am just gushing over it all, Rosemary! I would spend hours just in your entry way alone. I would walk in..say hello and huge hug...then gasp, gasp...and take in each and every detail. The table (love your chalk/stencil updates), candelabra (oh my!), angel cloth runner, glittered holly, little town...peeking and shrieking...you would say "Susan, don't you want to come in?". Hee hee...
    Merry Christmas dear angel!
    - Susan

  9. It's a winter wonderland over there, Rosemary! Very Jeanne d'arc indeed. So beautiful. I did ballerina wraps on my living room window candles, inspired by one of your previous projects...I love them. Yes, gotta have the sparkly! Merry Christmas to you, lovely friend. This was a great post to catch up to.

  10. So beautiful!! I am always inspired and delighted when I visit your blog. xxoo Heidi

  11. Dearest Rosemary,
    You are truly "One Of A Kind"
    Our kind, That love and adore You!
    Love visiting,
    Those that walk in the Light

  12. Dearest Rosemary....you took my breath away - once again - with your crafting and decor. While I'm leaning toward my monitor getting a closer look, I'm thinking, "That girl is totally incredible...This is gorgeous!!!" May I ask where you purchased you MS stencils, and what color you used? It looks light gray? I adore that you use coffee filters, old lace, and glitter to bling up your decor. It's not only so creative, but just beautiful! Hugs to you, sweetie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. The white is so very clean and elegant! Merry Christmas, andrea@townandprairie

  14. Oh I love your entrance hall. The swan is so pretty love the soft ostrich plumes the little white village all just wonderful

    and I didn't know about Martha's stencils I must look for them for I am painting a french chest silver and would love to stencil it up a little LOl

  15. I love the difference with the table. It looks so incredible. I love the little town at the bottom. It is such a sweet detail. It's all very elegant. I wouldn't expect anything less from you.
    I have to tell you, I love peeking at your Etsy favorites. I love your tastes. You have such an eye for the heavenly, angelic, elegant style. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

  16. Oh Rosemary! How beautiful! I just ordered my first Jeanne d'Arc magazine and I can't wait to get it. This table and candelabra is just beautiful! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  17. Goodness me how snowy and wintery so beautiful
    Lynn xxx


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