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Mar 15, 2010

...a little cottage guest room and the story of the false wall!

Hello dear readers
Here is a look at my mom's temporary room!!
Jim built a false wall for me...

and why would I need a false wall
 you ask?
(for the sake of this post, you asked!)

Well, without going into the "t-m-i" zone on the meter reader
(too much info)
let me just say that

we have been trying to move back home with our families in Ohio
for a while now
(almost 2 years!)
we've been here for 7 years,
and although it doesn't seem like a lot of time
look at your child
and zoom reeaallly fast in your mind
 back to 7 years ago!
alot of life are in those 7 little years! 
moving on ~
~  because the housing market in Nevada in like one of the worst,
early last year,  we made the decision to sell our lovely, 3200sq. foot home
(complete with a guest bed and bath room!)
(important detail alert there, I promise!)
thinking that we would rent a home instead
kinda like a no strings attached thinking
and that we'd be ready to bounce
 at a moments notice
are you still with me?

I know

but I have a point

honest I do!

any way

in a nut shell ~
we did sell,
less than half of what we bought it for
heart broke
swallowed hard
 ~ enough said!

moving on
through the kilning process of life!!
(curious though, am I at least bronze yet?! HA!!)

fast forward to now ~

we are temporarily in a rental home of 1800sq. foot!!


you read that right


do you see my dilema NOW??!!

we thought we"d only be here for 6 months
okay 8 months tops!
this was only supposed to be T-E-M-P-O-R-A-R-Y situation!
as in gone, baby, GONE!
and ideally,
living in a lovely farmhouse somewhere in the northeast
feeding a few chickens
(what?! I'm just thinking of Belinda here!)
with roses and peonies and lavender growing everywhere....
earth to Rosemary

needless to say
God OBVIOUSLY has other plans!
(and strangely, it is well with my soul!) 
so here we are
in our very COZY rental home,
in need of a guest room 
what's a girl to do? 
 look outside of the box of course
(which gets me in trouble most of the time!!)
and ask hubby of mine
to construct this false wall!!!
(by the way ~ awesome job honey!!
meatloaf and mashed potato's for you tonight
I know, but it's one of his favorites!!:)

now, where were we...

oh right,
 the false wall ~
not really a wall,
as in, it only appears to be a wall
'cause you
 can't attach it to anything
it's a rental, kinda wall!

If you're still with me
hugs! :)
but I'm loving this false wall that
magically deliciously 
 turned our dining room
 a happy little cottage room for my dearest mom!!
(can't wait mom!! only 8 more days)
I made a ruffle slipcover shade light,
complete with sweet little wings ~
perfect for dreaming

and this lovely china cupboard armoire
that's been cleared out
for her pretty little self's stuff!!


I'd like to share that
through this,
I have learned
 that we don't really own anything in this life
other than how and what we choose to fill our souls up with
and that anything outside of that is a gift
things and stuff come and go.
To just do the best that we can 
to keep moving forward
and to graciously continue seeking up
every single day!
and know that this waiting time in our life
simply that
this too shall pass!
thanks for reading
your support means alot!

 this now concludes the reason for
the false wall!!
If you haven't already put your name in for my giveback,
you may still do so,
I will announce the winner tomorrow afternoon
and announce
another little giveaway!!
spoiler alert,
can we say french lapin?!

until then ~ 


  1. What a lovely post! I enjoyed reading about your desire to move --total empathy here - the way you have dealt with it is inspirational. Thank you.

  2. It looks wonderful! I'm sure your mom will love it. :)

  3. Your Mother will be DELIGHTED in that room. I would be. You do not have any room for that armoir is also not going to fit, you have to sell it to me. LOL

    I totally love this post, Rosemary. You will always have a fabulous home no matter where you live. You've got the gift, girlfriend. Your decorating and making the best out of what you have is unbelievable. I live with a man who will not budge on his decorating! UGH It's been an uphill battle but I think I'm winning. tee hee

    Again, wonderful post. SMILING :)

  4. Oh my gosh, I love your post and the two of you are brilliant. Have a wonderful time with your Mom and you will have to keep us posted.

  5. Lovely room for mom! I just love the slipcovered lamp shade!!! Beautiful! Thank you for the award!! XO

  6. what a lovely place -- your mom will be delighted.


  7. It is amazing what you can accomplish if you really try. Your mom is going to love her room. Home can be in a tent as long as the family is together. Your dream home will come. Take care.

  8. Your mom is going to feel like a queen when she arrives! How wonderful of your entire family to take the time to create a space for her instead of just pulling out the hide-a-bed in the middle of the living room. She is in for one lovely visit with you.

    It is a gift to have the wisdom to make ourselves happy and content with our circumstances, even though they might not go according to our plans. Time flies so quickly...

    Have a wonderful visit! She will love it!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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