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Mar 3, 2010

...seeking bliss

...this is Isabella
She sits at my desk,
and carries a bow and a few arrows ~ 
quietly reminding me
to always be grateful
and to continually seek bliss!

It's best not to cross her when it comes to those things
as she is a markswoman in archery!
(never be fooled by the outside package!!)

On days that I am discouraged,
I am reminded to not feel sorry for myself
and complain...
but to seek up,
keep going
recognize that life is full of detours and delays.

So, today I will be seeking an alternate route
still moving forward,
just on a different path.

...hhhmmmm, now where is that compass?!


  1. Beautifully said, Rosemary. Never stop dreaming and side-step those darn detours.... :)

  2. Did you find your compass already....?
    Big hug for Isabella


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