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Mar 11, 2010

...robin egg blue, with a touch of lace

Happy Thursday!!

 Miss Mannequin,
my lovely modeler of pretty outfits,
 is actually from the wedding boutique that my wedding dress came from!
She has a beautiful fluerished, iron base that is just lovely.
The bridal shop was getting rid of all their vintage mannequins one day ~
(can you imagine?)
My mom was with me that day,
so we bought two,
one for her
and one for me!!
major score!!

Anyway ~

She is trying on some spring transition outfits for me.

 she has on the tried and true denim jacket
over a hand dyed vintage slip.
She suggested that I wear this
 with some skinny jeans
and a cute pair of heels.
as you really can't put jeans on Miss Mannequin ~
due to that darn pole!
maybe I should get in touch with one of
Old Navey's "let go" mannequins ~ ha,ha! lame!!
no offense Miss Mannequin,
you know you will always be my favorite!!

moving on

Look at these fabulous flats ~


I know, right ~
I found these 
at Tuesday Morning's!
You just never know what's in there!!
I was there for beautiful towels for my moms visit.
I'm looking for that robin egg blue color
as I have prepared her room in that beautiful shade!!
when I spied these,
I knew they were coming home with me too!!
I love the lace overlay,
as I am a textural kinda girl!

That's all for now...
I haven't forgotten about a fresh, new giveaway!!
I will be post about that in the next day or two
so be ready!!
If you like standing bunn's
bunn's my nickname for Jim! ~ HA! 
you're going to want to enter!! 
Have a happiest Thursday!!
until then...


  1. Oh I love that denim jacket. I love those flats and I love give-aways;0))
    Take care

  2. You did "score" with the mannequin find. I would love one in my studio just to look at. Just love the whole outfit. Have fun with you Mom.

  3. I love the mannequin and the outfit it's wearing! I would wear those things. :)

  4. I LOVE that jacket with the aqua flower!! STUNNING!! And those shoes are so cute!! We have such similar taste in clothes, I love it :)


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