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Jan 5, 2010

...aahhhhhh, calgon take me away!!!!

(snuggely, buggley bunny slippers)
...did you ever have one of those days that you just felt ~ off? You know, the kind of day that if somebody looked at you mean in the grocers ~  you'd just cry for no explainable reason other than because you thought
they didn't like you?!
and you slowly walk away
  clutching your coffee health bar crunch ice cream
and bag o' salty chips
(along with those other things you actually needed!)
thinking, how could they not like me, what did I do ?!
 as your heading towards the checkout
where the girl behind the counter says
I'm closed!
and so now I'm thinking
is there toilet paper stuck to my shoe? or what?!
and as you're finally loading you bags into the back of the car
some old fart superspeads by you, hitting that pot hole
that has a puddle of water in it,
and gets your favorite jeans all WET!!!
and then, on the way home
an extremely rude driver, completely cuts you off
and you had to SLAM on the brakes
so hard, your tub of ice cream
flew out of the bag and rolled somewhere
under the seat
and your thinking...
I hope the lid didn't come off!!!!!
I had that kind of day!
and after dinner is cooked, and all the homework is finished and the dishes are done
you can find me in a tub FULL of bubbles,
eating my fuzzy
coffee health bar crunch ice cream
thinking to myself,
calgon...take me away
(or in this case...ben & jerry!!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh sweetie :( I am so sorry you had such a bad day. I know just the kind you are talking about too!! I seem to have those days more and more lately, lol! Enjoy your bath and ice cream! I know it will help :)
    Love ya,


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