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Jan 7, 2010

...michaels store ~ supplies you can love!

Look at all these yummy supplies from michaels craft store!!
I love the metal water bottles, I plan on adding some flat back crystals to glam them up,
I am part crow you know!
I'm going to use the lip stamp to make labels for my "frenched kissed couture" line of  "sweet tart slips"
I really like tim holtz' line of distressed stamp supplies. The colors are faded like a vintage velvet flower.
After I emboss the lips onto handmade paper, I'm adding a wax seal stamped with a rose , dipped in glitter with red silk ribbon underneath.....lovely!
The brads are for my "fairy lights" ~  paper fairy doll matchboxes
because I am forever looking for pretty matches to leave out and not those eewww red ones!
and the mini paper cupcake liners are for mini paper wreaths
(like the ones  Heather, from http://prettypetals.typepad.com/ made in her online class)
but I'm trying small hearts, dyed pink!
 Busy day in the studio!
But do head on over to micheal's and see what lovely supplies you find inspiring!

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  1. Hi Rosemary :) I love the supplies you found and cant wait to see your finished pieces! I LOVE Distress Ink and use it on everything, lol! I took Heather's class and it was fabulous. I still have my wreath garland up :) Your heart ones will be darling :)
    Happy crafting!


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