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Jan 13, 2010

Etsy for Haiti ~ PLEASE JOIN US!!!!!!

(photo from Rebecca Sower's blog)

A Fundraiser in effect until January 15th midnight.
ALL proceeds of ALL purchases will go to Artisan friends and family of Rebecca Sower's.
Please see this post for all information...

ETSY shops participating:
http://www.yourangil.etsy.com/  100% of proceeds
http://www.ozmaofodds.etsy.com/ 100% of proceeds
http://www.blackmothstudio.etsy.com/ 100% of proceeds
http://www.shaggychic.etsy.com/ – 50% of Sales 1/13 – 1/18
http://www.midnightandlulu.etsy.com/ – 50% of proceeds
http://www.boholuxeaccessories.etsy.com/ – 50% of proceeds
http://www.gleeza.etsy.com/ – All Proceeds going to Save the Children for Haiti
http://www.elisabethspace.etsy.com/ – 50% to American Red Cross or Yele Haiti Organization
http://www.beebeebee.etsy.com/ – 100% of proceeds
http://www.handjstarcreations.etsy.com/ – 10% of proceeds through Jan. 18
http://www.delacy.etsy.com/ – 50% of proceeds
http://www.thebeersoapcompany.etsy.com/ – 100% Proceeds
http://www.talktagz.etsy.com/ – 50% of proceeds
http://www.seaphemera.etsy.com/ – 50% to Doctors Without Borders
http://www.chuletindesigns.etsy.com/ – 50% thru Sunday
http://www.mccaligiuri.etsy.com/ - 100% of proceeds to Red Cross

* Again, ~ If you'd like to participate, Please visit Angela's shop: http://www.yourangil.etsy.com/

If all of us join together and do what we can, maybe we can make a difference!!!!
Thank You kind hearts!!

1 comment:

  1. Rosemary, you are all just wonderful for doing this! I Feel so terrible for ALL that have been affected by this awful tragedy. It is just heartbreaking.


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