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Jan 30, 2010

...little pieces of my soul ~

...the butterfly is a symbol of the soul
and the dance of lightness and joy.

I am often times amazed
with the creation process of the jewelry that I make!
I love using vintage, combined with other interesting, very textural materials
and I never know know just how that piece will turn out ~
of course I have a vision of what I'd like it to be,
and I never duplicate a piece
but still ~
as I spend time,
gathering those unique materials,
hand sewing special bits in place,
and watching a pile of...
well...stuff ~
(beautiful stuff mind you!)
transform before me and come to life 
(not in the literal sense, mind you, I'm not crazy!)
but, as each piece commands my upmost attention to detail,
in turn, each piece will take on it's form, so to speak.
And by the time those lovely bits have become a finished piece
I have become attached!
little pieces of me are sewn in right along with those other materials ~
I love what I do, so naturally each piece is made in love!
and when I sell one of my pretties
I am thrilled that someone else finds it beautiful as well!

I will be sending this Butterfly Goddess piece off to Finland today!!
...so in a way,
I will be in Finland too...
via ~ something these small hands have made,
and it blows my mind that little pieces of my soul are starting to flutter to places
I never imagined they'd be!
I am excited
humbled at the same time!
I can't wait to see where this journey will take me
...and the little pieces of my soul ~


  1. That necklace is so beautiful Rosemary!! I have admired it for awhile :) Isnt it fun to see where the pieces we make end up? I am always so honored when I sell something. It amazes me that anyone would want to buy what I make! You are so talented and every time I visit you, I am more amazed! I too love butterflies. They make me happy. They are soothing, graceful and so beautiful and free. A symbol of summer as well :)
    Big Hugs,

  2. very lovely! gathering the pretty materials is probably one of my favorite parts, just the hunt for something perfect can inspire so much!

  3. Your work is amazing and the heart and soul that you put in each one is apparent.
    I hope you spread your beauty all over the world. Lovely, lovely post.

  4. You make such great art......georgeous. With this beauty you are spreading so much love around. And we all need some......
    Nice day

  5. Your necklace is so pretty. It makes you feel good when you make a sale. I love keeping track where I am shipping to. My blogging and etsy friends are my way of seeing the world. I always appreciate the pictures shared by each of you. Take care

  6. I am not surprised in the least that your creation is off to be treasured by someone with obviously great taste. I just discovered you and love everything you do.



  7. Stunning blog. Glad I found it. Off to browse. Maria


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