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May 1, 2010

...MUCHNESS PARTY in the land of odds!

...welcome to the land of odds ~
Muchness Party!!
Today we will be visiting
with a Burton-esk twist.
Would you like to come along 
and fall down the rabbit hole with me?! 

Oh look!!
We're in luck
here is the key to "Underland"!!

and there is the White Rabbit!!
or he may just give us the "slip"

...and he did give us the slip...LOOK!
I know, I know ~ bad joke:)
But we simply must have something to wear if we are to have tea with THE Hatter!
*disclaimer...no appearance will be made by Johnny
I mean...the Hatter
just so you know ~
 I wouldn't want you to be dissapointed!

How about a lovely accesorry to go along with that fabulous slip?!
I happen to have just the thing!

...and no worries
 if you happen to loose the paper key
 you can always use the one around your neck!
just watch your back ~
the Mad Hatter has been trying to get the one with the blue spool
...he says he's mad for it!!!!
HA Hattie ~ it's mine!!!
May I interest you in this one instead??!!!

I didn't think so!

a rose from the Queen's garden!
(they can talk you know ~ very curious indeed!!)
Come along,
Watch your step,
we wouldn't want to bruise their lovely petals
as the Queen would for sure ~ have our heads!!!
hey...  I wonder....
do you think that maybe this is how she has talking roses?!?!
come on, we're outta here!!
(I warned you, I said Burtonesk twist!!!!)

What's this?
I will have a look inside...
hhhmmmmm, let's seeeeee
oh my....
it says that this is .... is....Alice's tears......

Oh please don't cry Alice!!!!
I'm not that great of a swimmer and
these are my favorite pair of shoes
and I don't want them all wet!
(again with those eyes...sheeesz!
 a girls got to look her best in Underland
as you just never know what or whom you may "fall" into!)
What.... what's that you say Alice?
....your dress doesn't fit AGAIN?!
(boy, can't we all relate to that one! ha!)

Well Alice...your in luck!!
When I stopped by the Hatter's place,
(oh don't give me that look, you know you'd do the same thing!!)
anyway Alice...as I was saying, 
this fabulousness of a slip was laying on his work table...
and it is your color
...and...this is YOUR story...
I guess it would only be right~
 if YOU were to wear it!!
(crap! now I will most definitely have to give Hattie that spoolie necklace in trade!!)

Just look at this dress
all the front details...
and look Alice
your slip dress has an apron!!
just what you need for all those tissues!!!

and look at the pretty blue petals sewn to the bottom...
and that flouncy ruffle...
oh ~ and just look at how it ties in the back!!
Don't you love the blue satin ties?!
I think it's his best work!!!
(did ya` here that Hattie?! maybe you should be a designer for Anthro!)
(yah, yah, you're welcome oh-so-skilled one!...just don't let it go to your head!)
speaking of which
Wouldn't this be "underful" in your hair?
Another "Underland" accessory!

Alice...that center reminds me of you...
Look over there!!
Blue satin slippers!!!!!
and what size are those?!!!!

I need a moment...

I'm over it!

sorry, must have been a hot flash!
either that or the caterpillar's around!
(mmmyyy bad!)

okay fine smartie pants
then how do you explain these?!

yes ~
a match box!!
and look Alice,
it has a paper you on the front!
Oh the things you find in "Underland"!
I've got to go square up with Hattie ~
Can you find your way back?
one more thing
 there is a gift~shop filled with all of these pretties
you've seen here today
(unless you were too late!)
just in case you'd like a souvenir!

Thanks for coming along
and allowing me to share all this Muchness!

I hope you enjoy your visit in the land of odds ~ "Underland"!
Please do visit all the other Rabbit holes today!! 
Have fun!!!

~ bonus footage ~

Hattie "mad" me do it!!!
He said it was the least I could do for lifting the slip
OH ~ and he loved the spoolie necklace!!!

we're alllllllll mad I say...

well most of us anyways!!


  1. love your underland treats and the tale you tell! especially taken with the slippers and matchbox ;-D happy alice muchness day!

  2. Yay Rosemary!! Terrific story ... and now that I've read some of Alice I actually "get it" ... love your creative spin and ALL of your stunning creations!! Over-the-top-hat full of muchness!!

    Happy Alice day ...

  3. What a beautiful and charming Alice interpretation. Brava!

  4. Hi Rosemary,
    Your post today is amazing!!! I love your blue slip and your jewelry is just gorgeous!
    Beautiful, Beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I love the flowers with their sweet faces! Wonderful idea!! Blessings... Polly

  6. Simply and madly divine!!! Love your stuff!!!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  7. So much Muchness!and so many pretties.

  8. Rosemary,
    this post is fantastic, and your jewelry so beautifull, I love the necklace and the wonderfull flowers with heads.
    Thanks for the great tour ,
    Hugs, Dorthe

  9. Fantastic post and amazing things. This madness is great fun!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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