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May 13, 2010

...beauty is where you find it

the smell of vintage roses is like non other!
they are like lemony goodness combined with a sweet, heady aroma of
well ~

pretties from my studio

May I introduce to you

a most delightful collection of
handmade roses!

Each petal is hand cut and shaped
and then whimsically sewn together into these
oh-so-sumptuous bourbon roses!!

the colors are soft and lovely

~ angel's blush ~
a softest pink

~ firefly glow ~
a romantic buttercream

~lemon chiffon ~
a yummy lightest yellow

I have named each and every one of these pretties
as many, many breaths have gone into them!

they are petals of splendorous delight!!

~ and these are GORGEOUS pinned to anything you want to add instant loveliness on.

perhaps a summer hat?
maybe a lampshade?
a ruffled tote?
in your hair?
on a pillow?

the ideas are simply endless to where these roses would be fabulous!
Come see the collection at Ozma of Odds

but for me
definitely in my hair...

for today anyway ~


  1. Your roses are so very beautifull, looks real ,too, and what a wonderfull color.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  2. Hi Rosemary,
    I found your blog through Counting Your Blessings Link Up Blog, and I'm glad I did. Your flowers are beautiful!! I love roses...have lots of them in my garden. I don't always like to have to fuss with fresh cut flowers, so I use a mixture of live plants and silk flowers. I think your roses would look lovely in a white ironstone bowl sitting on one of my tables. :)
    I'm glad to meet you. Come visit me at Secret Garden Cottage. Take care, :) ~ Jo

  3. RoseMary, your roses are gorgeous. I thought they were real until I read your post. Very talented:)
    Blog: Capers if the vintage vixens

  4. I am so corny about rosettes! I just love them and yours are especially gorgeous. I was thinking... We should have a rosette party over at the French Cupboard. Hmmm... a collection of rosette lovliness =)

    Blessings... Polly

  5. One can never, ever have too many of these lovely roses. When you wear something this soft and beautiful, then you feel beautiful too.

    They are gorgeous.


  6. They are so pretty, love them.

  7. Are these roses for sale? I must check your shop. I love the picture where they are all lined up, just beautiful.

  8. I found you thru "Count your Blessings" and became your 100th follower! I love your roses, they are just beautiful.

  9. Oh Rosemary....do you also sell these lovely ones......I would love to have one of these......
    What will it cost to the Netherlands....?
    I love them so much they are georgeous....
    Hugs from me

  10. Rosemary, how Gorgeous! You have done a beautiful job with these precious rosette creations. They look like cotton candy!

  11. HI Rosemary
    How gorgeous they are!! You know my mum used to make flowers made out of beautiful vintage fabrics.. I'm only sad I didn't have her teach me for now I would love to have that talent....

    Thanks so much for popping in and your lovely words.. and posting my giveway!! have a great weekend.. full of roses!! xx Julie

  12. I Love those , i so want one, i will have to head over to your etsy- I love that you say your breath is in each one- that is how i feel about my furniture i re-do. I love it so much... Love your Blog
    Glad i found you- A NEw Follower as well
    I came over because I saw your beautiful roses..

  13. Love your roses! Stopped by to say hello. xoxo Laura

  14. Wow, you do have a lovely blog...I am signing up to follow, now.
    Have a good night!


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