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May 24, 2010

...free falling

...it has been written
that patience is a virtue

well baby...

I must be soooo virtuous

ever so much so!!!

...I can explain:

 As you may or may not know,

We are moving.

I'm talkin`
smack dab in the middle of
a nooooo turning back
 kinda move!!

as in:
a gazillion boxes everywhere kinda move
(it's like a maze in here! I hope there's a wheel of italian parmesan!!)
~ miles
and miles
and miles
 of  a bubble wrap kinda move
(although I do look a little more svelte, if I do say so myself ~
my version of one of those plastic spa wraps ~ HA!)
~ and wrapping and wrapping
and yes, more wrapping with newspaper kinda move
(I feel like a piece of silly putty
  with all these funnies transferred to my skin!!!)

there is simply NOOOOOO turning back
nuh uhhh!!!

(and I pray you sweet readers NEVER feel like I do at this exact moment
 like throwing it all into storage
and parking the gypsy caravan on the beach somewhere
just for a little while
you know
for a year or two

here's the free falling part
(please bear with me
it's a trip!!)
The people moving out of our "new rental house"
have not closed on the house their purchasing
and don't know when they will be!!
it was supposed to be today
Our lease starts June 1st
and we must be out of our current home
by June 1st
because it is rented to another family and
they will take possession on June 5th

it's the ripple effect

So I've stepped off ~
not the cliff side mountain,
just in my anquist of this situation!!
I know that ALL things work together for the good
and that my reACTing is so much more important than the end result...
here I am again, Lord

...free falling in faith
because I know
a 100% kind of know
that You have our back
and it's all gonna work out as it should...
and did I also mention
this all needs to happen before June 15th!!
because Jim is the grand marshall of ceremonies for the Summit Norwalk Race
so we will be in Ohio for two weeks
(I really am excited!!)


if you need me,
I'll just be over here
on this mountain of boxes
 patiently waiting for it to all come together...

ps: if you still haven't entered the fan~tabulous giveaway
scroll down and enter:)


  1. I feel for you my dear, moving can be very stressful. We had our house up for sale last September and it sold within one month. Two days before the closing the buyer got cold feet and backed out on the deal! I had lived with packing tape, boxes and paper for a long time and everything in our house was packed up and ready to go. Even the moving truck was on the way, but this buyer said no way and we were left with a packed house and no sale!!!

    Oh well, that's in the past and we are moving on. Our house is off the market for now but maybe we will try again in the fall.

    Yes, keep the faith, it will all turn out for the best.


  2. My heart goes out to you..we just moved into our home in Oct of '09. Hopefully it is our last move because moving is a pain in the... and many other parts of the body (lift that box...it goes there, not there, over there... I feel the aches!)

  3. Oh dear, moving is bad enough, never mind all these other things happening. I have my fingers crossed it all works out pefectly for you.

  4. I feel your pain. Moving is the pits. Praying that it all comes together for you and your family. Otherwise that gypsy caravan on the beach sounds pretty good too! I'll get one and be your nextdoor neighbor!

  5. Moving is always stressful, but this little snag isn't helping, is it? Fingers crossed for you - that everything will work out for the best for all concerned.


  6. Keep the faith! Yes, it always does work out!



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