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May 17, 2010

...lovely lily & cardboard...lots of cardboard!

...this is the lovely Lily!
She is our resident cottage owl princess
 and yes ~
( just in case you were wondering )
 most of my house friends are adorned with crowns!
 tee hee 
~ See her little ones?
she has a total of 7 babies
but, one was a little camera shy today
as he had already hopped down into the moving box...
his name is edward, very ornery!!!
they seem to know the drill!
White owls are known nomadics...
as in
 they don't stay in ONE PLACE for very long ~
for what, I'm not sure!
light bulb ephinany

I guess birds of a feather
Really do flock together!!

~ and this is really quite curious
because if you knew me,
you would never have guessed that I was a nomad...
I think I prefer something more like ~
seeker of the unique!

well baby...
this life's journey thus far has brought us that!!!



this post is now
 a packing/moving update:

 just the boring details of my current life's moments
for those of you that wish to click off
please do so now...

don't worry...
no mention
of a
 giveaway hint
will be given
... if you stay
so really
it's okay...

If you're still reading
Thank you for your support
I can feel it :)

The house is now FULL of cardboard boxes
about shoulder height
scribbled with what their contents hold
and where they SHOULD land at!
...and the windows and walls
 are so bare
and so NOT charming!!
It's like packing sun-light

You don't realize how much
stripping away the personality of your surroundings
truely adds to you visual spirit everyday. 

I absolutely know this new space we are moving to, will be fabulous
and I can't wait to share it with you...
this part is sooooo draining!!
I know, I know
whaaa whaaaa!!


Time for a happy~joy~joy moment!!

I have reached 100 followers... + !!!
and as promised
 It's almost time to reveal my 
fan~tabulous giveaway...
I am almost finished with gathering the fabulousnesses!!!!

I really think you are going to love it

you twisted my arm

here is just the tiny-iestest hint
it will include something from this post:
and something from this post:
amoung other pretties
but the theme just keeps coming up
the color PINK!!!

so visit again soon
`cauze you just never know what's going on behind the curtain!!
oh and
Welcome to all you new followers :)
thanks for coming along!
I can't wait to get to know you


  1. Hi Rosemary!
    Ah, how cute is that little Lily. She looks so happy surrounded by all the little guys.
    Glad that you introduced them to us.

    I know what you mean about packing up your life. We did that when our dream home was being built. It feels very strange, but then when your new home is ready and you get settled in, it was all worth it.


  2. Moving is always so hard, isn't it? But the pot of gold will be waiting for you.

    You are tempting us with these little hints about the giveaway!


  3. We just moved into our new to us home in October and now we are in the middle of remodeling. The two times before this move, the "company" moved us; so much easier! But this time it was all us. I was so glad when it was over so my heart goes out to you. I hope that it goes with out any problems :-) Good luck with the packing and moving!
    (love your hints, too)

  4. Good luck moving! You can do it! We have only moved once, but even though I was so excited to move, when I had all our belongings packed and out of our old home, I just bawled my head off. It made me so sad to see our sweet house stripped of everything that made it ours.

    You are in the home stretch! You got it!

  5. I just had to tell you, I love having your pic of your giveaway on my blog. That sweet girl just makes me smile everytime I am on my page! Love her!

    Hoping the packing is coming along!


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