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Jun 9, 2010


...gratefulness wednesday

Today was the last day of school for my two peeps
and I'm saying

(I am grateful we have been given another, very successful school year!)

I didn't fall and hit my head
there's too many boxes everywhere for that!!
and stuff
lots o` stuff!
looking for somewhere to be ~
(another days post)
( I am grateful that subject can be another post!)

but seriously

I'm the kind of mom that
loves having them around!
(I am grateful that I love being their mom!)

(such a strong, negative word that I only use it when necessary!)
that being said, let me say it again
I Hate
 the song "The cat's in the cradle"
i hear it
... I bawl
I didn't say cry

I said bawl!!
(that gut wrenching fetive holiday song "Christmas Shoes" does that to me too!)
(I swear I have have the little match stick girl complex!)
(I am gratefull I have a sensitive heart)
Time is soooo quick
it seems as if it was just yesterday that I was adoringly rocking them in my arms
Nathan can pick me up in his!
(I am grateful they are STRONG, healthy, happy young adults)
As they get older, our summers get busier
as in 
that cool breeze that just went by was a ~ f.b.s.!!
(f.b.s. = fly by summer!!!)

We no sooner get to the beach
slather on the spf
 stick our feet in the sand
and target has college ruled paper and mechanical pencils on their shelves!!
(sniff, sniff...gone, baby gone are the days of crayola crayons!)
(love the smell and feel of a fresh box of crayons!)

and I'm thinking
 where'd the summer go?!
so I am grateful for each and every precious moment .
especially now,
two teenagers = lots o' friends 
and I hear things like:
 we love ya` mom...
but can I have the keys to the car
oh by the way, some $ for a movie too?!
or how about can I have a friend over for dinner
and 4 show up
 I think it's my cooking ~ HA!!HA!!
(I am gratefull I can, do & enjoy cooking!)
I know very soon they will be off to college and on down the road
and I'll be at the kitchen sink
 doing just a few little dishes

...the cat's in the cradle

gratefully yours,


  1. Okay Rosemary...now you have me bawling too! Having the children grow up and leave home is a tough thing for a mom. What I am grateful for this minute, is finding a mom who is as grateful as me.

  2. What a sweet post, Rosemary. I don't have children, but I have nieces and nephews and I am always astonished at how quickly they grow up. Have a wonderful summer with your kids.


  3. I know just how you feel. The saddest day of the year for me is the first day of school. And I love the last day of the year, then we get to have fun! And I too, hate that Target dictates my summer. School supplies shouldn't be allowed until two weeks before school starts!

    Good luck with unpacking!

  4. I can relate to kids growing up having three. Our oldest joined the Navy and left right after graduation. I remember crying every time he would come home when he got on the plane to leave again. It took several trips to the airpost before I stopped doing that. You are happy for them, but you hate to see them go also. The house seems empty when they are gone. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Hi Rosemary!...You have a Beautiful blog!I'ts so nice to hear another Mom say they are happy when school is out...I love having my kids around...they just grow up soooo fast...Happy Summer...:)~~~~virginia~~~

  6. Hi Rosemary,
    You are such a wonderful Mom and your kids love you so. Aren't you lucky.
    They do grow fast. My son is 34! And I can still see the little boy in his face. Sometimes I cannot figure out where all the years have gone.

    Enjoy them while you can.


  7. How lovely to find other mums who love having their kids at home on the holidays, I was always thought of as very strange because I loved having my kids around, and still do, they are 27, 21 and 19, the eldest has a daughter of his own, but the two younger live with me still. It keeps you young at heart and your heart loving.
    Thank you for a lovely blog.


  8. Rosemary! You are a treasure!!!!!!!!! Oh the words you write!!

    One day I wish to come back here and read each and every post you've ever written!

    You are amazing... and inspiring... and beautiful... and honest... and sweet.... and real. And it's that "real" part that makes all the others even shine more.

    Love ya, girlie! Hang tough!


  9. Hi Rosemary, what a sweet and loving post about your kids, sounds like you all have a great time together. I do miss those days of kids and their friends around the house. I always made huge meals, I never knew how many would show up!! Have a great week!


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