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Jun 3, 2010

...a lucky fairy girl winner!!

...hello dearies!

well ~
we made it to the other side!!

battered and bruised
but not broken!! 

and I sure am missing all of you
I'll be back soon,
after I dig out from all these boxes

...thank you for being patient on my announcing the
lucky fairy girl winner
but there are always snags
not in my stockings
(gave those up yeaaaars ago, they just squeeeeeze me too much)

I mean
no matter how organized and prepared you are
~ stuff happens ~

...so my lovelies
without further ado...

the winner is:

Congratulations dear one
~ and thank you to all of you other fairy girls who entered
I blow you a happy fairy kiss!

as you can see,
I figured out the random generator widget,
just not how to get the final #to stick
but the first # was 49

oh the pitfalls of being non technical...

well that's all for now

but I leave you with this dreamy concept

a beach romance retreat
I'm soooo there!!

Dorthe, please email me your address:)


  1. Oh Rosemary....you are missed! I do hope everything is going well.

    I am trying to catch up on my Blog visits. I have had pneumonia in both lungs for over two weeks and I am just now trying to catch up!


  2. Oh...snif.....I did not win.....;((
    Poor me.....
    Everything well with you?
    Fine evening

  3. Oh my goodness Rosemary,
    this is like a dream, -seeing my name I thought ,--no can`t be you, Dorthe---but clicking the name, YES it is me, and I think I can hardly go to sleep, from exitement, -this is such a dream to win your fantastic giveaway,and I feel so very blessed, dear.Thankyou ,thankyou.
    Here is my adress :
    Dorthe Hansen
    Melstedvej 43,
    3760 Gudhjem

    I`m so happy that you made it with your mooving dear, and hope all is well, and that you will soon be in place, and happy.
    I`m off to bed, (12 o`clock here), but I think I will dream happy fairy dreams ,tonight.
    I am the most happy "girl" today, sweet.

  4. Congrats to Dorthe and so glad you made it! Good luck digging out from a mountain of boxes, it's a lot more fun unpacking than packing, isn't it? Hope you are starting to feel at home in the new place. I am quite sure you will put your special touches on it!

  5. Congratulations to the lucky winner... and that little caravan sure looks like a wonderful escape.. xxx Julie

  6. Oh Rosemary, I cannot believe how we think alike. I've been emailing my man pictures of little campers like yours....too funny. On the beach would be soooooooo nice!

    Congrats to Dorthe, she is one lucky woman!

  7. Oh congratulations Dorthe such good news for you :)


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