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Jun 30, 2010

...staaaaart your engines!!


anyone out there????

I've been away for two weeks and feel like I've missed a whole year in blog land!!
I so miss reading all of your inspiring posts
and just as soon as I unpack our bags from our whirlwind Ohio visit

(I'm thinking that I'll leave the actual house unpacking for later...
much later!!
unless of course, I need to find something)

 dear readers,
I have so many things to share with you...

sooooo many cottage farmhouse pretty pictures to show you

but for today,
I wanted to show you just a very small clip of the

now, I must warn you ~
this isn't like one of my regular posts,
full of pretties
notta` one pretty!!

but instead I would like to share ~
thrill and excitement!!
just look for yourselves!!
and see if it just doesn't bring a twinge of excitement
if only for a moment!!
start your engines!!

this isn't "my love" ~

but one of my favorite NHRA racers!!
Anton Brown
and I actually got to meet him
yah,  ~ I know right?!!
(and yes, it WAS a thrill!!) 

here is Jim and I with
Tim Wilkerson (in the middle)
(which by the way, he won!! and when he jumped out of the car, he actually hugged and thanked Jim and called Jim his good luck charm!!!)
 How awesome was that?!!
pretty darn awesome, I say!!

The weekend was abuzz with excitement, high octane energy
and  f-i-l-l-e-d with meeting these NHRA racers
hold on dear ones ~

we got to go down onto the track
yep ~
I swear!! right

I could hardly believe it myself  ~ but we got to stand
 right smack down the center starting line
watch these mighty machines from a viewpoint that only the pit crew usually sees!


smell the burn?!

one super-de-duper fast car

and let me tell you
this is a complete out of body experience
that blows you off your feet!!!
no joke!!!
The energy and force behind these machines is mighty indeed!!

see all these people?
notice how they are holding their ears ~
with earplugs in??!!!
that is because when these cars take off the will blow your eyebrows clean off!!!!!!!!!
and you will walk away weak kneed
covered in rubber
smiling ear to ear
and changed forever!! 

and if you don't believe me
just ask any one of these fans!!

I truely don't think Jim and I will forget this rush for as long as we live

It blows your soul out and just as your soul floats back down to you, it does it again!!
...like the beautiful mighty sea and her powerful beckoning waves
or a breeze blowing through clean sheets on a clothes line...

it was nothing short of pure energy!
pure enegry I tell ya`!
I get why they call it full throttle now!!!

Jim with the top fuel winners of the day :)
smiles on everyone!!!

well, that's my life ~
 for today
thanks for visiting
stay tuned for the farm cottage romance pictures 

missed you all :)

and in closing ~
 it was fun to be VIP's and live this exciting adventure
it's soooooo good to be home!!


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  1. Hi Rosemary!...WOW! what FUN!...and very,very, cool!...brought back memories of when we used to go the boat races in Jersey...the Roar of the engines,the smell of the fuel, and the wind in our hair!...Love It!~~~Thanks for sharing ,can't wait to see the rest of your trip!....smiles...:)~~~virginia


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